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Head or Heart - an album playlist

After seeing one particular butterflybog AMV I realized the rest of the artist’s album was a fairly nice fit, though some of the songs are about Staying in a bad relationship, while Marianne fortunately left it right away. (Tfw you reach that point in any fandom, where your brain finds connections to the thing you like  everywhere, nevertheless, it’s nice to have songs connected to headcanons)

Basically a self-indulgent list, but below is gifs, lyrics and links for anyone curious (my favorites are “one night” and the last one, “words”):

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andreil + sleeping on the couch together and matt kinda scares andrew awake and andrew has a tiny panic and shoves neil off the couch and neil smacks his head against something and scrapes his cheekbone and andreil ends up sitting in the bathroom with neil sitting down and andrew making sure his boy didnt break his nose or have another fucking concussion

Hey! Thanks for the prompt <3 I hope you like what I came up with! this turned out a lil angsty, yikes.

Keep the prompts coming, folks! I have exams and need a distraction. (Everyone’s been giving me prompts in which Neil gets hurt? :D poor boy)


They’ve cuddled in on the couch, Neil in front of Andrew, which is a rare occurrence as it is, but it’s even rarer at the dorms. But Andrew has been sniffling and sneezing lately, and Neil’s legs feel like lead from night practice and so they dozed off while watching tv. None of them is really deeply asleep, both of them in a state somewhere between sleep and rest, but it’s more than enough to startle the shit out of them when suddenly the door slams shut. 

Andrew sits up, body stiffened immediately, curtesy of too many times when a noise like this meant very bad things were coming, and whips his head around, only to see Matt, one hand still on the doorknob, wincing guiltily. “Fuck, sorry, guys. The wind caught the door.” Then he peeks around Andrew, “Um, is Neil-”

Andrew scowls at him, and growls “Leave.”, Matt just lifts his hands apologetically and hurries off. When Andrew turns back around, he is momentarily confused for a split-second- where is Neil? But then he hears a groan and realized he must have pushed Neil off the couch when he jerked awake. Neil is already sitting up and rubbing his face. 

“…ouch.”, the striker mumbles sleepily and looks up at Andrew with bleary eyes. Andrew is about to lean down and pull Neil back up, but then, Neil pulls his hand back, and there’s blood on his palm and on a cut on his cheekbone. 

Andrew’s world constricts for a moment, and then a sticky, disgusting feeling spreads through his body. Neil is hurt. Neil is bleeding. He pushed Neil off the couch and now Neil is bleeding. Fuck. 

Neil looks at his hand in awe, still sleepy, and then wipes it off on his jeans. It’s so little that it barely leaves a stain. But Andrew’s gaze is focused on the cut in his cheekbone. 

“Andrew, I’m f-”

“Don’t.” Andrew’s voice is sharp and then he’s up and dragging Neil into the bathroom while his stomach is churning. Neil keeps insisting that he’s okay, and the cut isn’t even deep and he’s barely bleeding and he’s had so much worse.

But Andrew feels like his hands are going to clench so hard that he’s going to break his own fingers if he can’t make sure Neil is really, truly okay right now. He swore to protect him and now he hurt him. Neil, especially Neil’s face, has been through enough already. 

Neil keeps protesting, but Andrew makes him sit down on the edge of the tub, and then searches the bathroom cabinet for desinfectant and a band-aid, throwing everything else out into the sink carelessly. Neil has stopped protesting, and watches him quietly now. 

When Andrew’s found what he’s been looking for, he steps in between Neil’s legs, and takes his face in his palms, turning Neil’s head, looking at his pupils, his nose, his lips and teeth. Nothing else seems hurt, and that makes the sticky feeling in his chest the tiniest bit better. 

Quietly, he wipes the cut clean, and puts a band-aid on it. Then he steps back and takes his hands off Neil as if Neil burnt him. 

Neil looks at him and Andrew wants to punch him or pull his own hair out because the way Neil’s blue eyes focus on him and his lower lip stands out a little makes his heart go faster and it sucks and Andrew just hates him so much. 

“Andrew…” How can someone’s voice be so soft? Fuck Josten and his soft voice. Andrew turns around and goes to the door. Neil lets him. 

And hour and half a pack of cigarettes later, Neil finds him on the roof. He doesn’t say anything, he just sits down next to him and steals his cigarette. 

He finishes it while Andrew stares off in the distance. After Neil has stubbbed the cigarette out, he slowly turns to look at Andrew. 

“Andrew, I’m okay. Things like this happen. You didn’t-”

“Stop talking.”, Andrew says without looking at Neil. Neil obliges, but he doesn’t take his eyes off Andrew. 

After two minutes or five or ten, Neil opens his mouth again.

“…you could kiss it better, if you wanted to.” His voice is a low purr, and Andrew just hates how easily it makes the sticky feeling turn differently sticky, hot like molasses, from his neck to the bottom of his spine and his lower abdomen.

Andrew slowly turns his head and leans in just a little. The eagerness with which Neil shifts towards him and the way his breath hitches just a little makes the feeling Andrew’s dealing with right now even worse. Or better, maybe. 

“Next time you say something this cheesy, I’ll throw you off the roof.”, he growls, and then closes the gap between their mouths.  

My King || Taehyung

Request - hey! can I ask for a King!Taehyung au wherein he’s married but he’s like “I will never stop loving you.“ ?? smut. thank you! :–)            

Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader (ft. Jeon Jungkook)

Genre - King! AU, smut, kind of fluff

Summary - Being the Queen’s sister, also the King’s sister-in-law, you have an exceptional place in the King’s heart and he proves it to you.

It had been a year since your older sister and the King of the Silla Dynasty had gotten married and a year and a half since you had been his mistress.

Obviously, your sister didn’t know about it, and sometimes, it did hurt you that you had to hide away such a hideous truth as this from her. But then Taehyung, the King, and your lover, would sweetly convince you that for love, there are things that need to be let go.

For one, you hated, no, despised the fact that you had to live in his castle as his mistress. You had, for so long, wanted to either live as his wife, or just break all ties with him and go back to your Father’s kingdom.

But then, not too long ago, Taehyung’s father, called you to his chamber and informed you that you were to marry the youngest prince, Jungkook. Now, he was great, you wouldn’t deny that Jungkook was a sweetheart and if you ever did marry him, he would take care of you. In fact, you saw this as a perfect opportunity for you to actually ‘redeem’ your life that you lived as a mistress and get to live with someone who would give their undivided attention to you.

But, you knew this was somewhere close to impossible. You were deeply in love with the King himself, and knowing Taehyung, the last thing he would allow is you getting married to his younger brother. So, you decided to meet Jungkook first.

You were on your way to Jungkook’s chamber, when a hand pulled you into a secluded basement room, another hand clamping your mouth shut. You began thrashing around but then heard a familiar voice, ‘Y/N, it’s me!’ Your widened your eyes and you stopped struggling against his grip.

He left you and you turned around, staring at him with an appalled look, 'You scared me, Jungkook! What are you- why are we in the basement?’ You looked around, only a flame not far away, illuminating the room.

'I had something to tell you.’ He looked at you with scared and unsure eyes, and you nodded your head, your eyebrows furrowed.

'Father told me about the engagement. He wants us to marry and all that. But, Y/N, I’m sorry- I can’t marry you.’ He said. You simply stared at him, and he averted his gaze from yours as though he thought you would get really upset about his confession. But you a felt slight happiness bubble in your chest.

You laughed, making him look at you with raised eyebrows, 'You’re laughing?’

'Of course, Jungkook. I was coming to ask if you really wanted this marriage or not, myself.’ You told him, another laugh escaping your lips as he let out a heavy sigh of relief before chuckling.

'But-’ You calmed yourself down, your stomach hurting from laughing too much, ’-What’s the reason, if I may ask?’

His smile faltered a little before he stretched his lips again, 'I have given myself to another person already. It is her who I want to marry. Besides, I know Hyung-nim and you have something going on.’ He smirked, now it being your turn to raise your eyebrows.

'What? Jungkook, how did you-’ You panicked, but he laughed. He held your shoulders, 'Don’t worry, Y/N. Hyung told me all about it. We’re much closer than you think. Also, not to offend you, but, Hyung’s right, Noona can be a snob sometimes.’ He looked at you apologetically. You smiled, a fist of guilt clenching your heart, 'I know. She- she gets…violent sometimes.’ You agreed, referring to your sister’s short temper.

You both walked out of the basement and into the corridor, where you both conversed about new things and all kinds of gossip that were trending in the palace. You both decided that you might as well inform his and your father that you and Jungkook will not be getting married to each other.

'But what will I tell Father?’ He looked at you with worried eyes. You thought for a while, 'Why don’t you tell him the truth?’

Jungkook looked at you as though you had asked him for his head, 'No, no, no. I couldn’t. Father would never let me-’

'Look, Jungkook; Although I’m not his daughter, I can still say that Namjoon would still take your decision to consideration. He’s your father.’ You smiled at him as your hand went to rest on his cheek, caressing it lovingly. He sighed, 'Okay.. I’ll try.’

With that he was gone to talk to his father, and you went your way, deciding to take a stroll in the palace grounds.

As you walked in the garden, your hand feeling all of nature’s work, occasionally smelling the flowers that bloomed, your thoughts wandered to Taehyung.

Maybe it was time that you cut it off with him. It was already time for them to bear a child who would be Taehyung’s successor. And you didn’t trust yourself to be able to take it well when that would occur.

It would all be for your, Taehyung’s and your sister’s good. No child would want to find out their father didn’t love their mother. That would be a nightmare, for everybody involved.

As you walked along the flower bed, you heard a male voice, whom you unmistakably recognized as Taehyung’s. You took in a deep breath, deciding it would be better if you got it over with today and right now.

You followed in the direction of his voice and you almost ran to him when you noticed he was talking to someone.

'Darling, you know we decided for later. Why do you want a child all of a sudden?’ His voice stayed nonchalant as he stared at your sister who had her back facing him.

'I’m sure your father is expecting a grandchild, because I know my father is. We don’t have to do what we decided before marriage.’ She spat, turning around to face him. You crept behind the bushes so you were looking at both of them from the side.

'But I prefer we do as we planned. It would-’

'Do you not love me anymore? Is that why you are delaying?’ She walked to him, her chin tilted so she was looking him in the eyes, but he didn’t look down at her, he simply stared straight ahead.

'Of course I love you, my dear. I just-’ He began but your sister grabbed his robes, making him look down at her.

'Then prove it to me.’ You heard her whisper before pulling him down to kiss his lips, an audible gasp leaving your lips which thankfully went unnoticed by the couple. Your heart ached, as you watched them and their lips mold with each other’s. You knew he loved you, and not her, yet, you could never ignore the emptiness that begins to form inside you as you witnessed such things.

You got up from your crouched position, and began walking away, a tear slipping your eye. You would talk to him later.

'Y/N, when did you get here?’ You heard your sister call you. Your heart, legs, and mind, stopped working all together. You stayed stationary, only your hand moving up to your face to wipe the tear from your cheek. You turned around, a stiff smile plastered on your lips as you looked at the both of them. She was still holding on to his robes and he had an arm around her waist.

Ignoring all of it, you said, 'Oh, I didn’t mean to bother you two- I’ll go.’ You were about to turn around when Taehyung called you this time, 'Nonsense. Come here, Y/N.’ Those words held such deeper meanings that he knew only you could decipher. You limbs ached as you walked to them, a heated feeling surrounding you.

'Yes, my King?’ You addressed him, like he usually asked you to when you both were alone and, well, having fun.

He let his lips twitch at the reference, while your sister gave you a judging look. As you and Taehyung talked, your sister missed out on all the secret messages you both conveyed to each other through your eyes or even by just mere words.

'Y/N, is there something wrong?’ Taehyung noticed your slight hesitation as you replied, 'No, your Majesty. Everything is fine.’ You smiled, but he didn’t fall for your façade.

'My dear,’ Taehyung turned to his wife, 'When did you say you will be leaving to meet your Father?’ He gave you a side glance and you sighed.

'In an hour.’ She said as she took a flower in her hand.

'Are you not joining your sister, Y/N?’ He looked at you, clouds of lust already beginning to form in the brown orbs of his.

'No, I’m not.’ You said, before telling him you had somewhere to be. You knew you were to go to his chamber in an hour, and until then, you’d practice what to tell him. You bowed, before bidding goodbye to your sister and left.

Sweat began to form on the surface of your palms as you got closer to Taehyung’s chamber, your heart falling to your stomach, an ungodly nervousness building inside you. You repeated the words you had to tell him, and you reminded yourself time and again, that no matter how much he tried to woo you, you would turn around and leave.

And, oh, how hard it was just to get an opportunity to speak as he already had his large hands all over you within seconds of opening and closing the door.

'Taehyung- ah -no, wait,’ You moaned as his hand found your sensitive nub already under your robes. His other hand began untying the knot of silk on your waist, before pulling your robes apart, his lips kissing yours as his hand massaged your breasts.

You knew it would be too late if you let him take over your feelings, your mind already getting hazy, as his tongue ran it’s tip under your ear, getting a mewl out of your mouth.

'My beautiful Y/N, it has been so long since I last got to feel you like this.’ He mumbled as his mouth went down to your breasts, before coming back and picking you up by your legs.

'Taehyung, please-’ He cut you off again as he kissed you passionately, before settling you on his mattress, him already having gotten rid of his clothes.

He pulled down your robes, exposing your naked body to him, his hand gently caressing the skin wherever it landed on, his tongue licking his lips before leaning down to kiss you. You placed your palms against his chest, stopping him.

He pulled away, his eyebrows furrowed as he looked at you, 'Is everything alright, my love? You seem to be troubled since morning.’ He eyed you with genuine worry, tears beginning to form at his words in your eyes.

'No, no, Y/N. Did I cause you pain? Was I not supposed to do something?’ His attention was now completely deviated from your naked body to your face, all the lust fading away.

'I-I can’t Taehyung.. I can’t do this.’ You said as your hands came to your face, a you sobbed into them all the pain in your heart throbbing against your chest.

'Why.. Y/N, did someone tell you something? You have never been so scared before.’ He cooed as he pulled you to him, resting your head on his chest, on which you cried. You had to calm yourself down before you trusted yourself to speak, 'We can’t keep decieving my sister like this.. You and I have to move on. For her sake and for ours.’ You let out a choked sob, his hand caressing your hair gently.

'Y/N, I know you are worried about your sister. And frankly, my love, I am too. That is why I am deciding to break off our marriage. I don’t care if our dynastic succession depends on this. I know my Father would understand me if I told him that I love you.’ He explained, you having ceased your crying.

'But, no-’

'Y/N,’ He placed his index finger and thumb under your chin before tilting it up to make you look at him, ’I will never, in my life, stop loving you. You are everything to me than I could ever imagine. Losing you would be like losing a part of myself. Besides-’ He chuckled, ’-My father doesn’t enjoy your sister’s company. He loves you like his own daughter than her.’ He smiled at you, before placing a loving kiss on your lips.

'She’s happy with you, Taehyung-’

'She has been sleeping with my cousin, Y/N.’ He said as he placed you down on the mattress again.

'She- what?’ You exclaimed as his head dipped into the crook of your neck, beginning to place open mouthed kissed until your breast.

'Yes. I caught her not too many nights ago.’ He mumbled against your skin before moving southwards to your throbbing core.

'But, she doesn’t know?’ You breathed, your hand going to his hair, tugging at his chocolate brown locks, as his face rested between your thighs.

'Of course she doesn’t. If she did, she wouldn’t have kissed me in the garden today, or asked for a child. It’s her trick.’ He said as he ran his tongue the whole length of your sex.

'No- but -why didn’t you- ah -tell her a-anything?’ You arched your back as his tongue flicked harder and faster against your sensitive nub, before he began sucking it. Pecking it, he came back up, his nose shining from the juices it had touched of yours.

You gasped as you felt him enter you, 'Wouldn’t it be more fun if she caught us and act tragically, only to let this new information- you’re so tight, darling - disclose in front of my father?’ He groaned as he began moving inside you.

'As much as- faster, Taehyung -tempting that is, I don’t think I look forward to her catching us.’ You let out a breath as you felt the pleasure pool in your stomach, him complying to your request.

He began moving faster, your skin slapping against each other, your legs tightly wrapped around his waist as he leaned in to kiss you, your lips molding into a lustful kiss.

'I agree. We should just focus on not getting caught by the servants right now.’ He giggled before his face twisted into a snarl as his movements got sloppier.

A string of profanities left both of your mouths as you both came undone, you screaming out his name as his hand found your clit, overstimulating you, 'Taehyung!’

'Mm?’ He smirked down at you, before leaning in and pecking your forehead.

'We’ve got a whole day ahead of us, Y/N. And I’d like to use all that time to show you just how much I love you.’ He looked at you expectantly.

'Yes, my King.’

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I can’t stop watching him… he is just so … … . . and his eyes are so… … but his lips are so kissable … . . and he is just… .  FINN

Missing You~Part Two Yongguk Angst

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*GIF is not mine credits to the owners.*



Part 1

After the alteration with Yongguk you stayed in your apartment for a couple days. You called in sick to work, and avoided the calls from your friends. Seeing him being happy without you just broke you a little more inside. 

Here you were crying and heartbroken about the breakup, he was happier than ever. It wasn’t fair. You lifted your head up off of your pillow and looked outside. It looked like it was about mid day. You called in sick to work again today. You sighed as you groggily got out of bed and went to the washroom. You needed to shower and brush your teeth. 

You were starting to stink. As you were about to get into the shower you heard a knock at your door. You groaned and walked to your front door. 

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Oh, my dear child
you were much too young
for everything
they put you through

Pushed out of Narnia
without bow
without arrows
without crown
so you held your head
and found
new weapons

Exchanged queenship for
bow for
arrows for
your red sweet smile
for boys
and parties
and laughter

You keep fighting
for all that you
for all that they
have been

Because you are
a queen
you are
the gentle queen
the one
who smiles
while everyone else
stains the ground with
deep red

You are a woman
in a girl’s
and they
were your
and they’re gone

And you stay behind

Build yourself a life
from graves
from ashes and
corpses and
a kingdom that will
be yours again

Build it from
and smile
a rosary
slipping through your fingers
a prayer on
lipstick red lips

You are a queen
and you will


an ode to the last surviving Queen of Old, unknown author, ca 1950, found in a trunk, property of one Susan Wilder, born Pevensie {the one who lived on, with lipsticks and nylons and boys, the one who buried them all}

(attached is an image of the ode in its original state)

Imagine an AU, where Odin does not get to pick which of his sons get to be King. Pretend, whichever one of them wed’s first, gets first dibs. (Since they will already have a Queen, and be on their way to making an heir.)

Odin arranges for a Princess from (insert realm) to come to Asgard; her sole purpose is to meet Prince Thor; in hopes of being wed. Odin is still trying to give Thor the throne, unknown to both Loki and Thor, in the process. The girl likes Thor; she thinks he’s nice and they hit it off beautifully, until Loki comes home. The moment she sees Loki, she cannot help but be smitten with him, completely forgetting about Thor. Loki starts out trying to get her attention as a game. He thinks it would be funny to make the woman Thor was supposed to marry, fall for him instead. Loki plan backfires and he ends up falling in love with the girl, realizing she was actually very smart and nothing like the typical princess that he had met before. Odin finds out and he is less than pleased, even though technically, it shouldn’t matter. Odin tries everything in his power to separate them, including threatening to harm Loki if she doesn’t leave him and marry Thor instead. Frigga finds out about Odin’s threat and helps them escape to elope, knowing that once they are married, Odin can do nothing to change it and Loki will be King; as he rightfully should.

~Hamilton Fanfic Prompts~

Okay, so I’m going to take requests for the hamilsquad(and TJEFF’s group) and the hamilcast. I’m going to put a list of prompts/ideas. If you want a certain prompt/idea for a certain person comment the number with the person’s name. Also, there will most likely be cussing. Just saying.

I will mark the ones that have been done, but feel free to request them again!

1. “You have got to be shitting me.”
2. “Why did you have to be a smart person?!”
3. “Why in the hell are you drinking at this hour?!”
4. “Awesome……Wow……..”
5. “Take a break dammit!”
6. “Shit, I’m sorry.”
7. “Why are you being so nice to someone like me?”
8. “Dueling is stupid.”
9. “Does Jefferson know?”
10. “Damn, I’d tap that!”
11. “Why is school so boring?”
12. “Je t'aime….”
13. “How did you manage to be this stupid?”
14. “Your hair is so soft!”
15. “Is that even a sport?”
16. “What are you writing about?”
17. “Why do you always stay up so late?”
18. “That’s a stupid rule.”
19. “How are you so pretty?”
20. “What the in the hell are you wearing?!”
21. “How long are we going to be here?”
22. “This is why I love you.”
23. “Stop running so fast!”
24. “Can we keep it?”
25. “Why is that ‘thing’ in my room?”
26. “You are so adorable!”
27. “I’m dying of blood loss…”
28. “We can’t tell my brother!”
29. “It’s not on the lines!”
30. Why do you always have to gang up on me?“
31. "How is your hair better than mine?”
32. “You wanna go!?”
33. “What are you even saying?”
34. “Do that again.”
35. “Hold me back!”
36. “How are you so tall?”
37. “Sharpen my pencil!”
38. “Why are you so serious all the time?”
39. “Nothing’s more contagious than laughter!”
40. “Fuck, these are my only clothes!”
41. “Are those my clothes?”
42. “Don’t touch that!”
43. “Not in that drawer!”
44. “We ate that yesterday!”
45. “My life is ruined…”
46. “Kill me now.”
47. “Don’t just stand there!”
48. “Help me up asshole!”
49. “Just kiss me already!”
50. “I didn’t want you to say goodbye.”
51. “I’ll show you…”
52. “Can you even talk? You’re always so quiet.”
53. “Who are you?”
54. “I’ll show you where my shoe fits!”
55. “Don’t tell me to shut up!”
56. “Don’t you dare touch me!”
57. “I can’t see anything…”
58. “What do you mean you’re from the 19th century?”
59. “I can’t believe I did that…”
60. “Could you kindly get the fuck away from me for a moment?”
61. “What in the hell did you write that for?”
62. “Can you not touch me there please?”
63. “Women have rights too!”
64. “I’m a dead girl walking!”
65. “This is seriously the best play I’ve ever seen!”
66. “Don’t you know how to clean?”
67. “What’s an anime?”
68. “There is so much to teach you.”
69. “Why so flirty all of a sudden?”
70. “Why that song and why right now?”
71. “What kind of snack is that?
72. "Put a shirt on!”
73. “I would bear your children if only you’d let me!”
74. “Are you gonna help me with this or what?”
75. “Pick up all this garbage!”
76. “Is that the best you can do?”
77. “Why are you not wearing any pants!?”
78. “Can you please shut the hell up?!”
79. “We always eat that!”
80. “Happy birthday! Wait it was last week? Happy late birthday!”
81. “Now is the time to stand!”
82. “Why are we debating about this when I’m obviously right?”

83. “There’s basically nothing in the fridge…”
84. “You’re nothing without ____ behind you…”
85. “I’m cracking under all this stress!”
86. “_____, my first friend. My Enemy.”
87. “What is that red stuff on your hands?”
88. “The emperor has no clothes…”
89. “I want to give you a word of warning.”
90. “I don’t know what you heard, but whatever it is ___ started it!”

91. “You can finally speak your mind!”
92. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-OKAY that’s it!”
93. “Everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree.”
94. “One last time…”
95. “I may have committed many errors…”
96. “The ever-favorite object of my heart.”
97. “I’m going home!”
98. “Say goodbye…”
99. “What the hell does P.F.U.D.O.R. stand for?”
100. “He’s just a friend!”
101. “I wasn’t aware that was something a person could do…”
102. “I know him!”
103. “They all look small…”
104. “President ____. Yeah right, like that will happen!”
105. “What is this?!”
106. “You don’t even know what you’re asking me to confess!”
107. “Unless……”
108. “Um…..Yes?”
109. “At least my papers are orderly!”
110. “Rumors only grow…”
111. “Why is it so quiet?”
112. “I wrote ____ love letters until they fell.”
113. “I can’t seem to die.”
114. “Wait for it!”
115. “That’s one less thing to worry about!”
116. “I’m not here for you!”
117. “God, I hope you’re satisfied!”
118. “Have you read this?”
119. “Be careful with that one love…”
120. “You brought this girl into our bed!”
121. “You’ll catch flies.”
122. “Leave me alone!”
123. “Go away!”
124. “Excuse me!”
125. “Service the customers!”
126. “I’m about to pee on myself! Stop!”
127. “What in the heck kinda app is that?!”
128. “Is that velvet?”
129. “Does your hair smell good?”
130. “Just blowing off some steam.”
131. “I touched the butt…”
132. “What the hell is a weenis?!”
133. “I’m ready, let’s go!”
134. “There’s too much snow!”
135. “Let’s build a lego house!”

You can also give me your own prompt as long as it’s only a one sentence prompt. Please request I’m really bad at coming up with ideas!


Dedicated to my angst king, @bunny-yams. You aren’t just dude. You’re my dude.

Soft sunlight flowed through the air, a stillness falling over the graveyard as the steady grey rows of tombstones were interrupted every few steps by a bouquet of flowers. The color popped out from behind a grave, resting on another one, being all that was left of the memory that someone loved a person now gone. Sighing softly, Thomas reached his destination and sat down in front of the grave he had come to see. The soft dirt snuck under the corners of his fingernails and blades of grass bent gently as he rested, closing his eyes and taking in a deep breath before opening them once more.

A small bouquet of wilted flowers caught his eye. They were daisies- well, they had been daisies. Bright white shining in the sunlight reduced to nothing more than a dull yellowed brown, like tea-soaked parchment. Thomas brushed the dying flowers aside and placed a pink rose on the grass where the daisies had been laying. Alexander had never been particularly fond of daisies, anyways.

He could almost hear Alexander now, berating him for thinking that daisies, of all things, would be an acceptable thing to place on his grave. And Thomas would laugh softly before reminding Alexander that the dead have no choice whether or not daisies get placed on their graves. Then maybe he would hear Alexander mumble a soft thanks for the rose. If Thomas closed his eyes, he could almost imagine the soft breeze passing by was Alexander pressing a kiss to his forehead. Almost.

“I miss you,” Thomas stated, not opening his eyes as he spoke to the gravestone in front of him. “I know that you don’t expect me to, and I know that I don’t want to, but I miss you.” Thomas could feel the world turning back time around him, and played with the idea of days and weeks and months passing by in a flash, leaves floating back up to trees and returning to a vibrant green instead of a bold scarlet.

He could feel the grass beneath him like the way it had when he’d rushed over to Alexander after the shorter man had fallen from a tree. ‘I don’t need you to help me up,’ Alexander had said, cheeks blushing a soft pink, and Thomas had chuckled and extended his arm anyways, which Alexander gladly took. Steadying himself, he’d flashed Thomas a shy smile and held his hand tighter. Thomas reached his hand down and tightly gripped the grass beneath him, desperate to remember the feeling of Alexander’s hand in his.

Thomas took in another deep breath, the cool air sharp on his tongue like the taste of that awful mint bubblegum Alexander had liked to chew while he worked. Thomas couldn’t even attempt to count how many times Alexander had blown a bubble only for it to pop in his face and get in his hair. He could barely even keep track of the creative swears Alexander would use. After all, you never truly attempt to memorize something if you don’t know you’ll never fully experience it again.

He could still hear Alexander yelling, if he let his mind wander far enough. Yelling at him in meetings and arguments about small issues- big ones, too. Things only one of them did that both of them regretted for entirely different reasons. Alexander would always punctuate his words during arguments by throwing his arms up into the air, showing off the many scars he’d received over the years. He knew every scar on Alexander’s skin, each story behind them more hazy in his mind than the last.

Sitting at Alexander’s grave in the mid-September sunlight, Thomas came to a conclusion. Life was like studying for a test. You read and review the major parts, let them chase through your mind like Alexander chased through the halls of the office when he had a startling idea. But the small details? The specific flavor of mint gum, or the exact words spoken in your last conversation to a loved one? Those were the things you overlooked. Those were the things you wished more than anything you could remember. Wish that you could somehow go back in time and tell your past self that this, this is important, this is the thing you need. Because soon enough you’ll wish you were able to remember it. And you won’t.

Thomas opened his eyes and smiled sadly at the inscription of the gravestone before standing and turning, walking away. Life was a test. And death was simply realizing you didn’t remember quite enough of the memories you’d taken for granted.

A Summary of Cal in King’s Cage:

Farley: the Blackrun is shit, and doesn’t work anymore


Kilorn: no one has a plan, and no one is gonna help me rescue Mare.


Colonel Farley: All of these Newbloods have no idea how to fight like soldiers.


Cal’s: wow, today was a productive day, and we didn’t break down once crying over Mare or think about how much agony she’s probably in right now. 

Cal’s brain: 

Imagine being Loki’s wife and ruling Asgard by his side. He is a cruel king, your people are suffering but he doesn’t care, only wanting power. You, on the other hand, always seem gentle and kind, helping everyone who needs it without wanting nothing in return and no one can understand how you can stay with a monster like him, because you are the exact opposite. At the end, Thor, who was exiled, manages to return and fights Loki, killing him at the end. He wants to kill you too, because you were his wife so he thinks you’re evil like him, but his people tell him how much kind and generous you are, that you were a pure soul and don’t deserve to die. He accepts that and, seeing that you really try to conquer his trust, by helping him, agreeing with him about Loki’s madness and even defending him against his opposers, finally understands that you aren’t a danger. When his daughter is born, you become her nanny and spend a lot of time with the royal family. Everyone seems happy, except for one little thing: all you gentleness, all your kind actions during Loki’s reign were completely fake, only done because you didn’t want people to rebel against you and your husband… in fact, you are even more cruel than him and now, with Thor and his daughter in your hands, you are determined to seek your revenge.

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Chocobro domestic living HCs with their s/os post-ending AU where everyone is fine and alright. I need more King!/Older! Noctis in my life.

Of course Anon! Though I tried my best to come up with something cute, I’m not sure these turned out quite right… let me know if this wasn’t what you had in mind dear Anon- I’ll be happy to re-do this request because I feel like I completely lost the mark here xD

Noctis: Despite being King of Lucis now, Noctis is still very much stuck in his young adult days. This can be a little exasperating for his s/o given that Noctis has a LOT of work he needs to be doing in order to run his kingdom. Noctis still loves to sleep in- it would be declared a miracle if King Noctis Lucis Caelum awoke on his own accord before eleven in the morning. And so Noct’s s/o, as future royal consort to the King, would take it upon themselves to wake their king in the most gentlest of ways. First, a light kiss to the forehead- then small pecks upon each cheeks before landing a rousing smooth on his slightly chapped lips. When Noct is woken like this, he doesn’t mind being up at seven in the morning.

Noctis insists that his s/o cooks his meals, despite having around twenty skilled men serving in his kitchen staff. At first, Ignis had wanted to take on the responsibility of making sure Noctis was well fed (and maintained a balanced diet- eat your veggies Noct!). However, Noctis thinks there’s something special about his s/o’s cooking- everything tastes good when they make food for him. So his s/o would deliver his lunch to the Council Room, as that is where he is usually holed up- one meeting after the other rendering him helpless to leave. They would both share lunch together, with Noctis holding offensive vegetables up to his s/o’s face during the meal in silent refusal. Noct’s s/o would probably just roll their eyes fondly and snatch the vegetables up from his fork with their mouths to avoid any dramas.

After a busy day, Noctis and his s/o would retire to their quarters and reluctantly do some chores. Sure, they have maids to clean after the King and his royal consort to-be, but the couple like to keep their private quarters… well… private! Noctis is usually the one who does the small amount of dishes in the sink before he allows himself to sloppily fall onto his favourite black sofa. Noct’s s/o would finish off the laundry and join him- and the two would share cuddles and stories about their day. While Noctis is most probably complaining about his contradictory councilmen, he would notice his s/o’s head leaning heavily against his shoulder, almost lolling onto his chest. It is then that he calls it a day and carefully lifts his s/o into his arms and makes his way to their shared bed, pressing a chaste kiss onto their lips in place of a verbal goodnight greeting.

As tired as his responsibilities render him at the end of each day, Noctis can’t wait to wake up to his s/o’s lips on his own the very next day.

Prompto: Prompto and his s/o are just freaking adorable and #couplegoals all round! Prompto wakes up early every morning and goes for an hour long run before he has to report to the newly refurbished Citadel for work. His s/o wakes up while Prompto’s out on his run- unable to stay asleep without the blond fluff-man’s body warmth pressed beside them. When Prompto gets back from his morning exercise, the blond immediately beelines towards his s/o in the kitchen and presses a sweaty kiss to their cheek- only to be slapped away playfully and told to shower. Some mornings, Prompto and his s/o share a shower if they are running slightly over their morning time schedule. This usually ends up in the two being even later to start their jobs- as they both easily get distracted with one another!

On the weekends, Prompto and his s/o like to go for long walks on the outskirts of Insomnia- taking pictures of the natural landscapes and sharing picnic food with each other whilst enjoying the other’s company. Prompto takes plenty of pictures of his s/o during these trips, and lots of selfies are taken. On rainy days, Prompto and his s/o would either stay in their apartment and engage in ‘adult recreational activities’, or head to the Citadel to check in on Noctis (who they know isn’t actually doing any real work on the weekends- Cor and Ignis usually take care of official business during his majesty’s down time).

Overall, Prompto’s life with his s/o post-battle is very relaxed. He’s a revered hero in the Kingdom of Lucis, but he and his s/o prefer to live humbly amongst commoners. However, Prompto does manage to convince Noctis to build a chocobo stable near his district- and he uses his influence to allow orphaned children from the endless night unlimited rides and interaction with their chocobo pals. These types of deeds are literally what makes Prompto’s s/o fall in love with him over and over and over again. Prompto never lets the great, selfless things he did for the whole of Eos get to his head, even though he has every right to do so! He’s just as humble, energetic and resilient as he’d been right at the beginning of the journey.

Prompto and his s/o always finish their days with a prayer to the setting sun, arms wrapped around each other and dregs of fear in their eyes despite all the good happening in their lives, hoping for a bright tomorrow where life for everyone continues to prosper in the hard fought for light.

Gladio: Cor claims he’s too old to be head of Crownsguard and passes on the responsibility to Gladiolus. In turn, post-battle Gladio is almost as busy as the King he shields. He never gets to leave the Citadel at decent hours, so the refurbished Amicitia mansion is now Iris’ own abode. Gladio and his s/o live in the Citadel- out of necessity. Whilst Gladio had always wanted to own a ranch style homestead on the outskirts of Insomnia, he is content with his living arrangements- as the pride he holds in his job as the King’s Shield remains strong.

Gladio’s s/o lives with him in the Citadel (of course)! The both usually wake up, with Gladio’s s/o’s head resting on his strong, broad chest. They usually spend a few minutes idling in bed and verbally planning their days before swinging themselves out of their sheets and covers. Surprisingly, Gladio is really good at making the bed, so his s/o leaves that job to him while they quickly get themselves ready for the day in the bathroom. Every morning, Gladio and his s/o head down to the Crownsguard training room to work out after having breakfast. The spend a solid hour in there before heading into the showers, changing into their Crownsguard Attire, and then making their way to their respective posts.

Throughout the day, Gladio sends his s/o short messages and memes on their smartphone. If something is particularly funny, Gladio’s s/o calls him and tells him personally that they found it confusing- just to listen to Gladio try to explain the joke to them. Gladio has a bad habit of laughing in a dorky manner whilst explaining his jokes, which is why his s/o loves to call him and listen to his amused chuckles as he tries to explain the latest meme he’d sent their way.

Gladio and his s/o don’t actually see each other in person again until the very end of the day, when everything is done and the King and his consort are safely in their private quarters. Gladio’s s/o usually ends up in their private quarters first, so they are the ones to prepare a hearty dinner for Gladio and themselves. This never fails to spark a grateful smile from the soft-hearted Amicitia.

Every night, before dinner without fail, Gladio presses a kiss to the top of his s/o’s head and murmurs a low thanks into their ear. He ends up smirking into his meal at the shy blush that tints his s/o’s cheeks every time he does that. They are just too loveable! After dinner, Gladio and his s/o settle into bed and Gladio reads out loud to his s/o. This usually puts his s/o to sleep pretty well, but when they can’t fall asleep with just the sound of his voice alone- Gladio suggests a more ‘physical’ remedy to their restlessness.

It is on those restless nights that Gladio and his s/o continue to re-learn and reassure each other of their very existence against all odds- holding each other close in a passionate, almost desperate, embrace.

Ignis: When Ignis finally returns home to his s/o after the final battle, he immediately apologises for his disability. Of course, his s/o will have none of this and plants a long, hard kiss on Ignis’ lips before declaring that they absolutely adore him and nothing- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING- can change that. His disability is never brought up as a hindrance by either party ever again. Despite not being able to see, Ignis is still a domestic fairy. He cooks, he cleans (whatever he can feel is dirty anyways) and he still attempts to mend clothes and the like when he of his s/o damage their clothing in any way. Funnily enough, after discovering Ignis’ ‘battle wounds’ from his attempts at sewing, his s/o begins to mend any damaged clothing before Ignis can get to it.

Typically, Ignis wakes up face-to-face with his s/o. He knows this because when he leans forwards, he ends up softly rubbing his crooked nose against his s/o’s own nose. He usually nuzzles his s/o awake in a cute sleepy daze- not quite himself until he’s had his regular dose of Ebony at breakfast. He and his s/o efficiently get ready for the day ahead- rustling around quietly in their own private quarters in the Citadel. Ignis prepares a delicious hot breakfast daily, and the two quickly consume the food hungrily before heading out to their posts in the Citadel.

Throughout the day, Ignis and his s/o hardly contact each other- they throw themselves into their roles as King’s Advisor and Senior Intelligence Commissary. However, this doesn’t mean Ignis doesn’t miss his s/o throughout the day. When the two finally meet after a long day in their private quarters, Ignis’ lips descend upon his s/o’s in a surprisingly accurate and sweet welcome kiss. Moment of intimacy shared, Ignis and his s/o prepare a light dinner together- simply chatting about their day. They eat quietly and then head straight to bed most nights, with Ignis’ s/o stroking his tawny brown hair until he’s asleep. When the King’s Advisor’s chest rises and falls in deep, steady breaths- his s/o settles down carefully beside the love of their life and falls asleep gazing at Ignis’ beautiful scarred side profile.

It’s the very end of the day that Ignis’ s/o loves the most: that’s the time when they get to truly take care of the man who takes care of everyone else.

Happiness~Yongguk Angst

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Words: 1.6k

Genre: Angst

To say your relationship with Yongguk was great would be an overstatement.

 Lately your relationship has been deteriorating. In the beginning of your relationship everything was amazing, but isn’t that how all relationships are in the beginning? 

 Yongguk was loving, kind, and interested in how your day has been, or how work was. He was just interested in you. Now fast forward to the present, your relationship wasn’t doing so well. Yongguk was still kind and caring to you, but he hardly showed any affection towards you, and he never asked you questions about how your day has been when you get home. Sometimes he doesn’t even come home. 

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20 Questions ft. Solangelo

I decided to write a little fanfic on how those three days of bed rest began for Nico & Will just after Heroes of Olympus ended. I love those boys so here we are. Hope you all enjoy it. Feel free to follow me here and even on Fanfic

“This is seriously the most boredom I have felt in under two hours,” Nico groaned, shifting again in the bed. “Why did I agree to three days of bed rest?”

“Because I wasn’t asking,” Will responded. “So play this game with me then. Maybe it’ll help.”

Nico let out a sigh from his spot in the cot a bit away. “Fine. What game?”

Will looked over in surprise and smiled faintly. He went to the edge of the bed where the son of Hades reclined and settled in with the bandages and scissors he was working with.

“20 Questions, but my way.”

“I don’t even know what regular 20 questions is,” Nico grumbled as he shifted his feet away from Will. “But sure, whatever.”

“Well, I’ll ask you a question and you have to answer. Then, you can ask  me, and so on for the next 20 questions,” Will explained as he clipped off some squares of gauze.

Nico hesitantly nodded. “Okay. You ask first then?”

Will nodded and looked up as he spoke his first question. “What’s your favorite color, and you can’t say black.”

Nico frowned. “Then… blue.”

Will raised a golden eyebrow then nodded. “Okay. Your turn.”

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