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I think Pretty Little Liars should end with the girls dropping off their kids at Spencer’s barn to have a sleepover. Then in the middle of the night they receive a message from A. History repeats itself...
In the eye abides the heart -
  1. Is it normal that A.D contacted Aria personally?
  2. Since when does A.D face time and make frequent calls to the liars?
  3. What secret is Aria hiding that is so huge she needs to betray her friends?
  4. Why is she so comfortable doing this?
  5. Am I the only one that finds it strange that AD choose to show herself as Aria?
  6. Spencer?
  7. How did she suddenly go from scared at the motel to annoyed by Wren at the airport and then back at her home in a bath robe?
  8. WTF Wren is back?
  9. Why?
  10. When?
  11. How?
  12. And since when did he and Spencer have secret meetings?
  13. Was that even Spencer at all? Twin i don’t know anything is possible with Marlene.
  14. Ezra really cancelled his trip for Aria or Wren?
  15. Ezra and Nicole is that really a thing or is it a cover to do more shady shit?
  16. Maybe writing another novel on the girls he sleeps proposes too, another murder mystery preharps?
  17. Charlotte and Lucas?
  18. Really a comic book? Really?
  19. Emison’s baby daddy???

With only 6 episodes left its unlikely we’ll get any real answers with the way Marlene is creating more ridiculous story lines!

5 episodes to go and im still waiting for the BIG REVEALS I was guaranteed, c'mon Marlene don’t let us down any longer..

Honestly thinking of rewriting PLL seasons 6/7 where

1. A is intimidating and not cringy
2. Has legit motivation
3. A is not CeCe but she is still there and is treated respectfully and is played by an actual trans woman
4. No characters disappear for no reason
5. There are actual answers
6. Bi!Mona and Pan!Hanna
7. Emison rising and being a power couple
8. POC and LGBT characters are not just murdered for *shock value*
9. More actual answers
10. The parents exist
11. Hanna and Caleb not being to reduced to the mess of characters they are now
12. No Spoby and Haleb post-time jump as they understand their high-school relationships wouldn’t last
13. Sara Harvey not being played by Dre Davis and not a wasted character
14. No wasted characters
15. Even more answers
17. Jaria developing post-time jump leaving any chance of Ezria in the dust
18. Ezra actually receiving consequences for stalking and having a relationship with a minor (also he and Aria won’t date while he’s a teacher, and don’t have sex at the end of season 2 bcos it was romanticised as heck in the show when it was actually statutory rape)
19. Dark!Aria arc

I’m sure I can think of more but this is all I can come up with at the moment. It’s actually so tempting to retcon the entirety of the last two seasons. I legit will.

(Feel free to add more to the list.)

What if it was Jessica’s finger sent to the police?! In the previews we see that Aria opens her trunk and finds a body with a finger missing. What if Ezra killed Jessica and Aria knows about it and has been covering for him?? I think Ezra was a P.I. hired by Jessica to find out what happened to Alison. Jessica had that lair in Aunt Carol’s storm cellar to find Ali. She was searching for her, and I think she was using Ezra to do so. We know that Ezra believed that Mrs. D was A at one point, and maybe he took action. Maybe he killed her thinking he was protecting Aria and the girls only to learn that he had been wrong. We never actually saw Ezra and Aria talk about Aria assisting with burying Rollins. Maybe he also admitted to killing Jessica after she was honest with him, and she is covering for him! And maybe Jessica’s body will be found in Aria’s trunk as a way of A.D. Saying “I know everything”. And this is how we will learn about who killed Jessica!! We have also seen two hands holding each other underneath a table in the previews for this season, and what if they belong to Aria and Ezra after they are brought into the police department for questioning after receiving the finger. then maybe A.D. Will help them get out of the situation if they agree to play on the A team. That’s how Aria will turn “dark”! Because she is being blackmailed into helping A.D. Do his/her dirty work! And that’s how Aria learns how to do all of this tech-related stuff! Because Ezra has been teaching her as a P.I.!


Cast of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ at the Paley Fest. (25/03/2017) #PLLatPaleyFest

I was really thinking maybe this episode would have an answer in it! What did we learn?!

We learned……. that Noel and Ezra ain’t shit? That parents in Rosewood still suck ass???? That Peter Hastings still fucking sucks??? That Jenna is still a shady bitch??? Shocker. Wow. I’m truly amazed by these mind-blowing revelations.

One thing I give Marlene major props for is highlighting the fact that boys/men can be sexually assaulted too,and forced into sexual situations they aren’t ready for by showcasing Jenna and Toby’s relationship,and the fact people jump to the conclusion that the woman (Jenna) was the one being sexually assaulted without even giving life to the fact that maybe just maybe Toby was the one being’s almost Taboo to speak on or about males being raped,because they are taught to be manly and strong,or to suck it up and accept the fact that a woman wants him,but let me tell you something and I am not trying to diminish the experiences women face after being sexually abused,BUT can you imagine what men have to face when reporting a rape?
If a woman raped him chances are he would be laughed at for not being strong enough to overpower the woman and control the situation,or he would be made out to be a prude for not enjoying and going with it..

If he was raped by a man he would be made fun of for letting a man do that to him and he’s a “Faggot” for allowing it,and he could’ve easily stopped it if he really wanted to..

Sexual assaults/rape in general are under-reported but it’s even more so when it comes to men being raped,and we need to discuss it more in a safe space for them.As much as we do it for women.


Emily: Girls Wanna Bang Me So I Don’t Want Your SAUSAGE

Ezra: Grown Man But I Give Underage Girls My SAUSAGE

Alison: Found Guilty In Court So I’m Never Getting SAUSAGE

Hanna: I’m Kinda Hungry Right Now So I Could Eat A SAUSAGE

Aria: Ezra Ezra Ezra… Huh? Oh, SAUSAGE

Toby: Hate Being A Cop, Tanner’s Always On My SAUSAGE

Spencer: Handcuff Me, Toby & Gimme That SAUSAGE

Caleb: Hacking The Girls Out Of Jail So Hanna Get This SAUSAGE

Ashley Marin: Married Pastor Ted But Thinking Of Jason’s SAUSAGE

Melissa: Every Man I Had Thought Of Spencer With Their SAUSAGE

Jenna: All I See Is Black….Where Is This SAUSAGE

Mona: I’m Alive, Is It Too Late To Get Mike’s SAUSAGE

A: You’ll Never Know Who I Am So Get Off My SAUSAGE

Marlene: Ruining All Your Lives! How Y’all Like My SAUSAGE


Rip Yvonne Phillips, and again Marlene proved us that she’s gonna do it all for our OTPs, and I do mean by all… Wait!! That mean that Marlene could be AD😱😱



Haleb and Spoby fans have got to enjoy:
- sex
- making out in public
- holding hands in public
- making out on a couch or a bed
- steaming sexy scenes
- cuddles and double dates
- talking about their feelings
- going on super fancy cute dates
- sex scenes ONLY

Emison fans have got to enjoy:
- a flashback kiss in Season 1 where Alison was a bitch to Emily
- a “dream” kiss in Season 2 that we didn’t know was real until Season 5
- AND one really censored sex scene that they had to share with f-ing Ezria (who has sex basically every 10 episodes)

YOU DO NOT COMPARE THOSE TWO. You honestly think we should feel sorry for them because they can’t handle Haleb not kissing for 10 episodes or Spoby not being together for 16 episodes? WOW, they suffered so much for so long. How could they survive?

Emison had to suffer through 6 seasons of Alison and Emily being torn apart, fighting, and not being… well a couple. We are ending 7A and EMISON STILL HASN’T BEEN A COUPLE IN THE SERIES YET.

Marlene King, you disgust me. THE #PLL LGBT FANS DESERVE BETTER