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huge spider in the kitchen. steve and i both tried to jump into eachothers arms to escape, collided in mid air, and both got knocked out. spider vanished. we have to burn the tower down
My favourite kdramas-2016

Fun to watch: 

  • Oh my venus
  • Descendants of the sun
  • Page turner
  • Lucky romance
  • W
  • Shopping king Louie
  • Jealousy incarnate
  • Cheese in the trap
  • Reply 1988
  • Age of youth
  • Uncontrollably fond
  • The man living in our house
  • Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo
  • Doctors
  • Entertainer
  • Beautiful gong shim 


  • Moonlight drawn by the clouds
  • Hwarang
  • Moon lovers: scarlet heart ryeo
  • Legend of the blue sea (partly historical)
  • Six flying dragons

Crime, mystery, thriller, action

  • Remember
  • Let’s fight ghost 
  • Signal
  • The K2
  • Neighbourhood lawyer Jo Deul Ho
  • Police unit 38

Science fiction and fantasy

  • Goblin

*not placed in a particular order just in different genres*


i almost married someone who didn’t love me

Sans Doctors Visit (Motivational Request)
  • Sans Doctors Visit (Motivational Request)
  • TehRogue

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This one just ment alot to me… I felt so special that i got asked this… i hope its good enough. And i hope you get better and are Cancer free! Stay Determined!

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To those who think Peter is a poor Doctor

Whether you’re a critic or a jaded fan, perhaps the best response I can give is not to say “Watch Heaven Sent” or any of the other amazing episodes this man has done. Or the convention appearances and interviews he gave with Jenna Coleman. No. My response is this video showing Peter Capaldi improvising an entire performance as the Doctor at the Doctor Who Experience in 2015. During the Q&A he remained in character and gave an emotional response to wanting to see his granddaughter again. And then he more or less reaffirms the Whouffaldi concept by stating outright that the Doctor loves Clara.  And look at the kids hanging on his every word. This is not a slight against the other actors who played the role, but while I know Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee and I think even William Hartnell made the occasional public appearance in character, I don’t think there is precedent for the level this event reached. In some respects this could almost trigger a debate on whether there is canon here.

Fictional Characters Too Pure For This World

Wander (Wander Over Yonder)

Steven (Steven Universe)

Pops (Regular Show)

Papyrus (Undertale)

Simon Petrikov/Ice King (Adventure Time)

Yuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov (Yuri On Ice)

All the Doctors (Doctor Who)

Groot (Guardians Of The Galaxy) 

Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner (X-Men)

Tom McNair (Being Human)

Darwin (The Amazing World Of Gumball)

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot (Animaniacs)

Pinky (Pinky and the Brain)

Freakazoid (Freakazoid)