king of all trolls

Before you read this: this post probably contains REALLY bad English. You have been warned.

Imagine Alternate Universe, where just listening to the singing troll makes Bergens happy. There’s no need to eat them. The problem is that Bergens capture them and treat like they’re pets - most of the them are locked in the cages like birds. Usually there’s one troll per Bergen’s house. The only exception is King Gristle, who has at least one troll IN THE ROOM (he’s a king, after all).

Among the trolls he owns there are Poppy and Branch. Their rooms really close, so when they sing loud enough, they can hear themselves. It takes them some days for that, but they fall in love with each other’s voices.

At first Branch didn’t want to sing for anyone, but when he heard Poppy, he needed to let her know that she’s not alone.

Poppy sings about happiness and hope everyday. Sometimes she doesn’t even sing, she literally screams, so she’s sure that Branch can hear her.

Skull theory time

Because my theory on the Tomb of Sargeras being a backdoor entrance was actually correct somehow I feel confident in thinking another.

There’s heavy rumors Vol’jin will step down as Warchief.

Jaina is out somewhere mad, no doubt due to Khadgar convincing Dalaran of neutrality.

My theory: We’ll get a content patch that resolves both of those. The Horde and Alliance will need more allies to fight the Legion. Zandalar and Kul Tiras are both very near the Broken Isles (if I recall). Players meet with Vol’jin in Zandalar and Jaina in Kul’Tiras and through some questing, dailies (or both akin to 5.1. Please god give me this) Vol’jin becomes king of all trolls to serve the Horde (putting someone else in charge), while Jaina becomes ruler of Kul Tiras STRICTLY for the Alliance.

But it will still probably be dumb and Jaina is evil or something.