king of balancing steve

anonymous asked:

you make about 50 posts a day about how great a character tony is, which is all well and good, but i feel like you're completely ignoring that steve is a great character too all because the fandom is stuck so far up his ass. that doesn't really mean he isnt great too? it just is kind of annoying that this blog has become nothing but mini rants about tony (which are completely fking random nonetheless) and then stevetony stuff. just talk about steve too. its a tony AND STEVE blog right?

lol i was waiting to be sent this ask and i’m surprised i managed to last this long before it happened.

while i do recognize that yes, i can probably afford to let the spotlight balance out a little more between the two (and i will try to include more steve content to balance it out), i’m not going to stop. i’m not going to cut down on the pointless mini rants and appreciation posts. tony stark is the one character that people seem to get a universal free pass to aimlessly hate in this fandom and until that changes i’ll keep making 50 posts a day about how great a character he is.

it doesn’t mean i love steve any less. it just means steve isn’t being hated on left and right and steve fans aren’t made to feel like they can’t enjoy their favorite character without wading through miles of bitterness and shade. and i’ve gotten a pretty good idea from the amount of people that have approached me alone that they’re glad to have a safe space where they can enjoy tony stark in peace.

i’m sorry it bothers you, but if you need 24/7 steve love there’s literally…….. every single other marvel blog out there to help fill up your quota.