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Dating Neville Would Include

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- taking a lot of out door adventurous

-Neville spoils you, A LOT

- He comes home and surprises you when you least expect it

-lots of cuddles

-you both are competitive when it comes to video games  

-He likes to bring you out on the road

-you two love to go camping when you have the time

-lots of goodnight\good morning texts

-Whenever he is on the road, you and him Facetime a lot

-”I love you babe.”

-”I love you more.”

-Everyone ships the two of you together

-Neville likes to take you out on romantic dinners

- He is the big spoon, he loves knowing you are in his arms, safe and protected

Shakespeare’s English Queens Simplified in Easy-to-Memorize Gifs

Eleanor of Aquitaine:

Philippa of Hainault:

Anne of Bohemia/Isabella of Valois:

Katherine of Valois:

Margaret of Anjou:

Elizabeth Woodville:

Anne Neville:

Elizabeth of York:

Katherine of Aragon:

Anne Boleyn:

Elizabeth I: