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Thanks for 142+ Followers!

MOD: Hey everybody, I wanted to make sure that I got this posted, since I finished the third bust for this last night. To my complete surprise (and anxiety-inducing horror), over 142 people are now following me on this blog. I’m actually amazed, humbled, and extremely grateful for the faith you all have placed in me by following this little experiment. It means a lot to me that you all would be interested in following this comic, and I do truly appreciate it.

Now, I WAS planning on including some busts of some of my followers, as a sign of my appreciation, but my plan is to hold off on that until I can reach another follower milestone. The reason for this? I’ve only got six character busts done so far, and it doesn’t really seem fair to me to have only six out of over a 100+ potential characters of my followers to post. So I’ll be holding off on that until hopefully the next milestone, so that I can do a proper follower appreciation post.

As for the comic itself, I’m currently work-shopping the first “issue”, one that will help introduce the nation of Aldheim and Krampus to the audience. I’m also going to try and revamp the site to be more comic-friendly, possibly with little status bars showing the progress I’m making with the script, drafts, and ink & paints of the comic pages. In the meantime though, I’ll start posting more sketches and character designs, which I hope will help flesh out the planning of Aldheim and its characters for you all.

Again, thank you all so much for following me. It really means a lot to me that you all would be interested in these characters and world, and I can’t wait to share them with you all.


Hey everybody, before I post the Follower Appreciation Update, I wanted to ask you all for some help: For some time now, I’ve been wanting to change Krampus’s color scheme a bit. The reason for this is, whenever I would commission pictures of him, the artist would always give him a color of dark brown different from the original concept sketch. I later learned that this was because the original didn’t “read” so well. The original colors for Krampus’s fur were so dark that it made it difficult to read any expression on his face.

Because of that, I wanted to ask you all which version of Krampus you think works best. Personally, I’m rather partial to the BorisGrim colors, though I’m undecided as to whether to go with the version that has a separate color for the horns or the version that shares the same color between the horns and fur. I’d have asked you all sooner, but my computer dying on me last month or so put the kibosh on that until I could get everything set back up again.

For fun, I also included three alt colors, two based on the Pokemon Darkrai and another based on Merriweather. I’ll try to get the actual update up this weekend, and from there on out, work on providing a more steady stream of content for you all.


I wanted to share with you all something that’s been eating away at my personal time, or at least what’s been occupying a lot of my attention for some time now.

This is basically my attempt at a customized King Krampus toy, using a talking Pink Celestia as the base. It’s a project I started almost two years ago, almost right before I started this blog in fact.

It’s been an on-again, off-again project, thanks to either schoolwork, job or, to be quite frank, anxiety and depression either occupying my attention or sapping my will to work on it. As you can see from the first two pictures, I originally started out air-dry modeling clay over the original toy. I got rather far with it, but every time I would pause for an extended period and then come back to it, it always looked wrong somehow, so I would scrap carve away at it until all of the clay was off. (Since it was air-dry clay, I put the shavings in water to reuse the clay again. Protip? NOT a good idea, as it can EASILY lead to mold growing in the clay if left unattended for too long. I’m honestly surprised that I didn’t get sick from it.)

Eventually, I switched over to Apoxy Sculpt clay, because it was better than air-dry clay, you can sculpt it and carve it better, and it doesn’t take up as much space as air-dry clay does. This means that you can get a considerably better true-to-the-show look to the toy. That and, again to be frank, it’s considerably more expensive than air-dry clay, so more care is taken in how you apply it and where. (It also doesn’t “melt” if exposed to water for any extended period after melting. And considering that after two years of piling clay on it and then carving it off again, the original toy is only being held together BY the Apoxy Sculpt clay, that makes it the better choice in my book.)

Now then, since these photos were taken, I’ve added a considerable bit to the back legs to account for the “dip” that equine legs have (I can’t remember the name of it right now). I’ve also taken off the ears (because they were mismatched and not in a good position) and I’m currently subtracting from the head a bit before adding more to it to get it closer to the actual design I have for Krampus. I’m going to be adding more gray Apoxy Sculpt clay to the front legs a bit, before then finally using white Apoxy Sculpt clay for the unshorn fetlocks.

THEN, once the head’s shape has been done right, will come the addition of the ears and the three horns. I’m planning on using metal wire as the base for the horns, with maybe some tin foil to thicken the wire before adding the clay. Then I’ll permanently attach the head to the neck, and add the mane using the white Apoxy Sculpt clay. The tail will also be a wire base, possibly connected to the legs like the Blind Bag Toys for balance issues.

All this of course is going to take me a while, considering that I have to wait at least a day between each session to allow the clay to cure. But hopefully, I will be finally finished with this thing in just another month or so.

But yeah, that’s why I’ve been kind of slow on updates lately. I WILL work on that though; I just need to plan out a milestone I recently hit and then draw it all out.

If you have any questions by the way, please direct them to my Mod Blog, as that’s the best way to contact me about stuff that isn’t STRICTLY about Aldheim.