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Jerry “The King” Lawler

In his 47 year professional wrestling career, Jerry “The King” Lawler has held 168 championships, including runs in CWA, NWA, PPW, AWA, SMW, USWA, MCW, and more. That being said, and despite the fact that he was an inductee in the 2007 Hall Of Fame class, in his 20 years with the WWE, he has never held a WWE (or WWF) championship of any kind.

So I see the anti-Roman trolls are here again

… hiding in the comments section of blog posts instead of reblogging like a person who’s adult enough to engage in real discourse.

But I’m glad the anti-Roman smarks and haters are trolling. I drink your tears and use your bigotry to keep me warm at night. Also, you’re each confirming my theory that you only have one endgame when it comes to Roman Reigns in the WWE: You’ll never be satisfied until Roman Reigns is fired from the company or squashed to the point where he is forever the brown lackey supporting every white wrestler’s title reign.

No matter how good he is. No matter how much merch he sells. No matter how many men, women and children love him, wear his T-shirts or brandish signs with his name on it, you will only be happy if Roman “knows his place” and stays in it.

Why else is there a smark troll running around commenting on Roman Empire posts claiming that Vince is trying to save Roman’s career? The career that’s held the World Championship Title 3 times, Tag Team Titles once, and now the US Championship. A career where he’s been requested on numerous podcasts, comic con panels, and photos with fans any time he’s traveling on the road. A career where he’s respected in the locker room and out. A career where he’s main evented multiple PPVs and always gets a reaction from the crowd.

Yep. Sounds like a solo career that has definitely gone over like a “lead balloon.”

You guys try so hard to assert your power, but continually fail to recognize that you have little over the millions of Reigns fans because we all know what fuels your desperate need to see Roman as a thug who backs up his white friends in the ring. (Here’s a hint: It ain’t your passion for wrestling.)

I used to think seeing Roman busted down to mid-card or low-card was enough for you smarks. But no. Like all bigots, you want to use your “power” to actually end livelihoods. You think it’s your right to demand that. How’s that for privilege?

You claim Vince doesn’t give you what you want. And yet …

1. Vince gave you a brand split.

2. Vince gave you a title around Sasha Banks’s waist, multiple times.

3. Vince made Kevin Owens the second Universal Champion after giving you a win by your fav Finn Balor.

4. Vince gave you a Women’s Championship instead a Diva’s Championship, and reworked the division so that the female wrestlers weren’t just treated like models, exotic dancers and valets.

5. Vince gave you Brock Lesnar in PPV after PPV winning left and right despite being grossly overrated, unable to tell a story in the ring, and shitastic on the mic.

6. Vince gave you Daniel Bryan as a World Champion, an Intercontinental Champion and now, a GM.

7. He gave you a World Champion in Dean Ambrose and pushed him into the spotlight to the point where he’s the go-to guy to main event Smackdown on an almost weekly basis.

8. He gave you Becky Lynch as a Women’s Champion.

9. He brought in Nia Jax in all her awesomeness.

10. He split up the Lucha Dragons and gave Kalisto a singles career.

11. He re-created a Cruiserweight Division to diversify the roster.

12. He invested in a Tag Team Division that’s leagues ahead of where it was a decade ago.

13. He gave you a longer Monday Night Raw, a live Smackdown and no Jerry the King Lawler on commentary.

These are all things you’ve clamored for in the last 5 years and yet, you still sit there and say “Vince doesn’t listen to us or give us what we want! ::kicks rocks::”

Does he give you everything? Hell no. Nor should he. You’re not children. You don’t get everything you want. But don’t you dare say he doesn’t listen to you or give you anything and that’s why you boo Roman.

You don’t boo Roman because he’s handpicked by Vince. You don’t boo Roman because he hasn’t earned it. At this point, he’s earned every title shot 10 times over. Why didn’t Roman put his US Title on the line at Roadblock? Because Kevin Owens wasn’t smart enough to demand it beforehand. Rollins demanded the US Title be put on the table when Cena challenged him for the World Championship Title. KO didn’t. That’s on him. Not on Roman. And the fact that KO didn’t demand it should have told you that Roman was going to lose (hint: sometimes there are clues if you pay attention).

But please, continue your trolling. Continue your facile excuses. Continue trying desperately to hide your bigotry in a weak attempt to fool everyone into believing your anti-Roman rhetoric has merit.

Go ahead. Roman’s fans will still be here. And so will he.

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Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler vs. Dusty Rhodes 
June 1st, 2002 - USA Championship Wrestling LegendsFest, Nashville, TN 


Dusty Rhodes vs. Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler (Special Referee: Mick Foley)
December 12th, 2003 - IWC A Call to Arms, War Memorial, Johnstown, PA 


     When 3-G wasn’t putting out tapes of public domain cartoons, it was releasing pre-WWF matches of World Wrestling Federation superstars. These tapes all seem to date from 1989. I remember buying the Andre, Hogan (pre-headband), and Savage (pre-glasses) tapes (black, not yellow) as a three-pack, from our local mall, in the early 1990’s (the peak of my family’s fascination with professional wrestling). I later got rid of the tapes, but wouldn’t mind seeing them again someday. for nostalgia’s sake. They were certainly entertaining enough for me at the time. (Pics from Ebay, Amazon, VHS Collector, and Retro Daze.)

Tazz Vs. Mr. Perfect
[March 25th, 2002]

Although this doesn’t seem like a match that could have actually taken place, here it is, photographic evidence and everything! In the late 1980s/early 1990s, Mr. Perfect was one of the top featured wrestlers in the WWF, a former Intercontinental Champion and prior to that, a former AWA World Heavyweight Champion. In the mid-to-late 1990s, Tazz was one of the top wrestlers in ECW, where he not only won every championship he could contend for, but actually had a title created for himself, the ECW FTW Heavyweight Championship. At the 2002 Royal Rumble, Mr. Perfect returned to the WWF, where he’d continue to wrestle for several months before being fired in May after the infamous “Plane Ride From Hell”, where he fought Brock Lesnar on an airplane returning from overseas as it was airborne. This match against Mr. Perfect was one of Tazz’s last matches before he’d retire in June due to a long-term neck injury.

Another interesting note: this is one of only two instances where a former AWA World Heavyweight Champion went toe-to-toe against a former ECW World Heavyweight Champion. The only other time that happened was when Tazz squared off against Jerry “The King” Lawler.


King Jerry Lawler’s Slamburgers

At the height of the King Of Memphis’ wrestling career, Jerry “The King” Lawler’s name was used as a business venture for a burger joint. Opening in the heart of downtown Memphis, King Jerry Lawler’s Slamburgers was a popular destination for show-goers and fans of the King. It was revealed years later that Lawler didn’t actually own the business, but rather sold his likeness in order to help both parties involved. Lawler received a portion of the profits, and promoted the business in exchange for his share. Despite Lawler’s popularity, the business venture didn’t last long, but this amazing menu was created with wrestling references galore!

Andy Kaufman: women’s wrestling champion of the world! I’m not sure if that is a title that I personally would be proud to hold, but that is why I am not Andy Kaufman! Jerry “The King” Lawler certainly taught the bizarre comedian a wrestling lesson or two that would never be forgotten!