Hogwarts Houses as songs from reputation

Gryffindor: … Ready For It?, So It Goes…, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, Call It What You Want

Hufflepuff: Gorgeous, King Of My Heart, New Year’s Day

Ravenclaw: End Game, Delicate, Dress

Slytherin: I Did Something Bad, Don’t Blame Me, Look What You Made Me Do, Getaway Car, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

If the reputation tracks were a lipstick line

…Ready For It? - violet

End Game - neon orange

I Did Something Bad - crimson red

Don’t Blame Me - black

Delicate - nude peach

LWYMMD - deep maroon

So It Goes… - royal plum

Gorgeous - bright magenta

Getaway Car - terracotta

King Of My Heart - metallic pink

Dancing With Our Hands Tied - pastel blue

Dress - classic 1930’s red

TIWWCHNT - greige

Call It What You Want - warm nude

New Year’s Day - glittery purple

I think it’s very interesting when people talk about their love stories. Like when you guys blog about, “my and my husband, me and my boyfriend” or just anyone talking about how they fell in love. 
There seem to be these very definitive phases. It doesn’t matter how long that phase lasts. There seems to be a moment where you know it transitioned to the next phase. People will be like, “Oh my God, we were friends for six years and there was this moment and we knew and then it changed. Then there was a moment and it got even deeper. Then there was a moment and we knew” or like “I saw this person and there was this moment and we knew.” Everyone has a different story with how they connect with someone else and what i find interesting is the moment where it switches. You always hope that switch is going to move forward and not backwards because it can happen either way. I always wanted to structure the song where each individual section of the song sounded like a move forward in the relationship but still being listenable. So I wanted the verse to seem like it’s own phase of a relationship, the pre-chorus to sound like it’s own phase of a relationship, and the chorus to sound like it’s own phase of a relationship. I wanted them to all have their own identity but seem like they were getting deeper and more fast paced as the song went on. So finally I was able to achieve that in a song
—  Taylor introducing King of My Heart on iHeartRadio