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Goalie Warm Up Mini Compilation

You had a rough day? No problem my dear fella I got a little compilation for you that might make you smile ;)

“Goalie Warm Up Mini Compilation”

Reto Berra going down in a, what it seems to be a blocking butterfly then ‘shaking’ (correct me if I’m wrong)..

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Alex Stalock also going down in butterfly and ‘shaking’  his pads..

“The Wild’s Darcy Kuemper taking a breather.

McDonald nugget (Fleury) spreading his chicken wings..

Gotta be flexible to make acrobatic saves..

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‘Shaving’ the ice.. Ice might be slick and you don’t wanna slide out of postion, good warm up for your legs and the puck slows down easier.

I don’t know what this fucker is doing.. (’Scuse my french)

Carey Price teaching the kids..

Jonathan Quick streching his legs..


I stand apart from the rest.

I stand as the last line of defence.

I stand in the way of what every player wants most.

I am a dream wrecked. A momentum killer. A goal robber.

In my world every puck is a threat, every puck carrier, an accomplice.

I defend my net on the principle that it is my home and that nothing comes in uninvited. Every save I make fuels the next and every crease I protect is my own. I am satisfied only after I stop everything.


Favorite NHL Goalies

Marc-Andre Fleury - actual drop of angelic sunshine that none of us deserve

Braden Holtby - Holtbae, Holtbeast, constantly let down by his team

Eddie Lack - ray of sunshine and happiness who has never done anything wrong

Tuukka Rask - intimidating milk crate killer and strives to break his stick, kind of looks like an angry puppy, will probably end up killing his team

Jonathan Quick - bendy tendy, very bendy tendy

Carey Price - beater of Kyle Palmieri, stare-downer of Chris Kreider, might actually kill his team, savior of the NHL from Therrien

Sergei Bobrovsky - Very good hugger, happy goalie, loves his cap'n

Ben Bishop - injury prone puppy who I don’t get to watch enough

I say that people like for Fleury, Lundqvist, Price or Holtby deserved better, but you know who really deserved better? Jamie Benn. The man literally won 3 awards on the final night of the season and wasn’t happy because they didn’t make the playoffs, then subsequently went on during his speech to apologize to fans and sign autographs all night while everyone was so proud of him and his individual achievement. Pricey, Flower, Hank, Holtby and Benny deserved better.