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day 17 ~ au ~ a knight in shining armor

In which Marinette is a lifeguard and Adrien is an Asshole

I’m a lifeguard so I always have to deal with assholes. The adults that try to bend the rules by reasoning and the kids that repeatedly do the things you tell them not to do. 

There is this one guy though and every time I’m guarding at one of the stand at the Lazy River he goes there and jumps in.

I’m so pissed.

The first time it happened I didn’t think much of it.

A teenage boy (He looked like he was the same age as me) jumped over the picket fence, turned around to stick up his middle finger at people behind me, and then proceeded to jump onto an empty tube. I really didn’t think much of it at the time. I’ve had more annoying patrons come to this water park.

“Sorry sir but please use the actual entrance next time,” I said. It was late into the day so the pools were getting kind of empty. I didn’t care enough to send him back out. The boy smiled at me while adjusting himself onto the tube.

“Oh yeah, of course”

I nodded and then continued to scan the water.

That was it.

Or at least I thought that would be it.

The second time it happened was different and caught me off guard.

I was at a different part of the river this time. My back was turned away from the slide pool and it didn’t have a fence. People usually tried to enter this way but they were always hesitant so I’d have time to tell them off. Not this time though. I did a bottom scan, unbeknownst on what was going to occur. Suddenly, the same guy (YES THE SAME GUY) jumped past me and dove into the water. You’re not allowed to jump or dive into the water and now I was soaking wet and pissed.

I know I shouldn’t be pissed off for getting wet (considering that I was a lifeguard) but I’ve only gone through one day when I actually needed to save someone. There had been major emergencies but it usually wasn’t in my rotation. I was out of the water unless we had an in-service training or vat drops. Now my wet attire is going to ruin my leather car seat. I should’ve just rode my bike…

I turned to see who I was going to curse out when my shift was over and I see the blond guy. Again. This time I noticed he had green eyes. The most savage of eye colors (no offence). He gave me a cheeky smile and waved and I said, “Sir, you have to use the entrance, it’s across the splash pad”.

He saluted to me before going under a tube.

I wasn’t a very social person during break but hearing people complain about this little boy that was throwing rocks in the water just made me want to complain too.

“You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve come to hate teenagers,” I said indignantly “maybe even more than children”. Alya laughed before stuffing a fry in her mouth.

“I know right, they try to reason and even when you say no they still do it!”, her voice was a little muffled from all the food she was stuffing in her mouth. Our breaks seriously need to be longer.

I grinned at her while taking a bite from her hamburger. It’s so great to have someone to complain too. “Has a blond guy with green eyes bothering you?” I inquired, directed to the five people sitting with us. I looked around and they all gave the same confused expression.

Kim looked over at me and laughed, “I don’t think so Mari, cute boys are always trying to flirt with you though”. Alya nodded in agreement.

“He’s not flirting with me though. If he was then I would’ve told the supervisors. Also, none of them are cute any- Chloe, you have some sunscreen on your cheeks”. Kim turned to Chloe and let out a chuckle while Alya lent Chloe her sunglasses.

Reflective sunglasses were really in style lately.

“Oh, it’s time to get back to our stands”


Cue Alya trying to put a whole hamburger in her mouth and Kim trying not to snort out sprite.


In the same day! You’ve gotta be kidding me!

I don’t even know how he got there.

This time my stand was facing the other side of the park. The river went around most of the pools. I was yelling at this kid to stop throwing tubes at his friends, “Buddy, keep the tube down!”. Finally, I gave up and looked forward and right there was the boy sitting at the side of the pool. Blond haired, green eyes and soaking wet.

“Sir, you cannot enter in this way. I don’t even know how you got over there” I said. I didn’t look him in the eyes because I had to continue my scanning. I looked back up. He was standing in the water with the cheekiest smile I’ve ever seen.

“I like your sunglasses”

Don’t be rude to the patron, don’t be rude to the patron, don’t be-


He furrowed his eyebrows at me, shrugged, and then went into a tube.

I hope I never see him again.

I saw him again.

I was talking to Kim, about to leave the park. It was a very argumentative conversation about what character is best to be in a stereotypical fairy tale.

“Kings have the most power”

“But Kings always get killed by the Queen because she’s corrupted by power”

“Okay then what about a prince”

“Princes are the best because they’re kind hearted, innocent and beautiful”

Kim rolled his eyes and put his arm around me, “They why don’t you be the princess?”

I laughed and elbowed him lightly, “Princesses are always the damsel in distress and for some reason can understand animals. They make no sense”. He nodded in agreement, “Also, not in a million years would I be your sister”.

That’s when it happened. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see the green-eyed devil. “Can I talk to the princess for a second?” he asked while bowing. I gave Kim pleading eyes but he dismissed them.

“Later Mari”

“Fuck you!”

Then it was just him and I.

“I’m not a princess”

“And I am not a prince but apparently that’s your type”

I smirked and turned back to the parking lot, “Well then I guess this discussion is over-”


I didn’t move.

Neither did he.

I’m going to get assaulted and I’m going to die and my last words are going to be so lame oh my god oh my god now I’ve got if I die young stuck in my head this is not how I wanted it to end-

“Was that your boyfriend?”


I turned back around and blondie boy was avoiding my eye contact and blushing furiously. What was happening?

“Uhhhh…no?” I responded hesitantly. He looked up back at me and smiled. It was a genuine smile. Not a I’m going to piss you off right now smile.

He moved closer to me, not enough to feel his breath on my skin but enough to see how green his eyes really were. I think I like green eyes now. “Princes always turn into Kings eventually but, I’ll be your knight and shining armor” he whispered. His voice was confident and quiet but his blush didn’t leave  his face. In fact, it reached to his ears. “They’re always loyal, protective and drop dead gorgeous”.

I took my time in pushing him away by a finger to the nose, “I don’t need a knight to save me but thanks”.

He backed away, looking slightly disappointed. The once devilish smile turned into a sad puppy pout. “I’m sorry if I’ve been bothering you…they were just dares”.

“Every time?”


I sighed and tilted him head, “what will it take for you to let me go home, I’m really hungry”.

“I’ll-I’ll take you out-”


He pouted again, losing the second of excitement in his eyes. A smile escaped my lips. He was kind of cute. Only a little. I pulled out a sharpie and took his arm, “here’s my number, call me if you want or something”.

His face lit up. He’s definitely not a devil. Still an asshole though. Just before I was about to leave he shouted, “I’m Adrien!”

Without turning around I responded, “yeah yeah, just use the entrances next time sir”

i was the most excited for this one because i love AUs

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Diff anon here. I'm Native American and honestly, her skin tone matches mine. I kinda love the first game because she looks like me. And wish they'd kept her skin darker in the second. Considering they're based off of natives, Romani, and other marginalized people, I'd always thought the dalish were poc. But that's just me. Some people like Merrill and the other Dalish light skinned though. ._.

Yeah, Elves are based off of Jews, too, just feel that’s important to add. And yes, I agree that they are coded non-white. A lot of white people just want non-white characters to not exist. Or to only exist as stereotypes.

And I think that’s why they fight so hard against Merrill, or Alistair, or other characters being non-white.

Merrill is an academic. She’s brilliant. But she’s also rebellious. And kind. All of these things aren’t really things we get to be.

Alistair is the textbook Prince. White knight in shining armor. He’s got so many parallels with King Arthur, so of course people don’t want him to be brown. 

It feels like unless a character is evil, or fits a specific stereotype against non-white people, people won’t let them be non-white.

16. “I hate thunderstorms.” With Trent Seven

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A crack of thunder scared you, waking you up. You groaned as it was two in the morning. You turned in bed and sighed, seeing Trent wasn’t in bed next to you. Trent knows you have an absolute fear of thunderstorms. You sat up in bed and pulled the covers closer as the lighting lit up the room. You got up from the bed before going downstairs into the kitchen. 
As you were getting water, you heard the front door being unlocked. You made sure you had something just in case it was someone breaking in. 
Just as you were about to swing at the figure, they turned on the lights, revealing Trent. 
Trent laughed as he saw you standing there with a cooking pan. “I’m so glad you are home!” You put the pan down before jumping in Trent’s arms. He wrapped his arms around your waist, kissing your forehead. “As I was on my way home, it started getting bad and all I could think of was you since you hate thunderstorms.” Trent told you.
A smile formed on your face. A clap of thunder then broke the silence, making you jump a mile high. Trent shook his head before picking you up bridal style. “Let’s get to bed. It’s two in the morning and since I am here, you probably can sleep now.” He said.
You smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck as he carried you upstairs. 
I hate thunderstorms so much,” You said as the two of you got in bed. Trent pulled you close as you rested your head against his chest.
“Well don’t worry, sweetheart. Your king in shining armor is here to save the day.” He said. You smiled before playing with his mustache. 
You loved when he did it on his way to the ring. 
“Your beard is so fluffy.” You said. Trent laughed. 
“You are adorable.” He yawned. 
“You must have had a long night. Sorry for keeping you up.” You apologized. 
“It’s okay, baby. Whatever makes you happy.” 

Narnia Sortings
  • Peter: Gryffindor/Wampus. He is the classic knight in shining armor, the noble king and chivalrous hero. Peter is a bold, inspiring leader and all-round archetypal Arthurian king. While his personal values might be closer to Hufflepuff fairness and care for others, tradition and his own self perception demand placing him in Gryffindor.
  • Susan: Slytherin/Pukwudgie. Susan is an expert at protecting herself and the people she loves, whether from unknown situations or public ridicule. She nurtures and is very compassionate - hence her title, Susan the Gentle - but in the end, her desire to be seen in the most favorable way leads her away from Narnia. This is an extension of the "perfect big sister" role she plays for adults and her peers, and shows quite a bit of ambition and calculation. In fact, I think she would ask the sorting hat to place her in Ravenclaw, because of the respect that house commands, especially in the face of stereotypes.
  • Edmund: Hufflepuff/Horned Serpent. After his betrayal in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Edmund commits to upholding and balancing justice and mercy, a very Hufflepuff concern. This is a house he would have chosen himself, but the sorting hat confirms his choice. He isn't ambitious and he always retains a sense of personal responsibility for his actions, moreso than his siblings. Edmund remains quiet and very invested in his mind, which may be why he is often typedas a Slytherin.
  • Lucy: Gryffindor/Thunderbird. She is deeply connected to her soul and instinctive, the first to see deeper spiritual truths and to trust Aslan; she provides moral leadership to the group. Her Gryffindor courage shows itself in the many times she stands up to her siblings for her beliefs.

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Sansberry, do you think this means that everyone is gonna come out with us for Halloween? Because then we should tell them about our plan so they can have matching costumes, too!