king jack frost


This is what happens when you find Pitch on day four at Anime Expo… No one understands what’s going on anymore lol. But hey, check it out- first GIF with me in my King Frost wedding attire! Remember when I was upset during WonderCon because my Elsa couldn’t come? Well, she was going to go as wedding Elsa, so together we would be wedding Jelsa. Sadly it didn’t work out and she ended up moving to Florida…which sucks TT^TT but, she’s Frostplay’s Elsa so you’ll still see her, just not me with her.
Anywho, this is who I end up with in my suit 0.0 …dat’s weird…I DON’T SHIP IT! ^^“ 


“Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children”
Anime - Episode 15 - フロストエース!憧れのヒーローだホー!?
Original air date: 2001-01-13

So many Frosts in this episode! :D

Queen Frost is a Frost exclusive to the Devil Children anime.

Sooo I have been working on this for a week. It didn’t take me a whole week..I just didn’t crunch it out in a day or two. I am 50/50 on this. I’m very happy with the result, I just see some minor mistakes that I could care very little about.

After I had finished this I got the scare of a lifetime. Photoshop would not save this image. My computer kept having a issue reading my external drive. Windows then crashed and rebooted and I still couldn’t get PS to save. I did manage to save after 5 minutes of sheer horror and panic. THANK YOU PITCH, I SEE YOU APPROVE THE IMAGE, THANKS YOU ASSHOLE.


while on his travels, the-king-frost stumbled upon a lost little girl glimmering like a shadow caught in between two lanterns, crying, begging for her daddy to come home. King, feeling the girl was some betwixt creature caught in reality and a memory, he took her into his arms, covered her cold and naked body with his coat and gently shushed her, promising that together they would find her father. but just as soon as her tears melted and re-froze in his sweater, the girl dispersed like smoke and in the distance stood a taller woman. her hair was wild and as black as the Nightmare King’s. King held the empty coat. Confused, he looked up to the taller woman. their eyes met briefly–then, she was gone like wind itself had taken her.