king of florals

detail of the prow of the sacred barque of Amon-Ra represented on the south wall (upper register) of the Chapel of Amon-Ra in the “Great Temple” of King Sethi I at Abydos:
on the prow’s finial is represented the ram’s head of Amon-Ra emerging from the Lotus flower, wearing the Solar disk with the Uraeus and an ornate collar with an image of the King making adorations to Amon-Ra.
Behind the ram’s head are represented
Upuaut in His form of sphinx with an Uraeus and standing on a standard,
a big fan,
and two images of the King offering vessels towards the shrine where is housed the cult statue of Amon-Ra (concealed by a white linen cloth).
To the left, an image of the King kneeling and offering a floral bouquet and a grand ‘Ankh’ (the symbol of Life)

| From The Garden | Spray Paint on Raw, Distressed Canvas | 14″ x 20″ | IX .  Kendrick Lamar | Portrait Photo Sampled From: Chris Buck | 

“It’s this idea that you gotta pull from everything that you hate about yourself, everything that you hate about where you come from, and turn it into something positive.” ~Kendrick Lamar