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Seventeen in a Nutshell

95 Line: all in love with each other. the oldest but you’d swear they’re the maknaes. Just a mess. Always there to listen to the younger members though. All softies.

96 Line: Judges you, judges each other, judges everyone. The underrated geniuses. Also the biggest idiots. All variety Kings.

97 Line: the cool kids. Underrated talent and visuals. Have the most idol friends. Dabs. They’re all crazy. 70% lost, 30% Dabs.

Maknae Line: just trying their best but their talents are often overlooked (yes, even Vernon). Lowkey savage. Babies. Please love them.

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Rhaegar for the character thing (please hate his stupid ass)

Oh don’t you worry, I got that covered.

1: sexuality headcanon: None.
2: otp: Rhaegar/Robert’s warhammer
3: brotp: 
4: notp: Rhaegar/Anyone
5: first headcanon that pops into my head: I think he was insane. It wasn’t Aerys’ type of insanity. IMO it would have been closer to Baelor the Blessed’s insanity. So anyone watching him wouldn’t have thought anything was amiss since he clearly was the opposite of his more outwardly dysfunctional father. But if his actions with Lyanna, his constant depression that led him to actively soak in despair, and the way he let prophecy (and visions?) dictate his choices are any indication, he wasn’t all there. And it would have only gotten worse when he became king.
6: favorite line from this character: “He has a song. He is the prince that was promised, and his is the song of ice and fire. There must be one more. The dragon has three heads.”
7: one way in which I relate to this character: Not a thing.
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: The way he would go to Summerhall just cry by himself while singing depressing songs that would incite more tears.
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? Problematic unfav.

never forget when the king of china snatched everyones wig

Prince Aladdin

i just rewatched aladdin with the roommates and it got me thinking

aladdin wishes to be made a prince, but all genie does is get him a lot of stuff and money. that’s not what a prince is. a prince is the son of the king, someone in line for the throne. someone with a lot of money is just - rich. so what i think is:

genie goes okay, that’s a big one - and i can do it! but not on my own, not if you want to do it right. not if you truly want a chance to marry your princess for real, as a prince. and aladdin is a foolish, moral, kind boy - and he agrees. he’s fallen in love with jasmine, an innocent all encompassing love, and he’ll do anything for this sweet, clever girl he only knew for a few hours. so genie takes him across the desert, far from agrabah, and plops right in the middle of a skirmish and is like okay, good luck! and aladdin is like ?????

but there’s assholes with swords attacking a young girl, and aladdin doesn’t even have to think about that, just like when he stood in front of the whip for those little kids. there are three men against him, but he’s fast and clever and has been against a dozen trained palace guards. so it’s not easy to get out of there alive, especially with the little girl to protect, but he manages it with only a thin slice on his upper arm, and he’s endured worse for less. so he picks up the little girl and says “i think we should get out of here, hmm?” and she’s in a pretty red silk getup with tiny jewels encrusted on her like stars against sunset. and she nods and throws her arms around his neck. she won’t talk, only points in the direction of home, but aladdin’s okay with that, he’s used to quiet, scared kids. so he keeps up a steady stream of stories of agrabah, which seems almost like this other desert land. but there are more men with swords and aladdin is like what the fuck is going on, but he hides the girl in a corner and fights them too. and that’s how it goes all the way home. there’s no one on the streets really, and they all scatter when the men attack, and they keep on attacking, he fights his way all the way through the city with the girl on his hip or hidden away.

and he should have known, of course, but he was tired and bruised and bleeding by the time he realized the little girl is silently guiding him to the palace and he’s like why can’t you princesses stay inside??? but he walks up and the guards get one look at the child in his arms and whisk him through and multiple people try to take the girl away but she won’t budge from him, a stubborn pout to her lips as her hands remained locked behind his neck. and he’s finally tossed into a throne room where a tall old man is sitting in agony and two young men pace in front of him, each at least a decade older than aladdin. “they’ve taken our sister!” one of the younger men hiss, “i don’t care about their power or their connections, they’ve taken esfir, and we must go get her!”

“uh,” he clears his throat, “hi?”

and all three men whirl on him and the old man stumble-runs to him. esfir finally lets go of aladdin to picked up and twirled around by her father. the two men are rahim and shapur and they look in wonder at this dirty boy of fifteen who’s returned the girl to them, and he speaks with an accent and clearly is not from here and they get the story from him - he’s traveled across the desert because those in his own country want him dead. “you know,” rahim says as the king clutches at esfir in desperate relief, “you could have held her for ransom. you almost died saving her, and we would have paid handsomely to have her returned safely.”

and aladdin gives him a flat disapproving look, appearing in this moment four times his age, and says “people are not objects or bargaining chips. especially not lost little girls.” and rahim and shapur share an impressed conspiring look and they each grab one of his arms and lead him away. “hey! what are you -”

“do be quiet little brother,” shapur says cheerfully, “we really have to get you out of your rags.”

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Helpful pickup lines from Hamilham

I’m a trust fund bAbY you can TRUSt m31!1!

Your perfume smells like your daDDY has money ;))

How bout when I get back we all strip down to our socks? (Read: CROCS)

If it takes (blank) in a (blank), then it would be worth meeting you (*ex; if it means being stuck in a elevator on a Monday afternoon it would have been worth meeting you)


That is unless you WAnnA Go NOW1!1!1! ;)) (double meaning)


Daddy’s Calling

*breaking into dance and song while coming back from France to America* ‘What I’d Miss?’

*Breaking into song and dance in England* I’ll kill everyone you love yo, so come sit on lap and buy my tea.


*while drunk* I think your pants look hot, oh and hey Laurens, (that’s not my na-) I like you a lot.

Could I buy you a drink (be sure not to tell them to shut up after this, they may run to the fun threesome across from you)

My Dearest, Angelica

*Rap fast in French*