king in the pool


“Radiohead have become one of those few bands who make you feel privileged to know and love them. They are not a band you can either take or leave. This is music which forces the listener to commit him or herself totally and forever. The reward for such devotion is that you will be taken away into another world.”


Ryan Haywood and Gavin Free, “Team Love and Stuff”

The unlikely duo, chaotic vagabonds who follow rules fit only for the insane. Destruction is a given, police never get a wink of sleep with these two around.  

Season 5 Wishlist

I want to see…

  • Sigurd recovering (Yes, I have seen the trailer, please let denial last just a little longer)
  • Björn stopping to always be in such a bad mood for no reason
  • All the Ragnarsons jumping into King Ecbert’s pool
  • Harald and Halfdan sticking together (Can’t believe these two are also going seperate ways)
  • Lagertha being as likeable as she used to be
  • More character development for Hvitserk (I mean it’s been ten episodes and we still know nothing)
  • Ivar kicking a lot of ass

I think that’s about it. Thank you.


Anonymous asked: Which charcters from ASOIAF do you wish were in the show?

From left to right: Jeyne Poole, Satin Flowers, Tysha, Mya Stone, Arianne Martell, Victarion Greyjoy, Val, Harry the Heir, Edric Storm