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Claire Foy talks with Larry King about her new role in the upcoming Neil Armstrong biopic “First Man” with Ryan Gosling.

Sally Sistern and Jill Daynes meeting The Beatles (and sitting on the laps of their respective favorites), backstage at the Grosvenor Rooms in Norwich, 17 May 1963 (photo: Peter Holmes/EDP)

“Jill Daynes and Sally Sistern were just teenagers when they met the Beatles backstage at the Grosvenor Rooms in Norwich on May 17, 1963. As a plaque is unveiled to commemorate that concert, the EDP tracked them down.

Smiling for the camera, Jill Daynes and Sally Sistern could hardly believe their luck. They’d just seen the Beatles play – and they finished the evening on the laps of two of the musicians.

The office girls were regulars at gigs in the Grosvenor Rooms, Norwich. It was concert promoter Peter Holmes, who worked with Sally at a city furniture shop, who arranged the meeting with the Fab Four after the show.

‘Peter came and found us on the dance floor. We were taken into the room where they were sitting,’ Jill, now 59, recalled.

‘We couldn’t believe it. If we’d have known, I’d have had some paper ready for the autographs but there was no time.’

Jill sat on the lap of her favourite Beatle, George Harrison, while Peter took a picture.

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Hip to the Bone

Three rules for adding plaid into your winter wardrobe

We’re calling out one of winter’s most talked about menswear patterns: the plaid print. From lumberjack button-downs to Chuck Bass suits, there are many different ways to wear the checkered pattern. In order to avoid the pitfalls of wearing a complicated print, we have three simple rules you need to follow.  

Ryan Gosling, King of Casual Plaid Dressing

Rule 1 - Avoid Other Prints

The easiest way to ruin your outfit is to mix plaid with another print. Wearing a plaid shirt? Go for jeans or a solid colored pant. 

Government Camp Shirt

Nudie Jeans Co - Thin Finn Slim Fit in Organic Dry Ecru Embo

Rule 2 - Add Plaid Accessories

Feeling unsure about a full plaid look? Try adding accessories to a solid color outfit, which helps to bring some life to your outfit. Start with ties, bow-ties, scarves and even sneakers.

Advocate Plaid Necktie

Windowpane Plaid Bow Tie

Dot with Plaid Reversible Bow Tie

Gloverall Lambswool Tartan Scarf

Wool Plaid and Shearling Trapper

Lanvin Plaid Felt & Leather Sneaker, Blue/Red

Rule 3 - Match Your Shirt to Suit  

When you wear a plaid suit, it will be the center of attention. Our advice is to keep your accessories simple: black or brown shoes and belt are neutral. Your shirt, however, should bring out the strongest color in the plaid print. This is where a solid white shirt can work for a grey and white plaid suit or a banker’s blue shirt looks great under a light brown suit with blue undertones. 

Pro-Tip: If you want to wear plaid on plaid, make sure that the plaid check on your shirt is smaller than the check print on your suit. 

Fitzgerald Fit Black and White Plaid with Blue Deco 1818 Suit

Regent Fit Brown Plaid with Blue Deco 1818 Suit