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Royal Arrow- One-shot (Bucky x Reader)

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Summary: Y/N is the princess of the kingdom of Asgard. While she is out in the forest she meets a stranger who has to learn the hard way just how good of an archer she is.

A/N: Thanks to @widowvinter for giving me the idea for this. Also brownie points if you know where the first gif is from. I kinda want to marathon it again, and yes I am still crying over how it ended. 

The forest was empty. It was just myself, and the thick trees that spread out for miles on end. The smell of the damp earth filled my senses as the crisp morning sun kissed my skin.

There was movement on my peripheral vision and in an instant I was reaching behind me and pulling an arrow from my quiver before raising my bow to take aim.

Behind a shrub I watched a small rabbit dash across the open ground before disappearing behind a fallen tree trunk. With a small smile I lower my bow and continue walking further into the forest.

It wasn’t long before I reached my destination. The meadow was peaceful as I walked through it, only the soft hum from the stream on opposite end of the clearing and the distant flapping of birds flying around the high trees. The sun was higher now, warm, and the morning dew long gone. I removed my cape and draped it across the green spring grass before laying on it.

This was my escape. This was my sanctuary from my daily routine.

Time passed, but I didn’t care. I didn’t want to go back.

There was a snap. It wasn’t very loud, but in the silence of the meadow it echoed in my ears.

I jumped to my feet, bow and arrow in hand, before shooting in the direction the sound had come from.

There was a quiet yelp and a string of curses coming from were my arrow had gone. I pulled another arrow from my quiver before slowly making my way to the noise.

The shape of a man came to view. He was tall. His back was to me as he clutched his left arm and continued his cursing.  I was too shocked by what I was seeing that I didn’t notice the branch in front of me until the sound of it snapping under my feet caused the man to turn to me. My expression was blank as I held up my bow ready to release another arrow if needed.

“Who are you,” I asked the man. My voice was steady, no trace of fear could be found in it thanks to years of practice.

“The man you just shot,” he scoffed. I saw a small wince flash across his features, but he quickly stood straighter and evened out his breathing. That was when I actually noticed why he was clutching his arm. The fletch of my arrow was sticking out. The arrowhead was deep in the man’s lest bicep.  “Who are you,” he asked.

“The woman who just shot you,” I say. I couldn’t tell him who I was. Not this far out in the forest. If father knew where I was, and what was happening I would never see the light of day again. This had never happened before. I knew it was always a possibility, which was why I always carried my bow and arrows, but I had never actually had to use them out here.

I studied the man as he stood there clutching his bleeding arm. He was young, not much older than myself. His dark hair reached his shoulders and the light shadow across his face showed he had not shaved in a few days. The sunlight shining through the trees was enough for me to see that his eyes were an icy blue, and were studding me as well.

He never made a move to attack, but given his state I wasn’t surprised. The entire sleeve of his left arm was soaked in red blood. I didn’t know anything about this man, but I felt bad for what I had done.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said. “Unlike you I don’t shoot first and ask questions after.”

“I believe in acting before it is too late,” I tell him, but lower my bow a fraction. “What were you doing out here if not to hurt me?”

“I could ask the same,” he smiles, “But you are not the one getting hurt out here.”

I should run. Get away before he decided to attack, but I found my feet frozen in place. Out of terror and curiosity all at once.

“I am sorry by the way,” the man said. “If I frightened you, I am sorry. That was not my intention.”

“What was you’re intention,” I frown.


“You are lost?”

“More or less,” he chuckled. “My camp is set up I’m hopping not too far from here, and I came looking for a meadow I was told about by the locals. I must have not paid too much attention to them because not only have I not found the meadow, but I cannot remember which way my camp was.”

“Well you found the meadow,” I tell him. “It is on the opposite side of the line of trees.”

His eyes widened from realization. “Then that would mean my camp is west of here.”

I don’t say more as he turns and begins walking in the direction he believed his camp to be. Again there was a small wince of pain flash across his face and a hiss of pain leaving his lips as he walked.

“Wait,” I found myself saying, lowering my bow and walking toward the man. “Let me help you. It is the least I can do, considering I am the one who did this to you.” I motion to his arm and the arrow still in it. “Please.”

We sat on the edge of the stream. I had pulled out a small blade I kept tucked in my boot and sliced the sleeve of his shirt open.

“Do you want something to bite on,” I ask him as I curl my fingers around the arrow.

“I can manage,” he smirks.

“I am sure you can,” I mutter. “On the count of three,” I say.

“I don’t need a countdown,” he mumbled.

My grip on the arrow tightened and I pulled it out in one swift motion.

A string of curses left the man’s lips as he gripped arm again while glaring at me.

“You said no countdown,” I smirk holding the arrow between my thumb and pointer finger. He releases his arm and reaches over snatching the arrow from my fingers still glaring at me, but there is a hint of amusement in his eyes.

“I could have used a warning,” he tells me.

“And I could have uses a quieter patient,” I retort and move to clean the wound with the sleeve I had torn off I used a piece to clean the blood.

“Do you have a name,” the man finally asked.

I look up from cleaning his wound but don’t say anything. I couldn’t tell this man who I was.

“Bucky,” he said. “That’s my name.”

I finish cleaning the wound and reach for another piece of fabric to wrap around the wound.

“Am I to tell my friends I was healed by a beautiful girl and I did not even get her name?”

I ignored the blush trying to creep its way up my neck. “Will you also tell them it was the same girl who shot an arrow at you first?”

“Oh no,” he smiled. “I will tell them I was up against five brutes who came after my money.”

“But you are not carrying any money,” I survey.

“Which is why they will believe me when I say I fought them all off before one of them, the biggest of the five, plunged an arrow into my arm without a bow, and took the money and ran before I was on my feet again.”

“I am sure they will believe every word of your story,” I say leaning back to examine my work. It wasn’t the best, but it would do.

“Seeing as I will be the only eye witness to tell them, they will have no other choice but to believe me,” Bucky smiles.

I reach over to the stream and let the flowing stream clean the blood on my hands. When I stand I reach for my bow and quiver with one hand and grab my cape with the other.

“Good luck with your story Bucky,” I tell him. “I hope they believe you.”

With that I turned around and left the meadow.

The large castle soon came into view, and my shoulders slumped in a way that would have made my mother livid. As I approached the entrance through the stables I kept out of view of the guards and servants until I was in the armory hanging up my bow.

“If mother hears of this, she will never let you step foot outside the castle walls,” the deep voice of my brother startled me.

“Then it is a good thing she will never know of this,” I say. “Isn’t that right, Loki?”

“I am not sure,” he smirks crossing his arms and leaning against the open doorframe.

“What will it cost me this time?” I sigh. “Your silence.”

“We have guests coming,” Loki began. “Mother would like for one of her children to be there with her and father to great them. Seeing as our to be king brother, Thor, is on the southern borders with the knights it is between you and I to see who will go.”

“But you know how I hate having to greet pompous, self-absorbed royals,” I whine.

“That is my price take it, or I will tell mother where you were all morning long while you were to be in a fitting I believe.”

I groan knowing how I had no other option but to accept Loki’s terms for his silence.

“Before I forget,” Loki said uncrossing his arms. “You have blood on your trousers.”

Then he is gone and I hurriedly make my way to my chambers to change before anyone else could see.

I changed, this time into a dress suitable enough to great our guests. From what Loki had told me it was the royal family of Brook.

There was a light knock on my door. “Come in,” I call out as I sat in front of my vanity brushing out my hair.

“Loki has informed me you will be joining us in greeting our guests,” Mother smiled as she walked across the room to me.

“Yes,” I smile looking at her through the mirror. “I am.”

I stood next to my mother in the throne room. Father stood on the other side of her as we waited for the royal family to arrive.

I was playing with a lose thread on the skirt of my dress when the family was announced.

The king and queen both entered together.

“Oden,” the king smiled stepping in front of my father to greet him. “It has been too long.”

“I agree,” father said.

“My son has also accompanied us,” the king told us. “On our way here he was attacked my thieves while he explored the forest.”

“That is horrible,” Mother gasped. “Was he hurt?”

“Nothing major,” the queen said. “Your physician was passing by as we arrived and offered to he properly look over his wound.”

Just then the doors to the throne room opened again and I watched in shock as the man walked in.

“This is my son, James,” the king said as the prince approached.

The look of shock on the prince’s features matched my own. He whore different clothing than before, free of blood, and his face was free of stubble, but there was no denying of who he was.  Bucky’s eyes never left mine until he was standing in front of father greeting him.

“I would like for you to meet my wife, Frigga, and my daughter Y/N,” father tells the prince.

Princes James moves to greet mother before standing in front of me and bowed as I curtsied.

“It is a pleasure to meet you princess Y/N,” he says with a hint of smugness as he now not only knew my name, but who I really was.

“Prince James,” I emphasize he too hadn’t told me who he really was. “I agree. It is a pleasure to finally meet.”