king mycroft

Mark Gatiss is
  • the savagest person to have ever set foot on this planet (he just literally wrote a response to sherlock critics in sonet form to the guardian and that’s honestly the coolest thing anyone has ever done)
  • a huge nerdlord
  • knowing his shiit
  • the absolute fanboy legend
  • 200% BAMF
  • really good at rhyming
  • our king
  • my favourite person ever right now
  • the protector of the sherlock fandom


John wanting to fuck Sherlock’s sister, like…this man has officially tried to fuck every Sherlock substitute ever created, just…when he finally gets the real thing it’s going to be the greatest moment of all time ever AND it will be hilarious

Like I feel like one of the last scenes should have another Mycroft in a fat suit with him going “oh god, real sugar instead of substitutes, worth it” in a Cartman voice and John just going “same”

ok. theories. 


john > king
sherlock > queen


jim > pawn/knight
mary > king
mycroft > queen

that means in the end, it’s mary ultimately wants john dead in order to kill sherlock.

she has always had one goal in mind, and that is killing john watson.

who shot john in tld? eurus. who is eurus? mary. mary shot john. 


jim > king
mary > pawn/knight

BUT this doesn’t work, as once the king is dead, the game ends. so that implies jim was never the king… he just played one on tv

My favourite Characters and their habit of being/seeming to be the bad guy - and their likelihood of dying

I don’t know why I feel so gory tonight

This post contains SPOILERS for

Sherlock - Pirates of the Caribbean - Watchmen - Das Boot - Harry Potter - Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell - The Lord of the Rings - The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy - Game of Thrones

and some blood and dying!

Ye be warned!!!!!!

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           The knight’s head snapped up at the call coming from the other room, full body tense. It was Q. Q was calling out to him from the other side of the door.

           Alec’s hand appeared on his chest in warning. He couldn’t go to him. Their prince was currently locked up in the apothecary, being treated by the frantic but determined Madeline after he had collapsed at dinner. It had all happened so quickly, the youngest prince hiding his smile behind his cup at something King Mycroft had said when suddenly he was on the ground, spasming and foaming at the mouth. James hadn’t thought, had simply scooped Q up in his arms and rushed him to the apothecary. At the moment everything depended on Madeline’s ability to purge the poison from the prince’s body and Q’s willingness to live.


           The knight made to launch himself out of his seat, but Alec was just as quick, wrapping his arms around his friend’s chest and holding him down. “James, you can’t.” The other knight told him urgently.

           “Alec, please.” James Bond didn’t beg, but his friend had to know how much this was killing him. It was common knowledge that James was far too sweet on his charge for their relationship of protector and royal to be a normal one. Hell, Alec was the one who made the most jokes about James earning his keep more by warming Q’s bed than doing any actual fighting. It was a blessing that their relationship was often met with a blind eye. Q was the youngest of the nation’s rulers, and proved his worth with innovative toys for his king’s army, so most people didn’t care much who he was sleeping with. James cared, a lot, but mostly because that person was him.


           This one was a wail, broken and scared, and something in James’ chest broke. He snarled, sending his elbow sharply into Alec’s sternum and forcing the other knight to release him. He shot up out of his chair, consumed by need to reach his darling, his prince, his-

           He was almost to the door when the flat of Eve’s sword smacked against his chest, bouncing harmlessly off his chain mail but stealing his breath away. He glared up at her murderously, but the woman held her ground. “You know you can’t go in there, James.” She snapped, the fire in her eyes facing the ice in his head on. “Madeline is doing the best she can, but you have to let her work. If you go barging in, you’ll only make it worse.”

           James held her glare for a few moments more before turning away to pace with a growl of defiance. She was right, he couldn’t deny that, and it simply made him all the more frustrated. He couldn’t stop thinking about Q, the frail prince writhing in his arms as his eyes rolled back. James was almost sure he had reached the apothecary too late.

           And to think that just moments before Q’s big green eyes had been smiling at him over the lip of his cup. The prince had sent him a wink and James had smiled, his chest warm at the small act of secret intimacy.

           James stopped in his tracks and hung his head, his hand clutching at where his heart was supposed to be. It was missing. It was in the other room. Neither of his friends did anything but watch.

           James’ fingers clenched painfully at his chainmail where he longed to be holding a knife. Whoever had done this was going to pay.

           The wait felt like hours. James couldn’t say for certain, but eventually Madeline emerged looking wary but relieved, shoulders turned down and dark circles under her eyes. James stared at her with bated breath, silently willing her to speak.

           “He’ll live.” She said, exhaustion creeping into her every syllable. “You can see him now.”

           James shouldered past her through the door, not caring how rude he may seem. Q was buried under covers on a small bed, skin pale and dark curls sticking to his forehead with sweat. All of James’ breath left him at once, and he lowered himself down ono the side of the bed with slow, careful movements, not wanting to disturb his prince.

           Q’s eyelids fluttered anyway, slits of brilliant, hazy green quickly seeking out his knight. “James.” This time it was soft, reassured, and James cupped Q’s face in his hand.

           “I’m here, Q. It’s alright. Everything’s okay now.”

           The prince sighed, sleepy and content, and James melted. Anyone who tried to pull him away from the prince’s side in the coming days was in for a rude awakening. “That’s good.” Q breathed.

           “Sleep now. Everything’s okay. I have you.”

           Q dropped off with James’ cool palm pressed against his feverous cheek. James sighed. Everything would be okay.

Anastasia! Johnlock AU

So this would be basically like the actual movie by Don Bluth. Sherlock, a brilliant young man who has no memories about his past, is about to find out that he actually is the lost prince William Holmes from either Russia or England (whatever you guys prefer) and meets the con man John Watson and his friend Stamford (or Lestrade?) due to a little dog (Redbeard) that has led him into the big city. Now John and his friend try to trick king Mycroft into believing that Sherlock is in fact his lost brother to get a lot of money and on their journey to Paris John and Sherlock fall in love with eachother! But little do they know about the dark power luring in the darkness known as Jim Moriarty *cough* Rasputin *cough* and his assistance Sebastian Morstan aka. the bat.