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Strong Princess //Bellamy Blake imagine//

Request: Hi! Can you do a Bellamy Blake imagine, where (Y/N) used to be Atom girlfriend, but he cheated on her with Octavia, so she’s been down and Bellamy offers to help?

Requested by: anonymous

Warnings: swears…

A/n: sorry this took so long!! Hope you like it!


“Atom,” You called as you climbed the small hill that led to the special spot you and your boyfriend Atom shared. You had found it the first day the drop ship had landed on Earth and it was the only space you could really be together. But as you reached the top of the hill, all the words left you and your spirits fell. Atom sat on the moss covered rock, his arms wrapped tightly around none other than Octavia Blake’s waist as she sat on his knee.

“Y/n,” Atom said quickly as Octavia stood up, a devilish look on her face. “I can explain thi-”

“What the hell Atom….what is there to explain!? I think this is pretty self explanatory!” You shouted, all your words coming back to you at once.

“Yeah..” Octavia said with a sly smirk. “There’s nothing else to explain.”

“No, Y/n, please hear me out?” Atom tried as he stood up and started walking towards you, reaching a hand out to you.”

“Don’t touch me,” You spat as you stepped back. “How could you Atom.” You held back the tears you so badly wished to shed. “Fuck you. Fuck both of you.” With that, you turned on your heels and ran back towards camp.

“Let her go Atom,” You heard Octavia say. “You don’t need her anyway.”


The days seemed to go on forever, each one stretching out longer than the one before as the pain of Atom’s absence leaked into your soul. You hadn’t gone a day without damp cheeks and a weakened stature had replaced your confident stance. You spent most of the sunshine filled days inside your tent, staring at your hands wondering where you had gone wrong. Why weren’t you good enough for him? Where could you have fixed things.

Your head turned against you, turning each scenario and idea into a reason your existence was irrelevant to not only Atom, but everyone else. How could you get anyone but Atom. Who else would be able to love you the way he did? Would you ever find love again and how could you keep it from turning out the same way it did with Atom.

Five days you stayed hidden away in your tent, only making an appearance for meals and to use the restroom. You avoided interactions and any time you heard Atom’s voice or the mention of his name, you would bury your head in your pillow to muffle your sobs.

It was the sixth day your savior finally appeared.

“Y/n?” The low, husky voice of none other than Bellamy Blake rang through your tent. You turned your head to the entrance of your tent where Bellamy’s head stuck through the zipper, his eyes wide and concerned. “Can I come in?”

You bit the Inside of your cheek, debating whether or not to let him in, but you deliberately nodded your head, wiping the back of your hand across your damp cheeks.

Bellamy moved gracefully into the tent and sat himself down across from you, folding his hands neatly in his lap as he looked at you. His eyes were soft. Softer than you had ever seen them. They offered comfort and displayed his concern and you felt better just looking at him.

“I think you know why i’m here.” Bellamy said softly.

Your eyes fell to the ground as you nodded slowly. “I just don’t know how I can go back to work when I see him around everywhere. He cheated on me Bellamy…that hurts..” your voice trembled just enough to express the pain you were experiencing and you felt Bellamy’s sympathetic eyes bore into your head.

“I can’t pretend to know how it feels but I believe you. I am really sorry about what happened but you’re never going to get over him if you waste the days inside your tent sulking over the fact that he isn’t yours anymore.” Bellamy shrugged and you sniffled, holding back the river of tears that so violently urged to be released.

“It’s not just that he’s not mine anymore though,” you raised your head and looked right into his eyes, the tears making their way down your cheeks where they apparently longed to be. “It’s about me. Why did he cheat on me? Why wasn’t I good enough for him? What did I do to make him fall for someone else?”

Bellamy’s entire body seemed to soften as he looked at you, broken and hurting. He looked at you with nothing but sympathy and when he took your hand in his own, his touch was soft and comforting.

“You’re looking at all of this completely backwards Y/n. You’re only looking at how this is your fault when it’s actually more of his fault.”

“How?” You croaked, trying your hardest to keep your voice from breaking but failing miserably.

“Think about what he lost. Think about how his desires cost him one of the most valuable and precious things in this entire camp. He lost you.” Bellamy lifted his hand to your cheek, his dark but comforting eyes never once leaving your own.

“He lost someone who cared for him with all of her heart. He lost someone who was willing to swim oceans for him. He lost someone with more spirit and a heart as pure and caring than anyone I’ve ever known. The most the most beautiful girl, inside and out and for that, he should be the one wondering where he went wrong.” Bellamy smiled slightly which made you blush.

“You really think so?” You asked softly, wiping your eye and sniffling softly.

“Think so? I know so.”

You smiled, a pink tinge decorating your cheeks as you dropped your gaze to the floor again.

“Now how about we go and get you some food, then we can see if you’re up for some work.” Bellamy got to his feet and offered you his hand which you gladly took. He pulled you to your feet and you exited your tent together.

The sunlight hurt your eyes but you refused to let it bother you. From across the camp you saw Atom, his arm wrapped tightly around Octavia’s waist but at the moment it didn’t even seem to bother you. As long as you were next to Bellamy, you felt invincible. You took a deep breath before looking up at Bellamy who was already looking at you, a small smile on his face.

“Strong princess. Now let’s get some food.”

Tonight’s episode was amazing. We got Murphy calling Bellamy and the others “his people”, but then sticking with the person he trusts most. We saw Kane actually acknowledging Murphy. Kane trusting that Abby will succeed to keep them alive, and being absolutely right. Bellamy being told that one day he’ll feel like he’s worth to survive. We got Clarke talking about Lexa with her mother. Clarke giving up Lexa for her people’s lives. Roan being a badass king who takes no shit and threats from no one. Monty saving Jasper on the last second. Monty and Harper being more than an one night stand. Literally everyone’s characters being how they should be.

This episode was great and everything seems to be taking a right course. I’m proud of the writers and the cast and can’t wait to see what the next episode has in store for us.

Hey the 100 fandom

I haven’t followed blogs in a while and I’m sure there’s a lot of new people out there who I haven’t followed yet! If you watch the 100 please like/rb so I can follow you (*only applies if you don’t post character or ship hate bcs negativity is gross y'all and none of us have time for that!!)

Season 4 > everything else > Season 3



Do we get to add all the episode time in season 3 that “didn’t” happen to season 4? Because season 4 definitely does not deserve to be the shortest season

The 100 Episode 4.6 Takeaways

1. “We’re All in This Together” from High School Musical is the new theme song. Thank you, King Roan.
2. So now when the writers don’t need characters in a scene, it’s because they’re “sleeping” in the other room. Expect Raven. Raven doesn’t know what sleep is.
3. I don’t care if Clarke banged Niylah this episode, she called Bellamy “special.”
4. Hey Wells is a person who existed. Nice callback.
5. Hopefully Miller’s dad was in on the plan to release Ilian, or else he’s going to have to be put in time out while the teenagers decide what to do.
6. Octavia still hasn’t allowed herself to mourn for Lincoln, and I don’t think there’s much hope for her until she does.
7. Murphy and Luna parenting Raven is everything! Luna is the hippie new wave mom, while Murphy is the strict no-nonsense step-dad. Also, Luna called Murphy by his first name. Only a few other people do that. Interesting!
8. Any chance they can find more hydrazine in the other parts of the arc that fell to earth? Or just try to make it work with nine barrels?
9. Trikru and the other clans are going to be out for Skaikru now, along with Azgeda. They really messed up by not at least having Roan and his bros disguise themselves.
10. Jaha and Kane don’t have control over these people at all. Letting Ilian go was probably a mistake. I wonder if they’ll ask to see a body, or just believe them.
11. So did Ilian and Octavia immediately run into each other in the woods? I mean they left the same way. And Octavia was limping pretty badly, so he could’ve caught up to her…

Midnight Thoughts...

Don’t people just want that one The 100 episode where they happily rebuild civilization that’ll probably called Eden or Arkadia 2.0 and the worst case scenario is them running out of wood?

Just imagine the skyparents with all 100 of their children working to make their home beautiful again.