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I was certainly a misfit, sort of by design in a couple different ways. I had a breath-line stutter when I was a kid, which meant even from a really young age I had a hard time fitting in with the group, because I would get nervous and that would intensify my stutter, and if I was being teased or mocked for my stutter, it would intensify it further, the more conscious of it I became. And then I found the cure for my stutter was opera. And then I was a six-year-old who was obsessed with opera, which also didn’t really put me in the in-crowd. And then right when I was coming out of the opera, I was beginning to have questions about my sexuality and was starting to kiss boys sometimes, and that didn’t help either! So yeah, I’ve known the reality of being a social misfit in a world of heavy privilege. It certainly affords you the opportunity to see things more clearly from afar with a grander perspective, but we shouldn’t discount the pain, and how unfortunate it is that we don’t create a society that can be conducive to that sort of invention or creativity, and in fact makes people feel really stifled and like they have to be outside of society in order to express themselves fully.


Emily: Girls Wanna Bang Me So I Don’t Want Your SAUSAGE

Ezra: Grown Man But I Give Underage Girls My SAUSAGE

Alison: Found Guilty In Court So I’m Never Getting SAUSAGE

Hanna: I’m Kinda Hungry Right Now So I Could Eat A SAUSAGE

Aria: Ezra Ezra Ezra… Huh? Oh, SAUSAGE

Toby: Hate Being A Cop, Tanner’s Always On My SAUSAGE

Spencer: Handcuff Me, Toby & Gimme That SAUSAGE

Caleb: Hacking The Girls Out Of Jail So Hanna Get This SAUSAGE

Ashley Marin: Married Pastor Ted But Thinking Of Jason’s SAUSAGE

Melissa: Every Man I Had Thought Of Spencer With Their SAUSAGE

Jenna: All I See Is Black….Where Is This SAUSAGE

Mona: I’m Alive, Is It Too Late To Get Mike’s SAUSAGE

A: You’ll Never Know Who I Am So Get Off My SAUSAGE

Marlene: Ruining All Your Lives! How Y’all Like My SAUSAGE



Hear me out for a second.

Why are we trusting “A” so easily to tell us the truth?

Its no secret that the plot holes in this episode reveal is so big it’s almost stupid.


Remember when Marlene King tweeted something  about how this show is only viewed by merely peoples own perspective?
What if this WHOLE 6X10 Finale episode was written to throw us off of the truth. Charles/A/CeCe/Charlotte gave up WAY too easily in the end.

2 things we can be sure off from the past 6 seasons is that; 1) -A gets caught if -A WANTS TO get caught and 2); People in Rosewood has so much secrets that it’s so easy for them to get manipulated to do things.

 What if the REAL A made Cece confess to a completely false story. She told us her point of view and let herself be caught. Caught in such an easy way. For someone who is smart and have played such a game for a long time, saying “okay, nvm i give up.” is way too easy for a mastermind.

Also in the way that Sara Harvey allowed them access to the lair when we now know that she has been working against the girls. This is all planned out.

As a lot of people have already stated, there are so much plot holes and time lines that don’t add up in CeCe’s story. Just because she gave her story and threw in some flashbacks, doesn’t mean its true. I mean some of her story is soo off the events that we know that maybe it actually isn’t suppose to add up. A could have used her as bait and the flash blacks that we saw was off of her imagination.

If this is the way the producers are headed, THAT WOULD BE GENIUS. Look at the reaction that it got from the crowd, everyone went wild out of anger and disappointment.

If they route 6B to that Cece really isn’t Charles, then the mystery of A still goes on and it only gives everyone a sense of reality in how powerful A truly is.

I would love if the show plans out this way!

The reaction to this episode was so big that if they surprise people in the next season that 6x10 is all HOAX, everyone would freak!

I mean please, a master mind torturer stands on the edge of a building ready to jump to death but then suddenly turns around and hops back down like “ oh well ” is way too easy for it to be real. There’s still quite a bit of this show to go and if there’s one more pattern that i notice, it’s that whenever we think we’ve got it all figured out, we actually dont.



Haleb and Spoby fans have got to enjoy:
- sex
- making out in public
- holding hands in public
- making out on a couch or a bed
- steaming sexy scenes
- cuddles and double dates
- talking about their feelings
- going on super fancy cute dates
- sex scenes ONLY

Emison fans have got to enjoy:
- a flashback kiss in Season 1 where Alison was a bitch to Emily
- a “dream” kiss in Season 2 that we didn’t know was real until Season 5
- AND one really censored sex scene that they had to share with f-ing Ezria (who has sex basically every 10 episodes)

YOU DO NOT COMPARE THOSE TWO. You honestly think we should feel sorry for them because they can’t handle Haleb not kissing for 10 episodes or Spoby not being together for 16 episodes? WOW, they suffered so much for so long. How could they survive?

Emison had to suffer through 6 seasons of Alison and Emily being torn apart, fighting, and not being… well a couple. We are ending 7A and EMISON STILL HASN’T BEEN A COUPLE IN THE SERIES YET.

Marlene King, you disgust me. THE #PLL LGBT FANS DESERVE BETTER

when you are standing in the middle of the crowd at a concert for the band you love the most, and you feel the drum beat vibrate under your feet and through your body, and it feels like the drum beat is your heart beat… that is you. you are alive. you are there, and you are what you listen to. the beat of the drum is truly the beat of your heart. WE live for the MUSIC.