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Shit I’ve heard people say at school

1) “Meanwhile back in Oregon, you would eat dirt to profess your love”

2) “Can I make a noose and and call it my art project?”

3) “My Civics teacher looks like lasagna”

4) “This bag of Fritos is saltier than my personality”

5) *art club is singing karaoke* “Is that the choir? They suck”

6) “isn’t there a shoe stuck in the palm tree somewhere?”

7) “this is the king of all boxes”

8) “yeah so apparently I received a voicemail from an unknown caller in Britain and they were screaming for help”

9) “I want to sing a school-wide choir version of ‘Bring Me To Life’”

10) “You can’t go to the office right now; there’s a wild turkey on campus that keeps running into the doors.”

11) “The choir teacher’s husband looks like Draco Malfoy”

12) “This bathroom is sluttier than Nicole”

13) “My desire to die is over 9000”

14) “time to Rick Roll away from my responsibilities”

15) “If I looked like a chicken nugget I think I would be a millionaire already”

16) “Gilgamesh is a GilgaMESS”

17) “Why are these oils essential? What do I need them for?”

18) “I want you to go zip lining with my ashes”

19) “so I may have accidentally called sensei 'dad’”

20) “our school was in an ad on Instagram”

21) “can I attend graduation dressed as a furry?”

22) “the only thing holding me together is my body” “Justin that’s how the human body WORKS”

23) *in the biomed classroom* *points to a box of animal muscle* “are those yours?”

24) “you look like a flight attendant”

25) “pinecones are cameras implanted by the government to spy on us”

26) “this is too anime for me”

27) “chaotic bad”


  riko (5′5″) moriyama and jean (i am ready for the sweet embrace of Death™) moreau

the foxes (boys)

the foxes (girls)

the trojans

‘it was quiet. TOO quiet. so quiet everyone heard the fart.’

Furudate-sensei drew this sketch to support the Haikyuu!! recap movie.

Hanamaki: Hey! Oikawa, you satisfied looking great demon king!!
Popcorn box on Hanamaki’s lap: Caramel
Oikawa: It hasn’t started yet, you know.
Iwaizumi: This side is sweet. Pass the salty ones over.
SFX: thrust quickly
Matsukawa: Iwaizumi, are you planning to finish everything before the movie starts?
Popcorn box on Matsukawa’s lap: Salt and butter
Hinata: It looks tasty. Kageyama, shall we go get some too?
Oikawa: You guys are making it hard for the people behind you to watch the movie, so please go home. Your sitting height is really tall. It’s your sitting height.
Kageyama: I’m not having any difficulty seeing it.
Oikawa: Tobio, you bastard, don’t diss Iwa-chan!!
Iwaizumi: I’ll get you for this later, Oikawa.

Please do watch the Haikyuu!! recap movie this weekend!!
- Signed Furudate

Source: Official Twitter