king foggy

Let me tell you about Jesse and Gabe’s daughter Sophia:

  • She looks like Gabriel in a lot of ways; dark unruly hair, round flat nose, full lips. It causes Gabriel to be very. Emotional. 
  • She puts on Jesse’s hat and walks up to Gabe. “Papa look, I’m Daddy!” She then strikes a pose and says in a voice as gravelly as a six year old can, “It’s Hiiiiiiiigh Noon.” Gabriel is happy he can’t really breathe because he’d be choking on his laughter
  • Jesse likes to braid flowers into her hair, calls her The Flower Princess. She calls him Cowboy King and Gabe is the Foggy King. Their dog is the Great Basset Guard Bandito
  • Sophia has Gabriel check under her bed for monsters. He bends down and looks under the bed. “No Papa, look under the bed.” She insists, and Gabe sighs. He drops into his wraith mode and slides under the bedframe, popping up on the other side.
  • She loves when Uncle Genji comes to visit, but she’s not sure about Uncle Jack. Uncle Hanzo is sort of weird, but ok, and she L O V E S UNCLE REINHARDT
  • When she was born Gabriel was so worried that he was going to get too emotional and lose control while holding her, going incorporeal and dropping her. He made Jesse keep his hands under his for the first few weeks, just in case.
  • Sophia Elaine Reyes-Mccree is good and pure

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