king of all the dead

The Signs As Stephen King Novels

Aries: The Shining

Taurus: Cujo

Gemini: The Dark Half

Cancer: Misery

Leo: Bag of Bones

Virgo: Dreamcatcher

Libra: The Dead Zone

Scorpio: IT

Sagittarius: Insomnia

Capricorn: Under the Dome

Aquarius: Needful Things

Pisces: Carrie

Can I just say how unbelievably happy I am with all the canon lgbta+ representation in podcasts? Almost every podcast I can think of has at least one lgbta+ person, and they’re main characters.
To all the podcast creaters: thank you. It means so much to me.


Bastard, was the only word written outside the scroll. No Lord Snow or Jon Snow or Lord Commander. Simply Bastard. And the letter was sealed with a smear of hard pink wax. “You were right to come at once,” Jon said. You were right to be afraid. He cracked the seal, flattened the parchment, and read.

Your false king is dead, bastard. He and all his host were smashed in seven days of battle. I have his magic sword. Tell his red whore.

Your false king’s friends are dead. Their heads upon the walls of Winterfell. Come see them, bastard. Your false king lied, and so did you. You told the world you burned the King-Beyond-the-Wall. Instead you sent him to Winterfell to steal my bride from me.

I will have my bride back. If you want Mance Rayder back, come and get him. I have him in a cage for all the north to see, proof of your lies. The cage is cold, but I have made him a warm cloak from the skins of the six whores who came with him to Winterfell.

I want my bride back. I want the false king’s queen. I want his daughter and his red witch. I want his wildling princess. I want his little prince, the wildling babe. And I want my Reek. Send them to me, bastard, and I will not trouble you or your black crows. Keep them from me, and I will cut out your bastard’s heart and eat it.

It was signed,

Ramsay Bolton,

Trueborn Lord of Winterfell. ― Jon XIII, A Dance with Dragons.

Favorite things this finale

-jon kissing sansa’s forehead
-arya killing that nasty 100yo craven
-sansa rejecting baelish
-R+L=J confirmed
-tyrian and dany friendship 2.0
-lady mormont telling off all the northern kings
-high sparrow dead
-jaime looked pretty pissed at cersei so maybe they’ll finally break up and jaime will get with brienne pls

Things that fucked me up:

-the keys
-Andrew being okay with Neil touching him because he knows he’ll respect his boundaries
-the fact that Andrew and Aaron have literally killed for each other
-Kevin’s queen tattoo ???
-David fucking Wymack
-Andrew not letting Neil out of his sight when he’s being questioned by the FBI
-Neil being 100% prepared to die to spare the Foxes
-the KEYS


01. Mind Mischief // Tame Impala
02. Sunday Evening // The Black Angels
03. Am I In Heaven? // King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
04. Buffalo // Toro y Moi
05. Dead & Gone // TOY
06. All Your Light (Times Like These) // Portugal. The Man
07. Kaleidoscope // The Donkeys
08. Teenage Alien Blues // Foxygen

I need some slow burn Luhardt

I want Reinhardt with PTSD but nobody really knows. Guilt as the last crusader alive, weakness that he dares not show to anyone until with someone he loves, someone he trusts, someone with so much hope and love in their eyes and shares the ambition to help and save. And it takes time, more time than thought, for him to tell stories.

Yeah he will tell stories of epic battles whenever asked for, put on that smile and laugh as always, and for a while he is happy go-lucky Reinhardt. But the stories he shares with the people are glorified, polished up version only recounting the victories, making them all sound like hero’s in shining armor with nothing that could weight them down.

But with Lucio, he eventually tells him the darker side of those stories. All the loved ones he lost. All the people, dead. Towns destroyed, a king he let down. Because Lucio is so new, with fresh eyes to what Overwatch does. Yeah. He has helped people in Brazil, but Reinhardt has been doing this stuff longer than Lucio has been alive. He eventually tells him because he does not want that youth to die. That hope to go away.

He wants him to know what can happen. Wants to see if he is really up for thr costs.

And Lucio. Oh, he has heard stories about overwatch since he was little! And when the recall happened, you bet he was first in line. You bet when he arrived at the headquarters Reinhardt would be among others, there to greet the new recruit. And Lucio, his head remembering all the stories he has heard about how great the hero’s of overwatch where, sees Reinhardt and his heart does backflips and he is just at Reinhardt’s side all day.

And Reinhardt slowly starts to feel for this boy. They train together because Lucio’s music helps Reinhardt feel younger, train stronger and harder, and most importantly longer than he could before.

They cook together because Lucio can’t have sausages and coleslaw for the third night in a row, and starts to show Reinhardt some tricks for cooking. They get plenty of spices and a variety of ingredients after realizing the kitchen really does not have much flavor variety, and try to incorporate some cultural variety in their food, to remind overwatch members of their homes and happy times.

Lucio tries to teach Reinhardt about the internet so they make him a Twitter account and he can only type in all caps. His icon photo is the first selfie he ever took. A slightly blurry photo of him and Lucio, Reinhardt is smiling wide, Lucio grinning and throwing up a peace sign. Lucio follows him on Twitter, and Reinhardt only follows Lucio.

They go for morning jogs and sometimes Lucio does not want to get up so Reinhardt just picks him up out of the bed and gives him a piggy back ride complete with flying plane sounds and wild turns that make Lucio laugh and giggle and might wake other people up o o p s

Lucio writes Reinhardt a song to play on headphones under his helmet since durring missions Lucio can’t stick by Reinhardt the entire time, and it helps his performance a bunch and after the first mission using it, back at the base he tackles Lucio with a bear hug, complete with a spin and a laugh and, in the spur of the moment from joy, Lucio gives Reinhardt a little nose kiss. Which causes the German to blush bright red and J U S T

I NEED slow burn Luhardt.