king of love and beauty

The Bluth Family as the Greek Gods

People made some really great lists for this au scenario so I decided to make mine.

  • Lucille - Hera - Queen of the gods, she was extremely jealous of the many affairs of her husband Zeus. She took terrible revenge on the girlfriends and illegitimate children of her husband.
  • George Sr - Zeus - The superior king of the gods
  • Lindsay - Aphrodite - Goddess of love and beauty
  • Buster - Poseidon - The moody god of the sea
  • Michael - Hermes - The cunning god of the trade, business, travel, also messenger of the gods
  • Gob - Aristaeus - Minor patron god of fruit trees and animal husbandry, credited with the discovery of many useful arts, including bee-keeping.
  • Maeby - Athena - The sophisticated goddess of war and cunning wisdom
  • George Michael - Apollo - The youthful god of music and sun
  • Tobias - Dionysus - Dionysus was the fun loving god of high spirits, strong emotions and wine. He is also closely associated with drama and the theatre.
  • Oscar - Eros - God of love, lust, sex.
  • my sister:the cutest thing about the first Ganondorf level wasn't even the part at the beginning where he was like (to Zant and Ghirahim) "hey follow me or I will kill you"
  • my sister:it was right after that, when Ganondorf decided that their first pressing mission was "let's show off our strength by driving out the monsters plaguing the nearby villages"
  • my sister:like his words were saying "we're going to show how tough and evil we are by doing this"
  • my sister:but it was so obvious that he only decided that because he was in the Gerudo Desert. Like he was totally saying, "get them out of my villages. get them out of my desert home"
  • my sister:and then the other two villains are like "what a fabulous perfect idea lord ganondorf! that makes perfect sense to show how evil we are! let's go save the villages!"
  • me:my heart is sparkling so much

Excuse me, but…

Our puppy just did this amazing thing and shut down all the haters. You know, the ones claiming she couldn’t be golden lacquer bc she isn’t that good, or that thin or too short? Where is the excessive amounts of Luna pride rn? Why is there not more OMG, look at our girl?

United front time f(ans).


i linked the whole session plus the article yesterday, but as the videos are also available separately on youtube, i will present them each here as well. so here we go..this is a Radio FM4 studio session, and this is Caterpillars, which you probably already know from my last EP, Dispenser Box
as Dispenser Box was scheduled to be a valentine’s day release, i wanted to put an actual valentine’s day song on there. it’s got all the good valentine’s day things in it. boxes of chocolate, greeting cards, and not giving a fuck about the fairytale concepts of romance that surrounds us. because talking frogs are much more of a novelty than royalty, sneakers are hella comfortable, and it’s easy to make jokes about breaking through the glass ceiling when you see a picture of snow white in her coffin. also, puns. there’s a pun in there and i dig puns. 


you got a nosebleed and I am under the bedsheets
waiting for something to go wrong around here.
when you think that it’s easy you don’t know that between
the zero and the one there’s a hole, a whole eternity.
i like my hair clipper, now I have a buzz cut.
if you come by my tower I guess you’ll have to take the stairs.
you lost your glass slipper but you bought nice sneakers
so let’s get drinks and chat about that time a talking frog was hitting on me.

there’s a glass ceiling on this transparent coffin
when we got a hammer it is really nothing
and is this feeling in my stomach butterflies?
must have eaten caterpillars all my life

i talked to the magic mirror
i said it needed to be clearer
we sang and danced with the dishes
and the cupboards in the kitchen
we were drunk out of our minds
and we were doing fine
i made a joke about water
i said, “oh, well, well, well…”

we’re pick-up artists, yes, we’re both excellent pick-me-ups
we’re stick-up artists, stole each other’s body parts
here’s a box of chocolates in the shape of a blood pump
here’s a greeting card that includes the word “hump”.

and is this feeling in my stomach butterflies?
must have eaten caterpillars all my life.