king kroff


More Kroff, now named Hodd. Since his design is getting a reboot, I figured his name could stand to be changed too.

I’m used to my characters being more expressive (I mean, even Jim smiles sometimes), but Hodd is just kind of limp lipped. I guess that’s his thing.

Hodd spent a looot of time traveling by foot. He knew what it was like to try to get somewhere, it was hard. Even a big guy like him had a tough time hauling extra luggage. Creating better roads became part of his legacy. More on that later, for now, here’s some doodles of sad baboon lion.

I think I’ll just call him my sad baboob.

I’m not sure what I want out of Kroff. I think to truly impress the other Baudrons he needs to be of lower-end monolith proportions. That would make him enormous. If this is true then he would sleep a lot and exhibit very little reaction to pain.

To get to monolith proportions he’d need a lot of stars. As a rule Winks will step in and strip a cat when it accumulates too many. There are a couple reasons this hasn’t happened to Kroff(yet). If he’s a living legend stripping him of his stars as a ‘precaution’ would cause an uproar, and Kroff gives his excess starts away to whoever he decides is worthy.

Kroff has widespread loyalty, and even though he spends most of his time sleeping the laws he sets in motion are pretty well obeyed.

He doesn’t appear to have crossed the threshold into insanity that Monoliths are feared for, :I but I’m sure he has bad days.

I covered his back in grass because when he sleeps I want him to resemble a burial mound with spears staked into it. The laws he set in motion he set decades earlier and now he mostly spends his time being asleep or cranky.

The Cats Way has existed for thousands of years and like humans, the residents have created their own mythologies.

Earthquakes are not uncommon. Beel recounts a tale of a fearsome monolith that consumed all but one of the stars in the sky after the constellations fled. The glutton sleeps underground and threatens to obliterate everything. Sagitta (to be later renamed) is destined to challenge it, but the outcome is unknown.

The cats believe the earthquakes are caused by the monolith turning in its sleep.

Beel is a little bit of a mythology nerd and probably a huge King Kroff fan.

The mythology is a first draft. I’ll worry about making it a little more unique later.