king of llamas

  • Yata: Saru! There is a dead human in our house!
  • Fushimi: Holy... How did he get here?
  • Yata: Saru! What did you do?
  • Fushimi: I've never seen him before in my life.
  • Yata: Tell me, Saru. What exactly were you doing before I got home?
  • Fushimi: Alright. I was upstairs.
  • Yata: Yeah.
  • Fushimi: I was in our room.
  • Yata: Yep.
  • Fushimi: I was on my computer, and this guy walked in.
  • Yata: Uhuh.
  • Fushimi: So I went up to him.
  • Yata: ...and?
  • Fushimi: And I stabbed him 37 times in the chest.

Dipper became a pine tree when the ghost had froze him to wood 

Gideon became the Tent of Telepathy sign when he started the attraction

Wendy became the ice bag when we saw just how cool and badass she was in a situation

Pacifica became the llama. Wax Larry King had said, “Llamas are nature’s greatest warriors” and we saw just what a warrior Pacifica was when she bravely stood up to her parents

Mabel became the shooting star that unlocked the portal and let Ford into our lives

Robbie became the stitched heart when his life was fixed and he moved on. 

Soos became the question mark when he used it to fight back Bill

McGucket became the glasses when he rediscovered the genius in him

Stan became the fish-like crescent symbol on his fez when he changed it after the goat ate his old one

And Ford became the six fingered hand because he is a special cute nerd 

So ask you can see, the symbols on the Bill Cipher wheel are what all of it’s characters had became :) 

—Keep calm.
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