king henry

Lo! a flowerstalk.

Unlike my sundews, which don’t give a shit about preserving energy and shove out flowerstalks and offshoots like no one’s business — my flytraps only put out one flowerstalk a year, usually from now until early spring. And instead of letting them flower, I usually cut them back. Why, you ask?

It’s all about diverting energy. Flowering for a VFT takes a lot of juice. Juice that would otherwise be used in producing large, lush leaves and strong, well-formed traps. Juice that would have been used for creating offsets (baby plants). Which is what we want, right?

Now, this doesn’t mean you should never let your VFT flower. Flowers make seeds and who DOESN’T love seeds?! It’s just a personal preference.

… And that flowerstalk you cut? Stick it into some moist peat moss and eventually it will grow little plants at the base. COOL COOL.


reign + parks & recreation

i am kind of sad that claude wasn’t around on reign when king henry was still alive, because for some reason i feel very sure that henry would just dote upon her and find her antics completely delightful (a la mona lisa saperstein and her pa on parks & rec), and it would drive catherine 200% – nay, 300% – crazy [x]

Did anyone else burst out laughing when Claude and Charles tries to convince Narcisse to help them revive that noble girl from drug overdose?

This is almost as good as Henry and Catherine trying to cover up the body of a dead girl that Henry accidentally killed while having sex.

This show I swear….


“No, no please no” Henry breathed out, feeling tears well up in his eyes.

“We are afraid you must wait here, my king. The birth is going to be a tough one” the maid had her head bowed respectfully.

“How is my wife? How is (Y/n)?” he dared to ask, feeling his lower lip trembled. Fearing edged inside him more than ever before, more than any battle he had been in.

“She is handling well… for now. We cannot predict how the situation will be later but- she is being strong, my king. Our queen is not willing to give up so easily” she tried to smile reassuringly.

“I must- I must see her. I need to see her” he breathed out, ready to get up from his throne where they had forced him to stay till you had given birth.

“My king, I am sorry but you must not- you cannot enter.” the maid said in a low but still audible voice.

“That inside there is my wife! And I will not stand here, doing nothing while she in there is giving the biggest fight of her life for all of us!” he roared.

“My king-”

“I will see her. Now. And I won’t hear a single word. I am the king and you will do as I say. Take me to her.” he commanded full of authority and they had no other choice.


“Just a little more my queen, please try to hold on a little more. It is not just the right time yet” the maid was trying to sooth you down, not that you could hear much in your pain and screaming.

The doors burst open and all the maids that were inside the room turned to look at who had entered. All of their eyes widened as they saw Henry as a small whimper left your lips.

“Hal” you whispered his old name and a small, sad and loving smile appeared on his lips.

“Go on!” he commanded the rest of the maids that had stopped, freezing int their place. He quickly rushed by your side and took hold of your hand.

You turned your head to look up at him, your lower lip trembling as tears had welled up in your eyes.

“I’m scared” you whispered to him, one tear running down your cheek.

“I know my love. I know” he whispered kissing your forehead “I know. But you must fight my queen. You shall fight because I know you can. That’s what made me fall in love with you so many years ago. Your passion and will to fight for the ones you love. You shall not stop now. You must not stop now” he said firmly and you smiled at him.

“I will fight. For you. For us. For this baby.” you said back just as firmly.

“Yes my love” he whispered kissing your hand “Yes, that’s right. And you shall win. I know it, my beautiful angel. I know you will.”

You gave him a nod squeezing his hand and put all your will in fighting this battle for him, for you and above all for the kid.