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Educated people, like our late Shah, knew exactly that Shiasm does not fit our Iranic identity, so he tried to keep those akhonds away from people. However, Shah remained Muslim, because he know how to distinguish between false islam (shiasm) & orthodox islam (sunnism). Our Shah (Reza, and MohammadReza) were born,lived & died as Muslims. Shah is burried in Masjed Refai in Cairo, he was highly RESPECTED by Arabs who gave him a funeral like KINGS. Please have a second thought & think twice.


Persepolis - Iran

The ancient ruins are all that remains of Persepolis. Known in Persian as Parseh (پارسه) which literally meant “City of Persians”. The city was the ceremonial capital of the first Persian Empire (the Achaemenid Empire) which dated from 550-330 BCE. The oldest parts of the site date back to 515 BCE.

Persepolis was chosen by King Cyrus the Great (founder of the first Persian Empire & first King of Iran) as the capital of Persia, but it was during the rule of King Darius I (522-486 BCE) that the terraces & great palaces were built, they were mostly finished during the rein of King Darius’s son & King Cyrus’s great-great-grandson Xerxes I (486-465 BCE).

The city was destroyed by Alexander the Great in 330 BCE upon his conquest of Persia. Some scholars & historians suggest it was an act of revenge for the burning of Athens during the second Persian invasion of Greece in 480 BCE.

Persepolis today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


three illustrated pieces for my Modern Middle East final exam:

1. Umm Kulthum [أم كلثوم ʾUmm Kulṯūm] - internationally famous Egyptian singer, songwriter, and film actress of the 1920s-1970s, given the honorific title “Kawkab al-Sharq” [كوكب الشرق] (“Star of the East”) in Arabic [x].

2. Ibn Saud [عبد العزيز بن عبد الرحمن آل سعود‎, ‘Abd al-‘Azīz ibn ‘Abd ar-Raḥman Āl Sa‘ūd] - the first monarch and founder of Saudi Arabia as well as the House of Saud, known as the “third Saudi state” [x].

3. Mohammed Mossadegh [مُحَمَد مُصَدِق‎‎; IPA: [mohæmˈmæd(-e) mosædˈdeɣ] - the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran [1951-1953], when his government was overthrown in a coup orchestrated by the CIA and the British Secret Intelligence Service [x]

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Saudi king slams Iran as 'spearhead of global terrorism'
Saudi Arabia's King Salman on Sunday accused regional rival Shiite Iran of exporting extremist Islamic movements to the world and vowed to eliminate the Islamic State group. "The Iranian regime has been the spearhead of global terrorism since the (Ayatollah Ruhollah) Khomeini revolution"

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“Excavation of Persepolis (Iran): Tripylon (Council Hall), Main Hall, South Jamb of Eastern Doorway: View of Relief Picturing King (Darius I), Crown Prince (Xerxes), and Representatives of the Nations of the Empire”


glass negative from the Ernst Herzfeld Papers

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Many people credit him with ‘saving’ a great deal of Iranian culture simply for his revival of the Persian language and his works. For this, I am thankful. In that time period I was worried about what my future would be, but I learned that it was fairly pointless to worry about my people in such regard.  We are stubborn, we are proud, and we are strong.  I’m certain that regardless of what comes our way, we will over come it. Aside from his influential works, I learned many lessons watching this man come into well deserved renown. 

For those of you who do not know, Ferdowsi was a man born in 935 CE in Tus - an ancient city in the Razavi Khorasan Province in Iran. For ease, that’s near Mashhad. During his lifetime, he wrote the Shahnameh - The Book of Kings - which is the longest epic poem created by a single poet. Aside from that, he wrote dozens of smaller poems in his lifetime.  As the anon stated, this man is given the credit of reviving my language using the Arabic script but added/removed some letters.  

As I said, this man is one of those I personally credit with keeping me on the path and keeping me around.

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most handsome iranian king?

The ones who had that authentic and very underrated Iranian nose. 


Mithridates I (Mehrdad I)

Hormizd I

Shah Ismail

And even the last Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

Also, worth mentioning, Mithridates VI of Pontus (He technically wasn’t King of Iran, but he was a King and he was of Iranian descent) 

All these Kings had something in common and that is the strong Iranian nose. Which should be celebrated. It’s the real deal, stayed the same thousands of years. It’s a sign of Iranianness.