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HEY!!! I love your blog!! Anyway, could you do a fluffy Peter Parker x Reader soulmate au? I really love the ones where their first words are somewhere on your skin. Also: maybe reader had bad experiences with relationships in the past (parents fighting through childhood or something) so she hides her words and kinda ducks out of the situation when she realizes. I just. Really love fluff and Peter Parker is. My favorite.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: bad childhood memories (divorce of parents) ; language

A/N: oh boy, I feel like this is more angst than fluff, lol. I tried to make it fluffy towards the end, but idk if I succeeded. hope you like it, darling <3


Soulmate marks have been around for eons.

The first words your soulmate would say to you, would appear somewhere on your skin, pretty much right after birth.

Some people never had any words on their skin, meaning they didn’t have a soulmate. Other people might have the words of their soulmate on their skin, but their soulmate didn’t have their first words on theirs. It was a tricky thing, that often led to disappointment and heartbreak.

But even if two people were soulmates, it didn’t necessarily mean that their soulmate was the right person for them.

Your parents, were the best example for that.

They had been supposed to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives. Because that’s what soulmates did, right? But the memories of your childhood were overshadowed by arguments and fights. You doubted, that they ever really loved each other and then, about one year ago, they couldn’t take it anymore and got divorced.

You wanted to say, that all of these memories didn’t scar you, but they did. You didn’t believe in soulmates anymore, because if this is how soulmates were acting around each other, they were not destined to be with each other, you were sure of it.

So you’ve been covering up the words that marked your forearm, trying to convince people that you didn’t have a soulmate, just because you didn’t want to end up like your parents. You’d rather be on your own for the rest of your life, than be trapped in a loveless relationship, that you felt like you had to be in, because, after all, the other person was your soulmate.

After the divorce, you had decided to stay with your mother, who had gotten a better job in another state, which meant moving. And moving, meant going to a new school.

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CSBB: I Thee Wed (6/16)

Once upon a time, Princess Emma and Lieutenant Killian Jones stole away into the dark of the night to elope. In the morning light, however, they must face the repercussions of their actions before they can live their “happily ever after.” This is where their story begins…

Rating: M (Mild smut)

Content Warning: Eventual Mild Smut

Other Pairings: Snowing

Author’s Note: Thank you to all who have read my contribution to the @captainswanbigbang This story wouldn’t be half as readable without the lovely beta work of @wexyuk. Special shoutout to my artists who also served as secondary readers, @piratesrumforswan , and @just-be-magnificent

![Ch. 1][Ch. 2][Ch. 3][Ch. 4][Ch. 5]

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Chapter 6

Years ago, as their mother lay on her deathbed, Liam Jones promised her that he would take care of Killian. He had been ten then, Killian barely two years of age. As such, being the child that he was, Liam had no clue or context as to what it meant to protect his brother. At that age, he was still in need of protecting himself. But Mother had died of sickness, and Father was in and out of the picture – a scoundrel and layabout if there ever was one – forcing Liam to learn what it truly meant to protect one’s brother. Of course, once Father sold them both into slavery – such children they had been – the weight had completely fallen onto Liam’s shoulders.

At that point, they were all each other had left in the world. Certainly Captain Silver didn’t care about them, or at the very least, he didn’t care for them as boys. As property, sure, but he and the rest of the free crew treated Liam and Killian as nothing more than cattle. It was that treatment that inspired Liam to push harder to free him and Killian, especially once he realized Killian had turned to darker vices – gambling and alcohol – to soothe the pain. Often, Liam wondered if he had failed Killian and broken his promise to their mother by allowing his younger brother to find himself in such a state. He soothed himself by believing it would all be worth it if he could free both himself and Killian from the chains that bound them. Only then could he ensure that Killian would be on the straight and narrow.

And free themselves he did!

Liam might have used questionable methods, but he kept his promise to Mother. He did everything within his power to protect Killian, and it paid off. They joined the Royal Navy of Misthaven. Both he and Killian received proper educations. They learned languages! They sailed to different realms together on the flagship vessel of Misthaven, The Jewel of the Realm. Most important, they were both safe and secure, or rather, as safe and secure as Navy men could be. Everything was perfect.

Or so he thought.

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Broken Crown

When her mother’s sins are revealed, Kenna Baratheon is thrust into a world of treachery and deceit. Her uncles call themselves kings while her vile half-brother sits upon her throne, and Kenna learns quickly that nobody is going to hand her a crown. With a king rising in every corner, who would fight for a queen? Robb/OC

But to all his detractors he had one crushing answer: The English king had justified his every expectation.  Henry VII had ridden out of the stormy opening of his reign and was now obeyed in every corner of his kingdom as no King of England had ever been before.  Since the execution of the Earl of Warwick, his reign was undisputed; there was “no drop of English royal blood” in living veins except what flowed in Henry and his children.  The King of England was acknowledged a Solomon for wisdom and for riches; alliance with him would be as honorable and profitable as with any king in Christendom… For Henry, the Spanish marriage seemed the seal of public recognition set on his dynasty, the formal admission that he, too, was a member of that little circle of royalty which was beginning to dominate Europe, the guarantee of support from the class into which he had intruded… the Tudors sprang from bastard stock; and Henry VII knew that, though he had married the daughter of Edward IV to help set things right for his children, his own best claim to the throne was that he had won it by the sword and held it against all comers.  The blood of the Spanish princess would strengthen his grandchildren’s place among recognized royalty.
—  Catherine of Aragon by Garret Mattingly

The King Goes Mad, What Does the Queen Do?

And so the king

goes wild

and around every

corner of the castle

he ran and ran and ran.

Feeling chained,

the king removes

one by one his clothes

and throw them in candles

to catch fire…

He ran and ran

and sang, and cursed

in syllables, in rhymes

and cried

“I am not mad!”

The queen

watched intently

with tears in her

eyes, she loved him

still no less.

She grew naked

thrown her majestic

clothes on the floor,

ran after her king

and together in lunacy

they danced and sang.

The council

shocked, fell on their

knees and prayed

“My queen have you gone

mad as well?”

No my dear!

The queen exclaimed.

“I am a queen,

like this castle, this

lovely king is

nothing without

his queen.

Our king is my

shadow, he is your shadow,

he may be dark

but he will always be,

even in our solidarity,

a part of our entity.”

And so

dancing, they all


alistair&queen cousland - wedding.
  • Leliana will make the Queen’s wedding hairstyle, choosing the Andraste’s Grace as the main accessory.
  • Wynne and Zevran will try to make Alistair less nervous.
  • Zevran will tease Alistair before the wedding saying that the “Warden is stunning”, knowing that Alistair will only have the chance to see her in the altar.
  • While looking at her image on the giant golden mirror, and with her eyes watering, the Queen will talk about how she misses Morrigan.
  • The Queen won’t hold a traditional bouquet, only Alistair’s Rose, the first rose he gave to her, that revived with the help of the mages from The Circle.
  • Fergus will accompany the Queen to the altar, in the place of Bryce Cousland, and will cry while doing it.
  • Lady Isolde will take care of the decoration of the palace, and with her orlesian taste, make sure that it has flowers at every corner.
  • The King and the Queen will make sure that Elves, dalish or not, make themselves comfortable in the city/palace, even with major disapproval of such actions.
  • After they make their vows, Alistair will put his hands on her cheeks and whisper “Maker’s breath, you’re beautiful”, kissing the Queen before any answer.
  • Leliana will sing for the couple.
  • Oghren won’t drink like a crazy, neither talk about how Alistair is making a possible mistake. Actually, he’ll be really happy for the couple.
  • A giant banquet for the whole city will be made. 
  • Sten will be impressed with all the cookies and cakes.
  • The couple won’t dance in front of everyone, but alone, at the balcony of their - now shared - room, after the end of the party, when everyone is sleeping.
  • The Queen will cry, remembering how Eleanor Cousland, her mother, would be happy to see that moment.
  • Zevran will make a huge success with the noble ladies.


looking for a guide: how to say that everyone is crying without being too repetitive

Royalty Part One

Summary: Three Princes fight for the throne, the ruler of all things Royalty. You are just caught in the middle of it.


Author’s note: lols. I just realized I can’t call em Princes. WHEEE KINGS. I wasn’t even supposed to write this yet. BUT I DO WHAT I WANT.

Parts: Prologue

“Sir, should I cancel your appointment at two?” Seokjin’s assistant, the kind lady that she was, watched him hurry around his office in his search for his keys, ID card and wallet like he’d just taken up a new job as a part time tornado. To be honest, he’d completely forgotten about the damn meeting and the reminder couldn’t make him care about it more. He couldn’t even give a damn about the fucked up buttons he’d clasped one off on his jacket or the state of his hair that had become tousled after a stressful day of pulling at his roots. His mind was in a thousand places and none of them were in the spacious presidential office at P.S. Industries; hell, he didn’t even want to be on the upper floors of the building.

All of the important stuff happened in the basement anyhow.

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House Call (Follow-up of The Perfect Diagnosis)

This was the third time I’ve tossed and turned, sweat glazing my forehead. I clenched the sheets to fight my urge to pick up that phone… But she’s taunting me. I just know it. Laying there naked, sandwiched between cotton sheets that are consoling her curves. Damn those sheets to hell! They can’t do a better job than me! Their fine fibers can’t roam all over her body to ease her when she gets tense in her sleep; not like I can. Her pillow isn’t my chest, damn it to hell as well! Her head is resting on it now, softly inhaling and exhaling its scent to accompany her throughout her dreams. For two weeks now, this has been reoccurring every single night. I can’t bare this any longer!

I roughly reach for my phone, pressing her name. “Please pick up”, I say to myself.

“Hello”, that seductive, sleepy voice answers on the third ring.

“Now.” I answer on a roar.

She answers on a low breath, “Okay.”

After our call disconnected, I pressed another name waiting for an answer.

“Mr. Anoa'i”, he answered on the second ring.

“Miss Frank within the next fifteen minutes.”

“Yes sir, on my way.” A car engine immediately sounded.

“Thank you, Benson.”

I hang up with my personal driver, tossing my phone back into the night stand. Needing to wash away the sweat from another mini nightmare of jealousy, I marched into the bathroom. I stepped into the shower, instantly grabbing for the water faucets, adjusting to a warm spray. I look down the drain as the liquid swirls into the holes. My body was still, but my heart was racing, skin prickling. An image of her lying across her desk while I was spanking her, caused my dick to twitch in remembrance. I growled at the memory of her calling my name into orgasm. Her serum smeared all over my pelvis.. I toss my head back, biting my bottom lip. Fuck, she felt so good around me! I glide my right hand over my pelvis, ending the trail at the head of the Legend. He remembers too, his beady droplets flow down the drain as well. I exhale, trying to focus on grabbing my shower gel and wash cloth. She’ll be here any minute now.

I walked into my bedroom, catching the eye of my black and silver decorated California King. Automatically, I envisioned us planting ourselves on every corner, rolling into new positions. I’ve spent many nights in this bed alone after leaving a hotel suite, where I’ve had an “adventure” with some random woman. But never have I brought any one of them here. They don’t know if I’m staying in my condo in Manhattan, my apartment in Houston, my mansion in Pensacola, my villa in Spain; they’re clueless. But her… She’s different. She doesn’t deserve that hotel suite treatment, where I fuck and leave her to stay the rest of the night while I come home. No, she needs to be here with me, waking up with me still inside of her. I clench the Legend, I’m torturing him too. Hard as a brick wall, I console him while walking to my side of the bed. Sitting down, I’m coaching myself to stop replaying the images of us in her office. Her desk held her body in position for me to drill her like I’ve always wanted to since my first appointment. Making myself an even bigger asshole towards her was something I had to do. She was too damn beautiful, quietly intimidating …. jus pure sex sitting across from me wearing pink glasses. That’s when she was finally kicking me out, I had to act quickly. I knew I had already blown my chance with asking her out, but I couldn’t stop seeing her.

There’s a soft knock on the door before it pries open from the other side. The way my hairs start to stand, I know it’s her. Only she can summon my body to come alive like this. In a few steps, I see her out the corner of my left eye walking with such sultry towards me. I peak up at her black trench coat covered frame, feeling a small pang of jealousy. I went it off of her NOW! She peers down at me with a ghostly grin, standing perfectly still.

“Mr. Anoa'i”, she comes to life.

“Miss Frank”, I slightly grin immediately reaching for the belt of her coat. “I couldn’t do it, I’m so sorry.”

She watches me yank the coat open, “It’s ok”, she shrugs out of it as it hits the floor.

I sit back, admiring the bare, flawless skin before me. “I shouldn’t have called so late.” My hands grab her ass pulling her into me, running my nose across her belly. “But I couldn’t take it anymore.”

Her hands dove into my damp, black hair massaging my scalp. “I told you to call me, no matter what time it was.”

I grab her right wrist, kissing it in appreciation, and leaning into her touch. “Every woman I’ve turned down in the last two weeks, has added to my craving for you.” I pick her up, placing her on my lap, wrapping her thick legs around me. “You’ve spoiled me since our last session, Miss Frank.” Her hair drapes my hands as they hold her lower back. “Whether you believe me or not, it’s only you I can’t get enough of.”

“You’ve been restless lately, I can tell. It’s all in your eyes.” She looks into my exhausted, hungry eyes. “Do with me as you wish.” Her lips graze my forehead.

I waste no time flipping her on her back, spreading her legs as if I was gliding butter on toast. She was glistening like the juiciest strawberry of the patch, just waiting for me to take a bite. Tempting me. So I did. Gliding my tongue across the fruit, as she arched in submission. She misses me too. The intensity of sucking and sapping her berry couldn’t have brought me more joy. Her thighs nailed to the bed by my forearms, while I thumb her swollen nipples exhilarated me. Her small hands lay on top of my wrists, making sure I don’t stop.

“Mmmmm”, she sighs. “Aaaahh..” Her body rolls to my rhythm.

I glide my tongue into her so she could ride it for a moment. Her moans are leveled, but she was getting wetter with each grind. I brought one hand down, placing my thumb on her slick clit. My other hand remained consoling her breast. She was ready. As I continue to let her slide on my greedy tongue, I began to swirl her clit. The tip of my tongue tickled her G-spot, falling in tune with my thumb play. I picked up the pace a little to rev her engine, and suddenly a small waterfall doused my upper lip. A stream of syrup follows, spreading all over my tastebuds. I make no hesitation to swallow, savoring every ounce.

“Just as I remembered”, I whisper to her pulsing berry. “Sweet”, I French kiss it until her legs shake. “Intoxicating.”

“Mr. Anoa'i”, she barely whispers but I felt her need for more. “Please don’t do that again.” She exhales, “I’ll become needy for you in more ways than one.”

I express a wide smile, plastering my wide tongue across her sensitive clit. Her legs jerked in my hold, “Good. You should need me.” I take another long, slow lick. “I will be needing you just the same, if not more.”

She reaches towards me, grasping my face. “Come here.”

I obey, crawling over her enticing coven like a lion moving into his lioness. Without any signaling, I dove into her face, kissing her while positioning myself between her legs. Her natural scent had its way of hypnotizing me, and now it’s driving me crazy. Half of the women I’ve encountered were overly drenched in body sprays and Victoria’s Secret perfumes; the fumes were so overwhelming that they stunk to me. I was always told I had a sensitive nose, which was obviously a curse sometimes. But in Miss Frank’s case, I felt blessed with my nose sensitivity, because I could bask in her uncontaminated scent any time I wanted to now.

“How many adventures have you had since our last session?” She thumbs across my forehead crease.

“Why Miss Frank, you make me sound like a slut.” I playfully pout.

She giggles, “Hey, you said it!”

I bite my bottom lip, glaring my eyes into her’s. “None”, I growl, rolling over so that she lies on top of me. “Tried to take your advice and came straight home after work. Increased my workouts. Practice more ‘self’ love.”

She sits up after pecking my jawline, “Seems like I’ve failed you again.”

“No, Miss Frank. You didn’t fail me. I just thought Plan B of your solution was a better choice. Instead of wasting my time and having one night stands with numerous women, I can have you. Especially after I got my first taste of you.”

She grabs my aching erection, stroking the length from balls to head. My jaws clench at the warmth from her hand, shutting my eyes for a second. “You need some distressing, Mr. Anoa'i.”

Her hips position over mines, as my tip kissed her slick lips. Lowering herself carefully onto me was something I wasn’t prepared for. It has to be a sin somewhere for a woman to feel this good! My chest caves trying to keep me from shouting my praise for us getting tested. Once we made that agreement, I told her that she felt too amazing for us to continue using condoms. So we scheduled the appointments, tests came back negative, and she got on the pill. All of this for me, just so I wouldn’t make my life more miserable than it already was.

“Please don’t rush”, I caress the tops of her thighs. “We’ve got all night.”

She places her hands on my abs, “As you wish.”

And so she begins. Her hips start to move in a slow grinding rhythm. Her back arched, head tossed back, thighs hugging my hips, fingertips massaging my stomach; she was just an eyeful of lust mounted on top of me. I glide my right hand over her stomach, making a trail leading in between her breasts. She grabbed my wrist, bringing her head back to center, and brought my index finger to her lips. The tip of her tongue scanned the pad of my finger, leading to her putting the whole thing in her mouth, teasingly pulling it out. My dick twitched hard at the foreign act, catching me off guard.

“Ah!” She laughs with her free hand rubbing her stomach.

I laugh as well, “Sorry. Never had that done before.”

She raises her coy brow, “Again?”


And there it goes: my wet finger embedded in her warm mouth, then sliding out. Her eyes glittered from the satisfaction of weakening me.

“Mr. Anoa'i, tell me how you’re feeling right now.” Miss Frank leans back slightly, placing her hands backwards on my shins. “Mmm”, she moans.

I aggressively grip her waist, slamming into her slippery cave. “Like I could bind you to this bed forever. I could ravish your body into a million pieces for what you’re doing to me.” I slam her down again, “I’m so deep inside you, but I wanna go deeper. I’m so beyond greedy for you, that my hunger might not ever be completely satisfied.”


“Oooooh!” She yells while tightening her hold on my shins. “Shit..”, she exhales. “Why not meet me in a hotel suite like the others?”

After a final slam that I’m sure reached her lungs, I sat up, gripping her trembling body close to mines. Her eyes bore into my cloudy pupils, as I single-handedly grab her face. A bit rough I admit, but she struck a nerve.

“You are NOT like them!”

Her fingers quickly lock into my hair, yanking my head back. “Oh really?” She pants, increasing her movement. “Guys like you know how to use that line colorfully with every woman you prey on.”

“No”, I bring my face back to her’s, “Guys like me will tell a woman not to be more than five minutes late to the hotel, or she can forget an unforgettable night of being in our presence.”

She smirks, “Narcissistic prick.”

“You are not like them”, I kiss those wanting lips, “Not one bit, Miss Frank.”

That declaration became a mantra, as I repeated it to her over and over and over… Kissing in between those sincere words… Panting with her into orgasmic oblivion.

Finally letting go of her face, we remain forehead to forehead. “You’re not going back home tonight.”

Miss Frank nods, “Ok.”

We take a final look into each other’s eyes, grinning through our exhaustion. I grab her thighs, holding on to them as I perch onto my knees, laying her back down on the comforter. Once I’m comfortably nestled in between her legs, I make sure to remain lodged inside of her, letting her drenched walls lock tight around me. Her heartbeat slowly goes back to its normal pace against my ear.

“You’re not like the rest”, I cup the left breast and twirl her plump nipple.

She wraps her arms around my shoulders, planting soft kisses on top of my head. “Good to know.”

Never has a woman ever made me want to whimper shamelessly from a single twitch of her hips. I was always a man of silence when it came to sex. Moaning and groaning were nonexistent, and it drove women mad; making them go harder than ever. Yet, they couldn’t get a chirp out of me. I made the women want to kiss my feet once I was done with them. They praised me on being the best they’ve ever had, saying things such “All you have to do is say the word, and I’ll be at your beck & call.” I was their God for one night. Anything I wanted them to do or say was done without question. They worshipped me until I became bored with them. Until now… I can honestly say that the tables have turned on this rich, narcissistic prick. I am the one willing to crawl to this humble seductress in therapist clothing.

No Master Starts At The Top -Robb Stark Imagine

WARNING: this  fic contains spoilers for Game of  Thrones season ¾ and the third book in George RR Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire series.

Also, it contains death, just like anything that has to do with GoT.


“Now, I have no problem with you or my mother or people fighting with their left hands, but do you honestly want me to believe that you can actually train my left arm so I can use it for sword fighting? That’s insane!”

He argued for the millionth time. I rolled my eyes, and my shoulders sank more than they have ever sine before.

“My Lord, everyone can learn how to-”

“How to what? Fight? You are a -woman-! What do you know of -fighting-?”

“Robb!” Catelyn yelled from her chair, where she was doing some needlework. She stood up and walked towards us.

“The head of the Mormonts are women too, do you think they know nothing of fighting?” The Lord blushed lightly and his eyes got uncertain under his mother’s gaze. She turned to me, and gave me a soft smile.

“Now Y/n, please continue.” I nodded and she returned to her seat.

“Now Sire, take up your sword.”

“This is not a-” “Sire.” I interrupted, not even feeling slightly sorry or ashamed. He gave me a puzzled look, and I swear something that looked like humor twinkled in his eyes. He took up the wooden practice sword, and charged at me. I didn’t blink before I’d knocked the sword out of his hand.

“You see what I am talking about?” He asked and gave me an annoyed look. I walked over, grabbed the sword and placed a gentle hand on his left arm.

“I’m here to teach you. No master start at the top.” I told him and lightly opened his fingers and replaced the sword in his hand.

“Lady Stark?” I said and turned to face her. She looked at me in a curious way, awaiting what I was about to say.

“Could you leave us? I think it’ll help His Grace to focus more easily on the task at hand.” She smiled at me and took her leave. When we were alone, I turned back to the Stark and took a firm grab of his elbow, he started complaining, but shut up as I have him a cold look.

“You remember your lessons as a boy, I presume.” I said and moved his arm around in movements.

“Some of it, yes.” “Good,” I said,“I want you to remember how much you worked to get where you were when you bruised your arm.”

“Bruised? That’s a nice way to put it.” He chuckled and looked me up and down. I smiled at him and pinched his elbow lightly, but hard enough to pull his arm to him.

“You have never trained this arm before, it doesn’t know how to move, and even if it did, it wouldn’t have the strength.” I told him gently.

“Are you saying that I’m weak?” He asked, blinking a couple of times.

“No,” I giggled. “I’m saying you need practice.” I turned around, walked a couple of steps, before turning to face him and charge. He put up a very clumsy fight for a couple of seconds, before dropping the play sword. He was angry at himself, and it took me a long time to convince him to take up the sword again. We continued practicing like this for weeks, and as time proceeded, Robb became better and better, until he was just as good as any knight fighting with his or her right hand.

As I watched him succeed in his first battle after the accident, I couldn’t have been any prouder. I continued being at his side, kept on teaching him, supporting him and keeping his moral high even after failing.

Even through he was promised to a Frey Whore, something grew between Robb and I. I was not only his best friend and companion in battle, I slowly became his lover as well. Of course, most people didn’t pay attention to what was going on between us, seeing as I was just a fighter, protecting the remaining Starks, but as time got on and we got engaged, later on married, the shocking news of The King Of The North and His Little Slut reached every corner of the kingdoms.

We knew it would have consequences, but neither of us realized how big those would be. As we entered the Twins, and was welcomed by Walter Frey, I knew something was going on, but I didn’t wanted to put my dear mother in law into more distress. And as the time for the wedding feast came around, I went into more alarm, which Robb detected quick enough, but when he turned to his counsel to discuss my worry, they all shut it down and continued as nothing had happened. If only they knew what was going to happen next, Gods they must have felt so stupid when the fire turned against them.

As the fighting started, I did everything I had in my power to save Robb and Catelyn, but it wasn’t enough. As Catelyn grabbed Frey’s son and wanted to trade a son for a son, I crawled my way over to Robb, who were now on the floor with more cuts and arrows in him than any man I’d seen before.

He reached out for me, and with a body shaking more than a man who’d just got pulled out from an ice pool, I lifted him up so his head were on my legs. I heard Catelyn’s begging and violent cries, as I gently touched and kissed Robb’s face.

“I should have listened to you, Y/n. Just like I’ve always done.” He said with a shaking voice. I knew he was right and if it wasn’t because of the situation, I’d said that I’d told him so and he should pay attention to the signs and people around him just like I always do, but I couldn’t, instead I let out a sob, unable to speak or think.

Frey yelled out an order and I looked up just in time to see an arrow leaving a crossbow, flying towards Robb. I jumped forth, covering Robb thereby getting hit myself. The arrow had entered my back and the head peaked out from my collarbone. I cried out as the arrow hit me and Catelyn look at us with tearing eyes as she continued begging, all for nothing.

Another arrow got fired, then one more, one more, one more. They all hit me, but then they started firing from more than one place and they hit Robb too. I yelled out at them, cursing them as a faint, whining sound escaped Robb, but they didn’t stop.

One of them hit him.

In the head.

And just like that the fire that had always burned in his eyes died out.

I screamed, and so did Catelyn. I looked up just in time to see her cut the boy’s throat, and then she just stood there. Crying and screaming until someone cut her throat. I took my knife and cut the arrow in Robb’s head, and started pulling it out. When the arrow was out, I started cleaning his face with my sleeves.

Every breath I took hurt, and I couldn’t stop shaking. And yet my eyes were dry.

I felt someone pull my hair, forcing my head upwards, so I was facing Walter Frey, that disgusting bastard.

“What are we going to do with the whore, sire?” The Whore I thought for myself bitterly. I looked him in the eye, and felt the sick creep up my throat. I felt something grow and burn inside me, and I realized that I couldn’t let him see how scared or disgusted i was… So I started smirking and nearly started laughing as his smile died on his lips.

“Throw her in the dungeon,” he said coldly, his eyes looking like he was trying to unlock me.

“We can always have some fun with her later.” He man behind me forced me to my feet, and pulled me away from the room filled with all the bodies of people who’d become close friends, companions and some even family.

I didn’t cry once, I just kept looking forward, clinging to my knife, still wondering how the hell no one had noticed it yet. I waited for the right moment, before I spun around, charged, hit and killed the man escorting me.

I used my training and skills to get out of the Twins and into a wood, which I wandered around in for days, before met a group of men, dedicated to the late King Robert and “The Red Lord” or God or whatever they had called them. Either way, the took me in, gave me food and tended my wounds, and in repay I told them my story.

They all listened, and before I’d finished, they declared me The Queen Of The North, which I declined, seeing as what and who had made me somewhat royal were dead. But before I’d finished off my explanations, a cloaked figure from the corner of the room stood up and walked over to us, making some weird noises I couldn’t recognize as words.

The figure stopped just in front of me, and the removes the hood, revealed herself to be Catelyn. I was shocked at first, but as they told the story, I understood and thanked what ever Gods up there for at least giving me one person.

So here I was, sitting in a cave somewhere in a forest, with my mother in law and a gang of men, sworn to revenge the Starks and True King.

As weeks went by, I started changing, and after a midwife from a nearby village had examined me, it was official: The King Of The North wasn’t slain yet.


History of Narnia: The Seafaring Age

After Prince Caspian took the Narnian throne, a new age was ushered in, one that brought together Telmarine and Narnian customs. While dress, speech, and art mimicked that of Telmar, now King Caspian began expeditions to every corner of the world on his ship, the Dawn Treader. His descendants would continue his seafaring legacy, building stronger and faster boats and spreading Narnia’s influence to far off islands. This is ultimately what distinguished the Caspian reign from the Telmarine or ancient Narnian; all of Caspian’s descendants found their callings (and loves) on island nations. Furthermore, where ancestors had failed, Caspian managed to secure peace with Calormen and Telmar. While it was certainly not a peaceful age, it was most certainly successful and reflected a changing world. Some notable events of this era were: the voyage to the end of the world and the kidnapping and saving of Prince Rilian. 

Jesus did not send his students out to start governments or even churches as we know them today…[but] to establish beachheads of his person, word, and power in the midst of a failing and futile humanity. They were to bring the presence of the kingdom and its King into every corner of human life simply by fully living in the kingdom with him.
—  Dallas Willard, “Renovation of The Heart”, 15
[Fanfic] Remembrance

Series: LOTR/The Hobbit
Characters: Aragorn, Dwalin, Arwen Undómiel, Gimli, Legolas,many more & the rest of the Company are mentioned
Pairing: Arwen/Aragorn & implied background Dworin
Rating: G
Length: 6,066 words
Summary: After the end oft he War oft he Ring Aragorn visits Erebor and goes down to the tombs.
Warnings: mentions of character death, slight angst
Notes:  I’ve been wanting to write something involving the idea that Aragorn met the Company at Rivendell for AGES. Now I finally got around to it. Also, the thought of him and old Dwalin reminiscing about Thorin is just so wonderfully sweet and sad.

Thanks to Matty for the idea of bilingual Aragorn!

Read on AO3 or here on Tumblr.

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