king leir

Bladud’s Fall
9x12, pencil/digital

A mythic king from the twelfth century, fabled to be the father of King Leir (Lear) and the founder of the city of Bath. Geoffrey of Monmouth records him as a “…very ingenious Man, taught Necromancy in his Kingdom, … til he attempted to fly to the upper Region of the Air with Wings he had prepared, and fell down upon the Temple of Apollo in the city of Trinovantum (London), where he was dashed to pieces.”

Geoffrey seems to not know another tradition concerning Bladud, that he was a leper who was cured of his disease by the medicinal mud in the hot springs at Bath. A tale no curiouser than his magical flight, but it draws a neat line from the Greco-Romantic fable of another great artificer, Daedalus. It sounds as if the Roman spa of Bath was so astonishing, the British tradition accounted for it as the work of a wizard, much like Stonehenge. It is worth noting, as well, that the Old English poem The Ruin, thought to be about Bath, describes it as “enta geweorc” - “the work of giants.”

anonymous asked:

*curtsies* Greetings! We just finished King Lear in my Shakespearean drama class, and I noticed that a lot of people pronounced Regan's name like a certain former US president. How do you prefer to pronounce her name? Also, I have a group project where we are acting out scenes from KL in 45 minutes and I get to be Edgar, so pretending not to be crazy and a sword fight is in the mix. What is your opinion on Edgar? *curtsies away*

*Curtsies* Personally I’m inclined to think that pronouncing it Reegan is partly an affectation of the declamatory 1960s acting style (think old white British men rolling their rs). In the source material her name is sometimes spelled ‘Ragan’ so pronouncing it like aforementioned former president’s name might actually be more accurate. As to Edgar: When is he pretending not to be crazy? Usually for him it’s the other way around… As to my opinion of him, that’s a bit vague, but on the whole I think he’s good guy but he’s also extremely naive, probably a little spoiled, and he’s definitely internalized a lot of his dad’s misogyny, possibly without even realizing it.