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First, thank you @aeinmaterial for tagging me is this challenge. I do love to participate in the community! That said, this was hell to figure out…..

According to the instructions, I picked my Top 10 biases (I choose to do it kdrama based only) and randomly pitted 2 against each other.

Here are the results:

Ji sung vs Park Seo-joon: The Oppa Love Fight!
Why choose when these two love each other as much I love them? They even won Best Couple (that’s right) for their awesome and hilarious performances in Heal Me, Kill Me (MBC) back in 2015.

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Yoo Yeon Suk vs Seo In Guk: The Reply Showdown!

Fine, I will choose in this one… and I will have to go with Seo In guk. As much as I love Yoo Yeon-suk and his ever growing career, Seo In guk has a special place in my heart thanks to his boyish charm and killer three piece suit look.

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Jung Kyung ho vs Jung Il woo: The Heart Eye’s Dilemma!

GAH! As much I love Jung Il woo’s heart eyes when he’s on a romcom, I will choose Jung Kuyung ho. For starters, and from a career point of view, I like the choices Jung Kyung ho does much better than Il-woo’s, who I wish went for more diverse work in recent years.

That said, Jung Kyung ho also has an undeniable charm and amazing smile that will make the coldest heart melt. From mafia boss to single father and redeemed entertainer, he is a true chameleon!

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Choi Siwon vs Nam Joo hyuk: The Choco-abs Dynasty!

How can I forget Choi Siwon and his surprisingly growing career as an actor that has proven he is more than just a pretty face or choco abs. And I can talk about this all night long, Siwon did good work in his two last kdramas. 

So, I’m picking Siwon over Nam Joo-hyuk, only for the reason that the latter is still new to the scene. But I have great hopes for Nam Joo-hyuk after his work in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, which was one of the best dramas of 2016.

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Park Hyungsik vs Jo Jung suk: the Skilfull Oppa conundrum!

I have been following Jo Jung suk career and I always thought he was good, although it wasn’t until Jealousy Incarnate (2016) that he really won my heart. I also adore he loves working on musicals and jumps at any chance to dance.

But my hearts tells me is Park Hyungsik who I should be talking about because I love him. To pieces. AS AN ACTOR. Just to make things clear, I have never heard one song by ZE:A, but I have always been impressed by his acting skills even when he was relative new to the scene. I see a good future for him in Dramaland and I couldn’t be more excited about his first lead role in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon!

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I SURVIVED!!! And now I pass on the challenge to @lavenderbyun @leeskyung @joowons @dingax and @gimme-a-chocolate. Have fun!

Blunt Drama Recap 2014 (Part 4 of 4)

My Secret Hotel

I’m a hotel wedding planner who plans a wedding for my ex-husband second marriage. Due to some murder incidents, I must re-marry my ex-husband to save my hotel’s image. Things turn out okay in the end and we continue our marriage life happily. 

Liar Game

I’m a genius who’s joining this weird quiz where the MC happens to be a freak who turns out to be my long lost childhood friend. But I always have a way to win and that freaky bastard is going to hell.

High School King

I had to live two identities due to my brother’s accident. Actually I’m still a high schooler but I have to substitute for my brother in his new office as a manager. I lost my dream to become a professional hockey player but got a much much older co-worker lady as my wife instead.  

Let’s Eat

There’s a mysterious murder in my neighborhood, but who cares? Imma eat delicious food first. And the mysterious food blogger who I adore so much all these times is actually my neighbor and my soulmate. 

The Surplus Princess

I was a modern mermaid who temporarily became a human to chase after my favorite chef oppa. In order to permanently stay as a human, I need to meet my true love. I thought it was the chef oppa, but turns out it was the unemployed oppa who saw me naked for the first time. Long story short, we live happily ever after. 

Emergency Couple

Rushing a marriage when we’re young turns out ugly. After years of being divorced, we get to meet again at the same emergency unit as interns. Good ol’ memories keep flashing back and our dying love is revived again so we decided to get back together. 

Gap Dong

I witnessed a serial killer in action back then when I was a kid. I grew up and became a cop to catch that killer. I was confused with a serial killer copycat but in the end I succeed to catch the real killer. Turns out the killer is my co-worker who is also a cop. 

Marriage, Not Dating

My parents forced me to get married even though I didn’t want to. To make them stop I’ll introduce this not-my-type girlfriend by contract. Later, I fall for her for real and as our love also becomes real, we continue to get married. 

Plus Nine Boys

We are 3 lover brothers and an uncle with an age that has the unlucky number nine. But truthfully the thing that we are unlucky with is just love. We managed to go through all our love troubles and get our ladies. Maybe we will have to go through it again every 10 years. 


I was an ex chess player who starts becoming an intern in a trading company. This is my ordinary journey as an everyday office worker that will touch your heart. In the end, I met the right boss and life is getting better. 

The Three Musketeers

I am an ordinary man who becomes a warrior for the king after an accidental encounter with the crown prince and his secret night patrol team. Together we fight the bad guys in the government. My first love turned out to be the crown princess, but I’ve moved on.

Bad Guys

My daughter was murdered in a mysterious case, so I form a special team that consists of 4 convicts to solve the case. I’m highly suspicious with one psycho in my special team. He might be the one who killed my precious daughter. Apparently I was just mistaken, coz the real killer is just another psychopathic prosecutor dude. Sorry, psycho. My bad. 

Can We Love? 

We are three ladies in our late 30s struggling for career, family and love life. We managed to overcome everything in the end. Really. Our emotional breakdowns are totally unnecessary. 

Home (Dok2)

Anonymous asked: I’m the dok2 anon from last night! Here is the plot: it’s the first time you’re the one leaving him behind for a month because of work, he’s not used to it so it really hits him hard, so when you return he even goes to the airport, and you’re like babe did you miss me that much? And he’s like not that much, but the kids (his pets) really did, trying to play it cool but he can’t and he even seems about to cry. I love you so much! Sorry It’s so long, I’m such an excited nerd, but thank you so much

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    “Okay, don’t forget to eat enough, keep an eye out for creeps, and if you need anything, call me. Any time, day or night.”

    “Thank you, Joon-kyung,” you said sincerely, squeezing his hand. He leaned in to kiss you one last time, long and lovingly, his lips soft and gentle against yours. You were going to miss that… When he started to pull back you tightened your arms around him again, holding him in a long embrace. Just one month, you told yourself. One month.

    But that didn’t mean your heart didn’t hurt when you pulled back and said your final farewells, or that when you waved to him one last time from the far side of security you didn’t feel terribly sad.

    As you sat in your seat in the plane, waiting to go, your phone buzzed, and you smiled as you opened the text from Joon-kyung: safe travels, babe. see you soon.

    You quickly texted back: thank you! gotta put my phone in airplane mode now- i’ll let you know when i get there. love you, Joon.


    That night you spent some time roaming Tokyo; you ate at a tasty restaurant, but you never usually ate at restaurants without Joon-kyung, and it made you feel melancholy. Once you were in your hotel room, you called him, but his phone was off. You figured he must have been in the studio. Oh well…


    The month flew by, to your relief. You were in and out of meetings most days and you spent your free time exploring since you hadn’t been to Japan before. You and Joon-kyung were both busy, but you managed to talk on the phone every few days or so. He said he was doing well, being productive, and always that he missed you. He traveled frequently, but this was the first time you were leaving him, and you knew he was probably taking it harder than he admitted.

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Newsies 2016 Korean cast Press night
King of New York

Choi Su jin as Katherine
Kang Sung wook as Davey
Lee Tae kyung as Les

5 Things Only Block B Stans Understand

5 Things Only Block B Stans Understand

Calling all BBCs! In honor of Block B’s 6th anniversary, here are five things only Block B stans understand:

These two legendary videos:

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King of Extra: Park Kyung

All the Block B members are pretty extra, but Park Kyung is the most extra of the extras.


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Excellence in Acting Award (Mini Series) 

Actor: Seo In Guk  

Actress: Lee Sung Kyung 

Block B as foods
  • Zico: well seasoned pile of trash
  • Bbomb: gourmet meal left in the fridge for too long
  • Ukwon: relatively cheap delicious food u take ur gf to eat on ur anniversary
  • Jaehyo: an overpriced hot dog
  • Taeil: huge steak and a juicebox
  • Jihoon: the kids option at an expensive restaurant
  • Park Kyung: deepfried bacon filled donut with a thick caramel topping