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Dedede tips for smash 4 (especially for try hards ) plz? im well experienced but need a bit of help.

See this guy here?

He’s your buddy. Not a spammable projectile.

Gordo is here to help you get those reads you desperately need with Dededes powerful, but slow moves.

Learn how the Gordo bounces when you angle it up or down (or not at all).

Down angled doesn’t seem that useful, but it’s the least likely one to get hit back by a projectile because of the arc it bounces at. It also traveles the second furthest.

Regular angle travels the furthest. Say the opponent is above you. Toss one of those under the opponent, I guarantee you, they’ll move away from it. Jump up and intercept them with a meaty fAir! Toss these off the stage when the opponent tries to recover (learn the arc so you can snipe better (don’t worry, it sounds complex, but becomes intuition after a while)).

Up angled Gordos are amazing. If your opponent is off-stage, use this to make it bounce at the edge, it severely limits your opponents options. Often they’ll try to roll up or jump up and hit it back. Try to see which option your opponent favors and return the favor with a dSmash if they roll, or position your fAir so it goes over the Gordo, protecting it from being whacked back at you and hitting your opponent at the same time. Or just try the same trick every time: up-angled Gordo and wait with an fSmash behind it. This is ridiculously safe and can easily end the stock of someone who isn’t careful at 60%.

Remember that you can reflect Gordos that have been reflected by your opponents. nAir and dTilt are Dededes fastest moves and are great for this. You can also air dodge into them to re-catch them. It’s a true dead-mans volley, eat your heart out, Ganondorf!

Again, very fast moves are nAir and dTilt. They are essential, since most other moves are a tad slow. fTilt is also great since it has a nice disjointed hitbox.

Learn the timing of your bAir, since it’s a very reliable kill option.

Dededes throws sorta suck, except for dThrow. dThrow combos into nAir/fAir at lower %s and into uAir at higher ones (uAir is also a decent kill move). Use bThrow and fThrow only when you are at the ledge and want the opponent off-stage (where Dedede shines).

Inhale is another useful and fun tool. It can really catch opponents off guard. If you manage to inhale an opponent near the ledge, turn to face it and spit the opponent off-stage.

I cannot stress enough how incredible Dedede is at edgeguarding. With 4 jumps, amazing recovery and Gordo shenanigans, he’s a edge-guarding force to be reckoned with! Make a Gordo bounce at the ledge, chase your opponent off-stage, either are very safe options for Dedede. Make sure you capitalize on it!

His Super Dedede Jump has some interesting properties you should probably know. First off, which I’m sure you already know, it has super armor in parts. Captain Falcon wants to dAir you? Too bad, you’ll go straight through him! You can also cancel the move by holding up (useful, since you cannot change Dededes trajectory during the move and he will not grab the ledge if he wasn’t facing it). On the way down, it has a hitbox that will spike opponents. Landing that off-stage is one of the most satisfying things in the game, but VERY hard to pull off, don’t attempt it unless you have a stock lead or are truely desperate. You can also face away from the ledge and use the move to jump up, so Dedede won’t grab the ledge, but rather land on the stage and likely hit the opponent (use this to mix up your recovery).

His dash attack is a lil’ unique in that it’s slow, but a potent kill move. Don’t use it too often. Sometimes you can net kills by dash attacking an opponent who’s trying to recover and grab the ledge.

Jab attack is useful. Good range and a disjointed hitbox. Learn to only do two jabs and follow up with a grab or a dSmash. The second hit pulls the opponent in, so it’s easy to get grabs out of it. People tend to escape the full jab combo, but it’s still not a bad move.

Jet Hammer and dAir are ONLY for styling, since they are not reliable in the slightest.

Make sure to crouch after you take a stock to enfuriate the opponent, so they make more mistakes. Every mistake they make is another 12% they take.

Well, this sure was a bit longer than I expected, but I hope it helps.

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