king mou

It’s meta-o-clock. This is one of the best Roan episodes so far and I could not be more proud of my boy. But of course, I have to break it down and elaborate everything going through sabertooth’s mind because there is so much depth to his decisions. 

First off, I have to talk about Roan getting lied to and betrayed AGAIN in relation to his relationship with Clarke. I actually loved seeing how raw and open he remained with her after leaving Becca’s island. And seeing that trust strained, because tension and drama is what I am here for. Testing the limits of characters and how two people are affected when trust is broken. I find it so interesting that when the episode begins, we see Roan trusting Clarke and her defending him. It sets the tone for how they consider each other friends and allies and take their blood oath seriously. Because this contrasts so interestingly with what happens later with the Fleim.

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