king liger

One of the big villains for Vilaline Inc. where Iggy works. King Liger, who is Leonard Kingsley and thinks his villain name is hilarious. He’s a very clean cut, by the books sort of man during everyday work and tries a little too hard to be friendly and agreeable. It makes him come off as odd, but definitely wouldn’t make anyone suspect he would be the human form of the huge beastly villain.

This shot was a bit of a challenge between getting the right angle and holding the little LED flashlight while taking the picture to get the eye to light up. I’m really happy with the results and captured that “Lomo camera” look. Also King Ligers have this amazing royal flare to them and are one of my all time favorite zoids. This one is an OJR and I also have a Rebirth Century one that I’m slowly turning into a HMM from a HMM Command Wolf.


   King Liger,  Purchased from Ghostligers  Army and transferred from Suffolk in the U.k.The latest soldier to Join Vigs’ Zoid army is Given a formal greeting by The Brastle Tiger.

     It will be a culture change  for this  Royal member. He shall be offered unlimited cups of tea  so he feels  at home. And given a nice spot on the shelf next to a worthy companion with whom I am  yet to decide.


Rusty Cage

When the forest burns along the roads
Like God’s Eyes in my headlights
When the dogs are lookin’ for their bones
And it’s raining icepicks on your steel shore

I’m gonna break
I’m gonna break my
Gonna break my rusty cage and run.
-Rusty Cage by Johnny Cash (originally by Soundgarden)


Whew, all done!

I’ve said it before but it bears mentioning again:

Zoids+Johnny Cash = Awesome!

That is all.


Hail to the King Sketches

Some characters from Hail to the King.

Engel’s the main Character and he’s a laidback kind of guy with a lot of things on his mind. Beside him there at the top is his Zoid the King Liger Orion Special!

Then we have Ria and her Cannon Spider Rose. Both very awesome!

More sketches of Engel.

And finally Oswin Hase. Who is pretty much a resurrected character. I made him for a contest like two years ago or something and never got around to using him for anything. He pilots a Helcat and he pilots it so well he could beat a Blade Liger. He will be one of the antagonists in this little story ;)