king marchand

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(So my dysphoria has been fucking awful recently. And I am really struggling. I hate this body. I *hate* it. I have for such a long time, and I can’t ignore it anymore. And I thought how boring it must be for people to read endless posts on this topic from me. So I thought that instead of wondering bleakly if I’ll get to the end of this year, the end of next year, intact, maybe I could post a gif of something that makes me happy? And so Victor/Victoria. This will probably be a recurring post. There will probably be Clue gifs too, since there’s not that many V/V gifs. But this movie is so apropos. You’ll never convince me that this movie is not about a trans man coming into himself late in life. In my head there’s a coda where Victor comes back to Paris & his friend Toddy; he can’t lie to himself any more, not even for King Marchand. I kinda want to write the fic. I nearly subposted this whole thing in the tags. But I guess part of me still wants to be seen.)


Brad Marchand: Goal of the year vs. Kings.

Sick, sick, sick dangle, deke and a shorthanded goal. Two jocks and a stick left on the ice.