king of cocaine

Roberto Suárez (the real Sosa from Scarface)

This was Pablo Escobar’s plug… also known as the King of Cocaine, was a Bolivian drug lord and trafficker who played a major role in the expansion of cocaine trafficking in Bolivia. At his prime, Suárez made $400 million annually, was one of the major suppliers of the Medellin Cartel, the leader of the largest Bolivian drug empire and considered to be the biggest cocaine producer in the world.

Jack’s Eyes

So there was some discussion this morning around the gorgeous photo that @izzyandlouie posted of Jack… wait, I have it here somewhere…

So Nathan’s eyes are blue, right? So how is it that Jack’s eyes look green?

Want more evidence? Check this out, from Dead Air:

And this, from Blood & Money:

And this, from Murder a la Mode:

But then, THEN? There’s this, from King Memses’ Curse:

And this, from Cocaine Blues:

I think there needs to be some science done here, fellow sleuths! Just what color are Jack Robinson’s eyes? Feel free to present your own evidence. Inquiring minds, and all that.