king kris

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• Jin
spoonful of sugar | m - sugardaddy!au

sugar & spice | m - sugardaddy!au

• Suga

no need - sugardaddy!au

• J-Hope

hopeless - wolf!au

save me - mafia!au

• Rap Monster

• Jimin

dreams - wizard!au

• Taehyung

bad influence - badboy!au

• Jungkook

you and me - assassin!au

retrograde - fantasy!au 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

light in the dark - werewolfapocalypse!au





give it up - mafia!au


to choose your own destiny - soulmate!au


21 | m
it will rain - badboy!au + mma!au





king | m - vampire!au



ambrosial - vampire!au

little joy - vampire!au

monster - vampire!au

mellifluous - vampire!au

sir | m

birthday girl | m ft. Vernon

after - vampire!au

lose control - vampire!au


belonging - vampire!au


give you the world - vampire!au


my love - vampire!au

mean more to me - vampire!au

no doubt - vampire!au

take care

worth it

the season - wolf!au

bite me | m - vampire!au


family - vampire!au

the raid - vampire!au

safeguard - vampire!au


the mate bond - vampire!au



finally - soulmate!au

make it up to me






noona | m

hunger - vampire!au

don’t leave me - vampire!au + 1920s!au




colours - soulmate!au



christmas presents - wolf!au

Big Bang



pet names - sugardaddy!au




Block B








Monsta X



take a look in the mirror | m ft. The8

christmas pudding | m - college!au, poly!au ft. Vernon



pros and cons - gang!au













perfect life - gang!au

tamed - mafia!au









opal - vampire!au



prom? - highschool!au

in your arms - gang!au



bourbon boy - gang!au




moments | m - sugardaddy!au



fallen | m - fallenangel!au



monochrome rainbows - soulmate!au


say what you want ft. Wonwoo - poly!au + wolf!au

firsts ft. Wonwoo - poly!au + wolf!au

heat | m - wolf!au

if you can’t handle the heat… ft. Wonwoo | m - wolf!au


say what you want ft. Mingyu - poly!au + wolf!au

firsts ft. Mingyu - poly!au + wolf!au

if you can’t handle the heat… ft. Wonwoo | m - wolf!au


one night stand | m

birthday girl | m ft. Lay

christmas pudding | m - college!au, poly!au ft. Hoseok


music maker | m

the pianist | m


bet on it - boardingschool!au 1 | 2|m

take a look in the mirror | m ft. Wonho











anonymous asked:

Well HI! First of all thank you so much I discovered so many great fanfics because of you ! Do you know any King Jongin fics ? Royalty related fanfics ? Or one of them is a knight, something like that please ? Thank you ! ☺️

Hey! Thanks a lot! That is always nice to hear. Sooooo I did do King Jongin during the last round of requests you can check it out here. you can check out the other royalty lists here: 1 2 3 4 5 . This is what I know of that I haven’t recced before OR is knight related. Enjoy

Good Graces: Ongoing. Princes They both have sort of extra powers that separate them from normal people, and they go on a quest to save Jongin’s uncle

The Third Path: Complete 4 chapters. Jongin is the royalty who hires Kyungsoo to help him with his cousins dead body 

lend me your hand (and we’ll conquer them all) : One shot. Kyungsoo is a duke’s son (I think) who is about to be in an arranged marriage with someone he doesn’t know, and Jongin is a knight that comes and stays with them 

our dirty little secret: Jongin is a duke and Kyungsoo is a servant and yeah, they have a love hate relationship

Majesty: One shot both princes. Thanks  kim-kai-and-stuff for telling us about this one!!!

The Dancer: One shot (maybe) Jongin is the king and Kyungsoo comes to dance for him. There are a ton of warnings on this story but that stuff didn’t seem to happen but maybe will in the future? 

Remember me for Centuries: Complete 3 chapters. Kyungsoo is the king married to Kris who is a loser and then Jongin the gladiator comes along

Could You Steal My Heart  Complete 5 chapters based off of Aladdin. Prince Kyungsoo is disguised wandering the streets and meets Jongin

Feel my heart (feel me): one shot secret relationship, Prince Jongin is having a secret affair with his knight Kyungsoo

Orgel: Complete 2 chapters. Prince Jongin brings Kyungsoo home and tells him he is going to be his joker and wants him to go with him everywhere

Go Down Sunshine: One shot Kyungsoo is a prince and Jongin is his slave and everyone has the wrong idea about their relationship