king in every corner

Jesus did not send his students out to start governments or even churches as we know them today…[but] to establish beachheads of his person, word, and power in the midst of a failing and futile humanity. They were to bring the presence of the kingdom and its King into every corner of human life simply by fully living in the kingdom with him.
—  Dallas Willard, “Renovation of The Heart”, 15

History of Narnia: The Seafaring Age

After Prince Caspian took the Narnian throne, a new age was ushered in, one that brought together Telmarine and Narnian customs. While dress, speech, and art mimicked that of Telmar, now King Caspian began expeditions to every corner of the world on his ship, the Dawn Treader. His descendants would continue his seafaring legacy, building stronger and faster boats and spreading Narnia’s influence to far off islands. This is ultimately what distinguished the Caspian reign from the Telmarine or ancient Narnian; all of Caspian’s descendants found their callings (and loves) on island nations. Furthermore, where ancestors had failed, Caspian managed to secure peace with Calormen and Telmar. While it was certainly not a peaceful age, it was most certainly successful and reflected a changing world. Some notable events of this era were: the voyage to the end of the world and the kidnapping and saving of Prince Rilian. 

Shit man when zayn’s single drops, when the ALBUM drops catch me in these streets postin up flyers and handing out free I LOVE ZAYN tees on every corner. KING MALIK bumper stickers for EVERY car. You need pins for your backpack? I got you. Zayn Travel mug for all your liquid beverages? I got you. Hell I’ll even knit you a sweater with his face on it. I swear on all that is holy above I’m gonna hype this boy up so much because he is all that is good and light in this world and he deserves nothing but the best. He deserves all of the love that the world can give. He may feel like he didn’t ever belong in one direction, but he belongs in my heart and your heart and the hearts of the MILLIONS that still love and support him and I'mma make damn sure that he knows this.

Surprises Around Every Corner || Closed RP


“Go after the King’s Amulet they say, it’ll be fun they say” Jamie spoke in annoyance as she was making her way through a deserted town. The Heylin Princess noticed a rather eerie building and let out a sigh. 

“First that haunted mansion now this” she stated before making her way to the building, thankfully being able to find the wu with relative ease. She held it in her hands, looking at it, it looked like it’s sister wu, but instead had some form of a crest on it.

“Well I guess this is it…King’s Amulet?”