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Gandalf did you realise that the transition from ranger to King of Gondor was a PRETTY FREAKING BIG ONE

EDIT: guys please stop leaving snide comments trying to educate me on whether or not he was ready, this was just a bit of fun, sheesh. Can’t believe I actually had to say that)

🌳 Gondor has no king – Gondor needs no king! Do you agree? It is indeed a difficult question, but in hindsight, Aragorn was a better king than Denethor a steward. 🍅🎶 At least we got a beautiful song in the movies!

if you like him like Gollum liked the ring its not love, its obsession
if you like him like Sam liked Frodo its not love, its friendship
if you like him like Éowyn liked Aragorn its not love, its crush
if you like him like Hobbits like food, then it is love

Endless List of Favorite Characters: Samwise Gamgee (LOTR Trilogy)

“There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for”

What If.....

RAW opens up with the replay of what Samoa Joe did to Seth Rollins. We are once again reminded of his injury and, once again, the possibility of him missing Wrestlemania.

Later in the broadcast, Triple H explains how, despite everything he had done for Seth, he felt it was time for a new face to be the Man in the WWE. Kevin Owens has been okay, but he needed someone with the same agression, desire to succeed, and hunger for gold. He saw all that in Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe comes out to agree with all those points, stating he’s there for one thing: to become the Universal Champion and destroy any man in his path. He takes full enjoyment over injuring Seth, saying not even The Man can withstand the Destroyer.

Seth Rollins appears on the Tron, declaring that yes, he may not be cleared in time for Wrestlemania. He vows to get his reveng on Triple H, but first, proclaims he has plans for Samoa Joe. Since he can’t wrestle, he made a call to one of the first people to reach out to him after his injury. Sure enough, he has history with Joe and has defeated him many times in NXT.

Seth ends with: “Yes, The Man may not be able to defeat the Destroyer….but what about The Demon King?”

The arena suddenly goes dark. That familiar heartbeat echoes. The red light starts to glow. Smoke appears from the stage and the ring.

The Demon King has returned……

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How would the demon kings propose?


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  • Gehenna probably has some traditional demonic ceremony or something
  • Like making a ring out of their own bones and cursing it beneath the blood of fallen exorcists
  • Then it’s presented to the s/o in a human heart
  • So Astaroth probably crafted you the finest ring, and had royal jewels and such added to it
  • He’d not make it very romantic
  • But it might be in the prettiest view he has
  • All of the surroundings in his kingdom are probably covered in rot 
  • Or maybe he just grabs your ass and demand as your king that he’ll be your husband


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  • Would make it ultra romantic
  • He flies you to Paris on his pink private yet
  • He could use bis powers to get you there in seconds, but aesthetic…
  • He plans a day full of shopping and festivities
  • Then at moon fall a romantic dinner 
  • Then he proposes on the Eiffel tower
  • He does it somewhat calm, and beautifully, not over the top
  • He presents a ring box, which inside is the most unique but stunning diamond ring 
  • {When he opens the box, party strings also fly out but not too many, it’s low key}
  • After you say yes, he’ll poof you both to the afterparty
  • That’s when shit gets extreme
  • Theres dancing Pikachu and people in costume everywhere 
  • Everything is pink and decorated 
  • Theres a huge ass cake with a little you x Mepphy on top with an Eiffel tower sculpted out of icing 
  • Theres an ice sculpture of you both as well


  • He’ll propose in a beautiful setting
  • It’s when he’s able to get away from the Illuminati
  • He doesn’t want to rush his proposal
  • But time is tight with his organisation 
  • It’s in a restaurant 
  • Your surrounded by white roses in a heart formation
  • He picked up a few things abut Assiah’s traditions
  • Before proposing, he reads you a long speech about how much you mean to him
  • Then he presents you with a simplistic, ancient old ring 
  • But it’s very beautiful and exquisite 


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  • He’d probably not even propose
  • Just poke you in the cheek and pester you a little
  • “Oi, you, your my bride now.”
  • Even if he had to brainwash you 
  • Or have a female Chuichi lay her eggs in you
  • Or kidnap you
  • Your his bride now.
  • Even if your a guy, he still calls you his bride
  • Probably wants to get married for the huge cake tbh
  • Most likely proposes using a gummy ring
  • Later proceeds eat it when he’s hungry so he steals you a ring of a passing by tourist 

Hannibal / LOTR AU

  • Hannibal as EvilElrond, Lord of Balendell, super old elf famed for his big library and lavish hospitality (including lots of roast boar), he has long silky hair, pointy ears, and wears kickass velvet robes, his woodland realm is on the border of Mordor and people keep going missing nearby because of those pesky orcs honestly can you believe they keep eating people right on my doorstep anyhoo grub’s up my honoured guests 
    • *he is probaby the source of that story about man-eating orcs once being elves
  • Will as the Aragorn: super beautiful slow-ageing reluctant half-elf prince/ranger who was raised by Hobbits and just wants to go back to messing about in boats in the Shire (has a habit of making himself seem small cuz he’s used to fitting himself into hobbit holes)
  • Comes to Balendell in Company with his Regent, King Jack the Giant-Killr his second Zeller (as Boromir, resents Will for being all fey and nimble and unfairly good at fighting and the prince of his kingdom), Price the chirpy Hobbit, Bev the Dwarf (because obviously, Hetienne Park would die of fun). 
  • Hannibal the disgruntled yet polite host wants Will to stay forever and sail to Valinor with him feel right at home, showers him with elf gifts and attention (honestly all Elf Lords help their guests to bathe Will it’s tradition frankly it would be rude not to accept come into my library little fly) and helps Will with his terrible tragic Mordor-sickness by giving him this completely harmless talisman of invisibility to wear just wear the ring Will wear it ignore the dark voices it’s I SEE YOU 100% safe.
  • Also featuring: Frederick Wormtongue, Mayor of Chill Town (wants to be an advisor to the future king and is thus all up in Will’s business and Hannibal is unrelaxed about it), Franklyn the fat cheese-hoarding Hobbit (who loves elf culture and just wants to be friends with the famous Lord Hannibal but Hannibal is like ugh get thou off my dick), Randal!Beorn, ring-mad king Mason (whose sister has to take up all the slack), and some kind of Thorinn/Smaug/Francis mashup.
  • & Other Elves: Lady Alana of the Blooms (Lord Hannibal’s lovely step-daughter, Will is crushing on from afar until Hannibal hints she might be his biological mother just to fuck with his head), Lady Bedelia (GALADRIEL, Hannibal’s long long long long suffering mother in law), the Princess Lounds of Mirkwood (a red haired elfess crackshot archer who does whatever the frick she likes because she’s a legend.

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Hi! I read that you were open for prompts! :) What if the Chocobros' s/o are pressured by their family to get married and the Chocobros propose themselves as suitors so that the s/o's family gets off their back?

I am indeed open for prompts of all kinds. I loved this idea!

It was getting old now. Your father kept making comments about ‘people your age’ ‘settling down’ and how unacceptable it is to ‘live in sin’ still at your age. If you heard it one more time, you might just crack. Your mother was at it too, talking about biological clocks ticking. The only thing that was ticking was the time bomb in your brain until you finally exploded. One evening, you vented to your boyfriend when he finally managed to get out of you what was troubling you…


With the return of the dawn, he was no longer bound by his previous obligations to Luna, though they remained close friends. He raises his eyebrows and says, “How d’you think your parents would feel about the King of Lucis courting their child?”

You freeze. “You mean…?”

His smile is like slow dawn itself. “Sure. I mean… I wanted to ask you to marry me, so…” he shrugs. Noct isn’t very good at romancing you, but he loves you, and that’s all that matters. “Gives me an excuse to try and be all romantic and stuff…”

“Ok,” you say slowly. “If you really mean it.”

“Course I do!”

You nod. “Alright then.” And you add, “But no asking Ignis for help.”

“Fuck,” the king swears. “But… you know I can’t possibly do anything without Ignis holding my hand…”

“King of Sarcasm. I like it.”

He rolls his dark blue eyes and pulls you close for a kiss. “I’ll show you,” he growls. “I’ll be the most romantic suitor you could ever imagine.”

True to his word, he is. But not only that, he does other things which speak of his love for you in different ways. He sets up a scholarship at Insomnia University in your name, for those who, like you, came from humbler backgrounds, to support them through their studies. Noctis does everything he can think of to make you proud of him, and even your hard-ass parents have to admit that being the spouse of the King of Lucis has a nice ring to it.


He’s bashful when you tell him about your parents’ harassing you. He’s been out of touch with his own adoptive parents for years. “H-Hey, um… listen…” he stammers. Running his hand through his blond fringe, he chuckles. “So… I’ve been thinking about this anyway, for, like, well… since the first week we were together, but… Would it help if I… I mean, if you don’t want to, it’s fine, but…”

You laugh. He’s adorable. “Yes, Prompto. It would help immensely. But only if you really want to.”

“I really want to,” he says instantly and in a gabbled rush, laughing again.

He’s always been demonstrative in his affections, either through cuddles and kisses, holding your hand, kissing your cheeks, but he starts doing even more, amazing, little things for you. He also endures dinners with your family, dressing more formally, exchanging his punky outfits for a smarter shirt and nicer jeans, bringing flowers for you and also for your mother.

Your mum can’t help but notice how much you smile when he’s around. And when he asks them for your hand in marriage, it’s your mother who smiles at your father and convinces him.


You’ve been with Gladio for forever. It’s him they keep making those acidic remarks about. ‘If he had any integrity, if he really wanted you to be part of his family, he’d have proposed by now…’ Truth is, Gladio wants to. He’s had his mother’s engagement ring ready for you for years.

He’s just terrified.

He knows you feel pressure from your family, and the last thing he wants to do is put more on you by actually asking you. He doesn’t know if you want it or not, and he’s too scared to bring it up in case you don’t. He can’t handle the thought of you rejecting him, so he just goes on hoping you won’t leave him.

When he hears that they’ve been at you again, he wonders if that might be an opportunity to broach the topic without the pressure. “You want me to go see your dad?”

You blink. “Gladio, if you do that… If you go to him, you can’t go back…”

“Yeah,” he says evenly, his voice cracking slightly. “Well….”

“But I’m not noble,” you blurt. “What would your family think?”

“They love you, silly,” he grinning nervously.

“I thought your dad hated me.”

“He doesn’t. Not at all. He just doesn’t know how to behave around us. He still can’t get over the fact that I’m hopelessly and helplessly in love with someone.” His smile is still shy. “He’d be like that with anyone. And Iris fucking loves you. She can’t stop talking about how amazing you are, and how good you are for me.” He chuckles, scratching the back of his shaggy mane. “She’s right. You are.”

You sigh. “So why did it take my parents badgering you for this to come up?”

He tells you how scared he was that you’d leave him, how he thought you didn’t want marriage… You just melt and throw your arms around him. “You silly beast,” you laugh into his chest. “I thought you didn’t want to make me an Amicitia…”

Gladio is crying when he pulls back in horror. He tells you how long he’s had his mother’s engagement ring ready in the lock-box in his bedroom.

Then you start crying.

Cue all the romantic gestures.

Cue a very nervous Gladio talking to his own father in his study one day.

Cue a very nervous Gladio at dinner with your parents a week later.

Cue a very nervous Gladio asking your father for your hand in marriage.

Cue a very happy, heavily perspiring Gladio leaving your father’s room with a big grin on his face.

Cue the most perfectly ‘you’ proposal ever.


Marriage isn’t something that really occurred to Ignis before being with you.

He’s busy, and cannot promise that he won’t have to get up in the middle of the night to attend to a political nightmare. He cannot promise that he will not always put Noctis before you, and that kills him.

He’s also terrified of the prospect of being a father. He’s blind, and terrified that he won’t be able to cope with a child. That something will happen that he won’t see, or can’t deal with because he can’t see. He’s absolutely terrified.

But when you tell him in tears about the unbearable pressure they’re putting on you, he starts to think quietly to himself. He’s withdrawn and distant, and you wonder what’s going on to make him so pensive.

Shyly, bashfully, he brings it up at dinner a few days later. He takes a huge gulp of wine and then says, “How have your parents been… you know… regarding the pressure they were putting on you about marriage? Are they still at it?”

You sigh, putting fingertips to your temple. “Yeah,” you breathe. “It’s awful. It’s all they talk about. Can we please not bring it up?”

“I… forgive me,” he falters, “But I think I may have formulated a solution to the problem.”


“But of course, I am unable to guess your feelings on the matter with any certainty.”

“Iggy,” you say sternly. “Stop worrying and spit it out. You always talk like that when you’re worried.”

“Apologies,” he chuckles. “I’m nervous.”


“Well, I’ve always said I… that I didn’t think I was the marrying kind, but… but you… you have gradually come to show me that being married is not something that is vastly different from what we already have. We live together, you are the most supportive partner I could ever have imagined… Marriage would be a legal affirmation of what we already have…”

You purse your lips together to keep from smiling too hard. This was all so ‘Ignis’, it was unbelievable.

“How would it be if I were to propose myself to your parents as a suitor for your hand?” he asks in a rush.

His eyes were wide and while he seemed to be holding the glass delicately, you saw his knuckles turning white. You breathed out a sigh. “You’re saying you want to marry me?”

He nodded. “I am.”

“I think you plan is, as ever, flawless, Iggy,” you say. “But seriously, put that glass down before you shatter it.”

He looks from you to the wine, drinking another huge mouthful before setting it down. “Excellent advice, as always, my darling,” he smiles.

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Fanvid for Ardyn/Ravus

Le désir impromptu


Ravus wore the ring due to Ardyn’s enchantment, and was implanted the Demon. But for the sake of the true king Noctis, he must retake the ring from Ardyn.
Even has been told the fate of unchosen one.


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