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The Truth about the MLK Assassination

In 1999, Martin Luther King’s family and attorney won civil trial “King Family vs Jowers,” which found US government agencies guilty in the wrongful death of Martin Luther King, Jr..  The jury decided it did not believe that James Earl Ray, who was convicted of the crime, killed Dr. King, and that King had been the victim of assassination by a conspiracy involving the Memphis police as well as federal agencies. The King family believes the government’s motivation to murder Dr. King was to prevent his plans of mobilizing a poor people’s campaign to occupy the national lawn in Washington D.C. until the economic system changed.  The evidence of government involvement includes: the attendance of US military intelligence groups and special forces sniper teams at the site of the assassination; police bodyguards and regular police protection being removed prior to the shooting; and King being relocated from a secure 1st floor room to an exposed balcony room. This historic trial was widely ignored by the media.  After the trial Coretta Scott King stated: “We have done what we can to reveal the truth, and we now urge you…to do what they can to share the revelation of this case to the widest possible audience.”


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The US Governement Helped Assassinate Martin Luther King Jr. - King Family VS Jowers

This is a link to the minutes of what may be the most important trial of modern times, a trial hardly anyone has heard of since it took place 16 years ago, in December of 1999.

In this trial, Coretta Scott King and her family took on a man named Lloyd Jowers and “unnamed co-conspirators” in a civil suit dealing with the assassination of her husband. The “unnamed co-conspirators” include not only members of the Mafia, but also agents of the CIA, FBI, Army intelligence, city and state officials, and allegedly even fellow clergy withing the civil rights movement.

In this case they present another account of why and how the assassination of Dr.King took place, and insist that there is no way that a simple restaurant owner and escaped convict could have done it alone with very little prior planning or information.

At the time there were a great deal of people in Washington and elsewhere that were very nervous and even feared Dr.King because of the vast amounts of people that attended his marches and speeches. The real issue is that prior to his assassination Dr. King had been planning similar large scale marches on Washington to protest the escalation of warfare in Vietnam at the time, which would’ve effectively thrown a wrench in the American money making machine that was the defense industry in 1968.

The King family won their suit. This is as close as the American government has come, and likely will ever come to admitting that they conspired with the mob and others to sacrifice one of the most important men of the 20th century, and certainly one of the most important men in human history, to the all mighty dollar.

If you were unaware that such a trial ever took place, I would read on if I were you. You’re about to get a real taste of what American history is all about.