king david hotel

This is a sign on the gate of the King David Hotel just in front of the wing that was blown up in 1946. Notice how it mentions “Irgun fighters”, “warning calls” and “to the Irgun’s regret 92 persons were killed.” For those people who call Menachem Begin a terrorist - You know who you are - I see no acknowledgement of terrorism on this sign. Don’t ever say that the majority of Israeli’s agree with you because it simply isn’t true.

The Israeli Likud party was literally, literally started by a terrorist responsible for several massacres and bombings against civilians.

This is the current leading party in Israel

Menachem Begin was the commander of the Irgun Jewish Terrorist Organization, recognized as terrorists by the UN, US, and British. He planned out massacres against civilians, as well as the bombing of a hotel that killed 91.

The King David Hotel Bombing ALONE, planned by Begin and carried out by the Irgun group, killed more than twice as many people than Hamas has killed in the last 15 years COMBINED.

What happened as a result?

Begin went on to found a political party in Israel, the Likud, as well as serve as Prime Minister of the state of Israel for over 6 years.

Israel was founded through terrorism and ethnic cleansing, is run by terrorists, and actively perpetuates terrorism against Palestinians

Yet it’s the Palestinian response that is scrutinized internationally