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It bothers me when Namjoon personally does something good, like the gender neutral lyrics in Serendipity, and instead of putting the spotlight on him for once and praising him, most of the comments are like "I stan the right group", "woke kings", etc. I don't see this happen much to the other members. If one can't acknowledge Namjoon for his own actions without dragging in the other members, then why comment at all?

trust me, I relate to this comment on a spiritual use to really bother me to and still kinda does that all this goes highly unnoticed until he might do something that bothers them again like the complete lack of understanding of the piped pire lyrics and they begin to shit on him for that again it’s ridiculous to say the least. he is never rightfully acknowledged or respected for him alone and all he does


“Baby, you’re literally the kind of woman I prayed for. An angel for real. Beautiful and independent as fuck. I grind extra hard to make sure, I could keep up with the life you’ve grown accustomed to. You let me do that with no pressure either. I ain’t some rich n-gga but, if I could try hard enough to make sure my lady got it, I will. 

It was the hardest to get you to move past what you’ve been through with these lames but, you finally let me get that chance. I thought you didn’t fuck wit me at first but, you was just respecting me and your heart. Let me promise to never hurt you like them other dudes.

You really my Queen. Cause you make ya man, feel like the king. I don’t even have to ask you to do all that you do. You so damn perfect to me. Cheers to us, we gonna make this last.”

“The King who Taught The Kingkiller” Theory

There are three key points indicating the ‘King’ in question is in fact Master Ash, the King of Vintas. I don’t claim that this is fact, it’s still just a theory, but one that I have come to after 4 read throughs of the first two books. To understand this, though, requires some amount of character understanding.

Spoilers ahead for all of present and possible KKC books:

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snowscharming is now spencershastings

for those who don’t know me spencer hastings is my all time favourite fictional character and the greatest creation of sara shepard (marlene king? i don’t know her.) anyway no one deserves this url more than me so just spreading the word :~)

also please don’t ask me for snowscharming because no one is getting it.

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“It really frustrates me that Princess Laurentien has the lowest available Dutch Order and Princess Mabel has none. For a family that’s so generous in giving orders (ex. giving CP Mary the highest order when she’s not a sovereign or member of the Dutch Royal Family) it seems wrong that the Kings sisters in law don’t have a. a higher order or b. any order at all.“ - Submitted by Anonymous

make way for the raven king 

in celebration for the release of the 4th book!! #savethegangsey

Period magick tea

1 lemon
Ginger, powdered/ grated
Boiling water
Any crystals you want (think of their purpose)
Sugar, honey, or any other sweetener (optional)
Probably a mug or a cup but hey I don’t run ur life bb. You do you boo

Aight listen up u hormonal cranky angry grizzly queen (or king I don’t judge fam I’m a trans boy myself) . U gotta go turn on ya stove and boil some mf water. It can be moon water, sun water, whatever the fuck you want it’s just gotta be h2O fam.
Cut ya lemon in half and squeeze its nice ass juice into ya water b4 it boils. Keep the lemon tho we not done w/ it yet bb.

Grate ya ginger into a cup, add at least a few (3-4???) teaspoons if it’s fresh but if it’s powdered idk a teaspoon or two.

Aight now go lay out a crystal grid and put ya cup in the middle. Pour ya boiling water in there boo.

Yell at ur tea “fuck these cramps and bloody bullshit I’m fucking sick of ur shit uterus” to charge it w/ ur intent and then throw the entire lemon in it.

Add ur sweetener and enjoy bby


Do you know what I like about you? I honestly don’t. You’re not a hero. Oh. I’ve been heroic on occasion. I once charged through the Mud Gate of King’s Landing. I don’t want you to be a hero. Heroes do stupid things and they die. Drogo, Jorah, Daario, even this… Jon Snow. They all try to outdo each other. You can do the stupidest bravest thing.