king hell bastard

Wings and Wrath

KLAROLINEAUWEEK DAY5 : Mythology and Creatures.

When I read the title of the day’s theme the first time, I was immediately taken by the idea of celebrating the lesser known and rich mythology of the Balkans. This also means that there will be some traditional terms, but do not worry at the end I will put all the specific terminology with its meanings.

Hope you enjoy it, and please tell me if you would be interested in a part 2 with possibly Caroline’s POV, because I was maybe thinking about writing it?

Tranquility and stormy peacefulness stretched before him without ends.

Klaus was once again roaming endlessly the skies above the vast territories that had belonged to him and his kin since the beginnings of time and civilization. Fated, as it seems, to be the only one amongst his brethren to never fully complete his forms. Only two out of three were at his reach: full beast or half beast. He was the unfortunate one that wouldn’t ever feel skin on his body. The only one to be eternally stuck in wings, and scales, and fire.

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