king of all blacks

White tumblr sure has white washed Martin Luther King. Like with all this “MLK would be disappointed to see black tumblr” or “what would mlk think about blm? He’d hate it” from racist white people is so annoying given the fact that you are forgetting (or you don’t know) that MLK’s ideals and visions for the movement were more radicalized toward the end of his life because of the ignorance of white people like you.

Because of white people like these “what would mlk think” who continued to expect black people to be submissive and peaceful in the face of racism.

And what would he think about black tumblr? He’d love black tumblr because he loved young black people taking a stand for the community and speaking out against injustice. Black tumblr is grassroot and King would certainly support it.

What would he think about BLM? MLK and many other civil rights movements basically created/led earlier versions of BLM. SNNC, SCLC, CORE, NAACP? Those are all the foundations of BLM, MLK would have been proud to see BLM.

Soo all these bitter white people talking about “mlk would be upset” don’t know a thing about this man other than their white washed version of him. You all want him to be an uncle tom so bad—you are all here thinking that MLK would be the black friend ™ who excused racism but that isn’t the case.

MLK changed his movement and strategies because of people like you. Because people who expect black folks to be compliant and use the only civil rights leader you know to try to silence us during your racist rants. MLK wouldn’t like what you are doing—using his name in an effort to put down young black people who are doing exactly what he would have wanted.

Yes, he said he had a dream of black people and white people getting along. But how is that supposed to happen with white people expecting black people to be silent and compliant in the face of racism.

thanks for inviting me to the party. if you need me, i’ll be in the corner, drinking & trying not to make eye contact


Does time really heal? It’s been eight years and yet I am still trying to understand it all. Never would I have ever thought that someone I’ve loved and admired so much since I were a small child would be taken away from the world so soon. Year after year of his anniversary I’ve dealt with constant sadness and pure anger.. all because he was no longer here. And as time went on I started to feel selfish, because I wanted him here for my sake. But then I realized something and everything made sense. He didn’t need to be here any longer. A heart and soul so pure had to endure ongoing torment and hell on earth. He had suffered enough. The world truly didn’t deserve him.

So does time really heal? No, it doesn’t. It does get a little easier but that’s a loss and a pain that will truly never go away. Michael I love you and thank you so much for everything that you gave us. Your time, your dedication, and your music will live on forever. One of my favorite things about you is your smile. That beautiful smile that could light up even the darkest room. It brings me overwhelming amounts of comfort. Today may not be the most joyous day but seeing you smile is just enough for me.

Forever in my heart. ❤️


Oh look, actual bae.

Thank you to the bands who made my life a little less crappy