king does the most to make queen laugh


“After all that has happened since [our wedding day], I’m often asked why Bill and I have stayed together. It’s not a question I welcome, but given the public nature of our lives, it’s one I know will be asked again and again. What can I say to explain a love that has persisted for decades and has grown through our shared experiences of parenting a daughter, burying our parents, tending to our extended families, a lifetime’s worth of friends, a common faith, and an abiding commitment to our country? All I know is that no one understands me better and no one can make me laugh the way Bill does. Even after all of these years, he is still the most interesting, energizing, and fully alive person I have ever met. Bill Clinton and I started a conversation in the spring of 1971, and more than thirty years later we’re still talking.” 
—Hillary Rodham Clinton

how he is with you - il volo - Ignazio Edition

oh my god a relationship with Ignazio is probably nothing but sweet kisses and holding your stomach in laughter that never stops. If you’re dating Ignazio, you are probably the cutest thing he ever did see. you’re probably SO pretty. You either caught his attention right away or way into your friendship he realized ‘wow, i’m in love with her.’ He probably loves just wrapping you in his arms and holding you. He wants nothing more than to hear your beautiful laugh and see you happy, just because he thinks you’re most beautiful when you are, but constantly beautiful nonetheless. you’re probably mega talented in some way, and he tells you it all the time. He loves telling people about you. in interviews he probably gushes about how you make him feel and how happy he is with you. And he always seemed happy before, but not like this. not like this. He probably likes to carry you to the sofa where you’ll lay down to watch movies together. He’ll probably do impressions of the characters to make you laugh. He’s a huge drama queen (drama king?) hahaha. You know what? Half of the stuff he does probably isn’t even meant to be funny. He just does it and it’s too random and weird and silly and embarrassing not to laugh at. He doesn’t get embarrassed though. He just smiles that huge happy smile whenever he sees you laughing. HE PROBABLY LIKES PLAYING WITH YOUR HANDS WHILE STARING AT YOUR FACE. He’ll probably poke your face a lot. And honestly i feel like the most important thing to him is that you’re always safe. From everything. Ignazio would not want you to do anything remotely dangerous. putting up christmas lights? ‘no, honey, you know what? come down from there, i can do it.’ building furniture for your new apartment? ‘you know i can do that for you, hand me that screwdriver.’ and if anyone ever hurt you? He would probably fight them if he had to. If anyone ever talked bad about you, they wouldn’t hear the end of it. He’d go to the ends of the earth to defend you and how amazing you really are. and he would notice the little things about you. Like how pretty you look in that new dress or with your nails painted that color. your favorite drink on a hot day, or your favorite flower. your favorite thing about mornings, your pet peeves and your obsessions, he would remember them all. and if he ever saw you crying, he’d wipe those tears from your eyes and hold you against his chest until you felt alright again. He’d sing to you softly until those tears stopped falling. And then he’d probably cheer you up by telling a stupid joke or doing something weird that makes you giggle through your sniffles. And that would give him more joy than ever, knowing you’re okay. And he’s probably got this look. He’s got this look that he looks at you with, and every time, you lose it. He probably knows what he’s doing, too. And after he gives you that look he probably walks over to you slowly and kisses you hard and slow. a kiss you’re probably not going to ever forget.