king of fighters '99


10. Dear Falling Angel (King of Fighters ‘99 - Krizalid battle) - SNK

This and its precursor “Mechanical Bless” are both amazing tracks.  The first is pretty passive and quiet as Krizalid is pretty much testing the waters when he fights you.  And he wears a big pimp coat.  

When round 2 begins, the coat’s burned off and the music goes into overdrive.

And holy shit does it get me pumped.  Krizalid is no easy boss, and the music has that sense of urgency to it.  Great song from a classic company.


print ad for the arcade/neo geo release of king of fighters 99, which also mentions current dreamcast and neo geo pocket color king of fighters releases, and the official king of fighters watch?!

king of fighters 99 was my first snk fighter (and one of the games that turned me away from rpgs and towards (home ports of) arcade games), so it’ll always have a special place in my memories~