king ezra

when you are standing in the middle of the crowd at a concert for the band you love the most, and you feel the drum beat vibrate under your feet and through your body, and it feels like the drum beat is your heart beat… that is you. you are alive. you are there, and you are what you listen to. the beat of the drum is truly the beat of your heart. WE live for the MUSIC.

Things we were promised but didn't get in the finale or any other part of the show.

Feel free to correct me / add anything

1. Ian said that there would be a very gory death. We never saw anything of this sort.

2. Keegan said that there was a scene he felt uncomfortable doing and that it’s “nuts” and when we see it, we will know what he’s talking about.

3. There were supposed to be TWO realistic masks - we only saw one.

4. I still don’t get why Alex/ Twincer tortured the girls. Yes she was bitter that Spencer lived a better life but why did she burn Aria, Impregnate Alison and all that other stuff.

5. Most of all they kept saying that this would be satisfying for us all. All I feel is frustrated and disappointed. They also promised us it’s someone we know not some random person and yet here we are. Seriously half way through the episode I had to check I hadn’t accidentally changed the channel or fallen asleep and dreamed it.

  • me: hey isabella you smell differentt
  • isabella: yeah my mom bought me a new perfume, how sweet
  • me: *calls group chat* omg guys this might sound weird but i don't think isabella is isabella!!! someone call the cops omg guys


In 3x7 Mona: Miss Aria, you’re a killer, not Ezra’s wife! •Killer? as in the baby’s killer? (This is before she killed Shana) its more than an anagram for (MAYA KNEW)(we all know Marlene🙄) •Seriously tho why would she say that BEFORE Shana?

•maybe aria was convinced she was Ezra’ wife



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PLL rewatch???

I think we should do something. Something to show the writers, the cast, and everyone in between JUST how much we love this show and them.

We should do a fandom-wide rewatch.

Start next Tuesday with season 1 episode 1 and watch an episode every week, at 8pm EST just like we have been the past 7 years. We can live tweet and live blog just like we do for the new episodes.

I know this post won’t possibly reach every single PLL fan out there, but if enough of you like the idea and are up for it maybe you can spread this post, send it to your friends, tweet it, etc?

I’m not ready to say goodbye and walk away from this show and the fandom, and I know a lot of you aren’t either. So reblog and like this post and let’s make this happen!

Honestly thinking of rewriting PLL seasons 6/7 where

1. A is intimidating and not cringy
2. Has legit motivation
3. A is not CeCe but she is still there and is treated respectfully and is played by an actual trans woman
4. No characters disappear for no reason
5. There are actual answers
6. Bi!Mona and Pan!Hanna
7. Emison rising and being a power couple
8. POC and LGBT characters are not just murdered for *shock value*
9. More actual answers
10. The parents exist
11. Hanna and Caleb not being to reduced to the mess of characters they are now
12. No Spoby and Haleb post-time jump as they understand their high-school relationships wouldn’t last
13. Sara Harvey not being played by Dre Davis and not a wasted character
14. No wasted characters
15. Even more answers
17. Jaria developing post-time jump leaving any chance of Ezria in the dust
18. Ezra actually receiving consequences for stalking and having a relationship with a minor (also he and Aria won’t date while he’s a teacher, and don’t have sex at the end of season 2 bcos it was romanticised as heck in the show when it was actually statutory rape)
19. Dark!Aria arc

I’m sure I can think of more but this is all I can come up with at the moment. It’s actually so tempting to retcon the entirety of the last two seasons. I legit will.

(Feel free to add more to the list.)