king mou

Okay I know everyone is focusing on Bellamy in that scene where they are talking about the Azgona deserters burning Trikru villages and all. But like, can we stop and not over look how Roan says he doesn’t blame them for wanting to go home before war starts. Like. My boy still hasn’t gone home yet. Normally a King should have the right to have those men brought back and killed. But instead he just empathizes with them. He misses Azgeda so much and he has never caught a break. 
And then the scene where Clarke sees he’s kinda in his own head and she says “You’re a good king, Roan.” And the curtain his pulled back just a little bc he really is agonizing over every decision he makes and he wants to be with his warriors. And it’s never enough. No matter what he does, this poor guy just can’t seem to do enough.