king of bakers

Imagine being Loki’s wife and ruling Asgard by his side. He is a cruel king, your people are suffering but he doesn’t care, only wanting power. You, on the other hand, always seem gentle and kind, helping everyone who needs it without wanting nothing in return and no one can understand how you can stay with a monster like him, because you are the exact opposite. At the end, Thor, who was exiled, manages to return and fights Loki, killing him at the end. He wants to kill you too, because you were his wife so he thinks you’re evil like him, but his people tell him how much kind and generous you are, that you were a pure soul and don’t deserve to die. He accepts that and, seeing that you really try to conquer his trust, by helping him, agreeing with him about Loki’s madness and even defending him against his opposers, finally understands that you aren’t a danger. When his daughter is born, you become her nanny and spend a lot of time with the royal family. Everyone seems happy, except for one little thing: all you gentleness, all your kind actions during Loki’s reign were completely fake, only done because you didn’t want people to rebel against you and your husband… in fact, you are even more cruel than him and now, with Thor and his daughter in your hands, you are determined to seek your revenge.

korean drama be like #1

I’m a homeless girl who did not have enough money for paying my little apartment and feed myself but I have the new iphone 26

Lezhin comics

I need people in my life to talk about the comics I’m currently reading in Lezhin.

So if you feel like discussing about the next comics please lets follow each other =D

.-King’s Maker.

.-Window to window.

.-The baker on the first floor.

.-All about lust.

.-Stop at the red light.

.-Killing stalking.

.-Ordinary men.

.-Following Namsoo to the bathhouse.


The last three for some reason have not been updated since forever. They all had promising stories but well I can’t do much.

Anyway hope I can meet people who enjoys discussing these manhwas.

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can u give me some fcs for twitter rping pls ?

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So when I dreamt this, I was very sick, and was so fevered I had been hallucinating while awake. In my dream, I was just a simple baker, living in a kingdom and specializing in cake. I fought my way to become the king baker, through a mix of bake-offs, duels, and plain old murder. I lost nearly everyone I cared about along the way, as a result of my ruthless methods, until I was standing on a cliff with my one remaining friend in the world, and she pushed me off the cliff, so she could become the king baker. Then I woke up, fell asleep, and had the exact same dream three more times.

8 Dramas You Should Watch If You're A Foodie

8 Dramas You Should Watch If You’re A Foodie

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We all watch dramas for different reasons: the plot, the lead actresses/actors, the fashion, and for some of us, the food! To be honest, most of us are probably eating while we’re watching dramas, anyway. For those of us who love food (who doesn’t), these eight dramas are great watches that definitely entertain our appetite!

1. Oh My Ghostess

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Cute chefs, gourmet dining, and the supernatural,…

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