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i wish there were some famous ya books like the raven cycle, the foxhole court, ari and dante, the song of achilles, pjo, the mortal instruments, i’ll give you the sun but with f/f for instance………. it gets so tiring, like i love the rep but it’s exhausting that there’s literally no f/f rep in popular ya lit

After the Raven Cycle

So I know a lot of people have been collectively screaming/crying after the end of Maggie Stiefvater’s incredible quartet. But the biggest question seems to be: What to read next?  A lot of recommendations have been floating around tumblr, so I decided to compile them here for everybody.

The Foxhole Court: Chances are, you’ve already read this series. But if you haven’t, you should. Neil Josten transfers to a new college to play a pretty rough sport called exy (sort of like rugby). While he’s there, he gets wrapped up in the relationships and drama of his new teammates, and the dynamic is pretty interesting. It’s heavily character-based, with a lot of “found family” trope and beautiful writing. The first book is free on iTunes!

The Secret History: This book by Donna Tartt has been compared a lot to The Raven Cycle, and with good reason. The writing style and themes are very similar, as well as the enigmatic but intriguing cast of characters. Richard is a struggling college student who enrolls in the Latin program at a private college. His classmates - only 5 of them - drag him into their obsession with Greek and Roman culture, which involves a lot of drugs, alcohol, hookups, and murder. It’s more of the “found family” trope with a lot more mystery on the side. While it’s an internationally recognized and loved novel, it’s a lot more adult than most of the books on the list, just be aware.

Aristotle and Dante Discovery the Secrets of the Universe: This is another popular. It explores the relationship and lifestyles of two Hispanic 15-year-olds as they come to learn about the world, themselves, and the people around them. While a more somber novel, Aristotle and Dante’s friendship is amazing. The book also deals with the problems of discovering one’s identity, especially considering race and sexuality.

The Captive Prince: Lots of courtly politics in this one! In the fictional land of Vere, Damen has been denied his role in government by his half-brother. He is thrown together with the deadly and suspicious Prince Laurent in his grapple for power. More LGBT romance here, but again, there’s a lot of adult themes, especially concerning sex. Very good writing, very character-driven.

The Song of Achilles: A different take on the relationship between the famous Trojan characters Achilles and Patroclus, Madeline Miller portrays their relationship through the Trojan War as romantic rather than platonic, and has been praised for doing so. While the writing is more simplistic than most people expect, the relationship between the two protagonists is portrayed beautifully. Even Rick Riordan is a huge fan.

If anyone has any other recommendations for this list, I’d love to hear them. Additionally, if anyone has any questions (or just wants to yell about books), I’d love to talk!

I hope to read a lot more this month than the last! As you saw in my wrap-up, I am about halfway through Mermaid in Chelsea Creek, but it’s just not capturing my attention right now, so I’m going to finish that later this month and read one of my other picks first. Hopefully, that decision will help drag me from this current slump. :)

Anyway, here are all the books I want to devour this month:

  • Career of Evil by Robert Gailbraith
  • When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon
  • Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz
  • The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli
  • The Melody of You and Me by M. Hollis
  • The Dire King by William Ritter

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comparison and thoughts on homunculus '03 vs '09

Bradley: 09

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We see him fight more and thus the reveal of him being a homunculus feels a lot more useful. The reveal was much better handled in 03.

I’ve gone in detail about this before. Here. 

Envy: 03

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I think the main thing about Envy is that they hate. Envy could easily be cast as wrath. The reasoning behind their actions is why they get the sin of Envy. In Brotherhood, they’re lashing out toward humanity out of envy. In 03, Envy is the child of the big bad guy, Dante. Dante has been manipulating her child and any cynical attitude Envy has can be directed to the bitch who uses Ed’s mother as a puppet. There’s another level of meloncholy. Envy just wants mommy and daddy’s love. 

Let me make this clear, I’m not condoning what Envy does and shifting the blame to the best villain in anime history (fight me). Envy has lost their mind to being jealous over Ed, Al and humans. They deserved everything that happened to them in the 03 movie. It’s a very subtle ‘sympathy for the devil’ trope that I like.

Lust: 03

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She had a character beyond the blood-lust. Yes, there are cases where less is more where Brotherhood capitalized on. But, in 03, she wants the same thing other homunculus want, a purpose. She feels like a doll only walking around to do someone else’s bidding and they make that clear. 

Ptsd, Stockholm syndrome, trust issues, a lack of empathy. They make sure you feel for this character but are still horrified by her killing innocent people. 

Gluttony: Don’t Care

He’s the same in both series. 

Greed: 09

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Ling…that is all. Okay I’ll go on a bit more.

When Greed dies in 03, he’s basically a jobber. He’s letting the audience know how to kill the villains who seemed to be indestructable. That’s great and all, but he died to soon from his introduction. The one in Brotherhood lasted until almost the end, in two different bodies. They developed him into one of the greatest schizophrenic characters ever. 

Selim vs Wrath

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Since Bradley was Wrath in 09 but Pride in 03, I’m comparing Pride in 09 to Wrath in 03.

Selim wins

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Wrath is a take on the creepy child but they make him too sympathetic. Both characters are a ‘Look at how cute he is’ deal, but Wrath has no origin when he’s introduced and there’s a lot of foreshadowing. You know he’s going to join the seven deadly sins. 

The thing with Selim is that there isn’t as much build up and it’s more sudden to his reveal. In that time, he’s a background character that makes you think he might be in danger since daddy is Wrath. He drops the bomb of ‘not only am I a demon, but I’m stronger than the King’ it’s frightening. It uses a horror movie set up to deceive the audience and it works wonderfully better. 

Sloth: 03

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The idea of the sins being reincarnations was pretty cool. The foreshadowing was a bit heavy regarding Trisha, but it serves a great purpose. The fact that Dante uses Ed’s mom as a toy adds to just how cruel of a person she is. Ed having to kill his mother in front of Al is heartbreaking. Trisha has a point to the story beyond just the ‘dead parent trope’ that’s become an overused, obnoxious, annoying, lazy, fucking cancer in Disney, anime and fictional media as a whole. 

I’m not doing a draw so I’ll add one:

Dante vs Father

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I’ve gone on rants about how Father fucking sucks as a villain

Dante to me, is one of the greatest villains in anime. 

YA Novels in a Nutshell*

Harry Potter: scar kid fights red eyed guy, bad things, lots of curses, happy ending and a lot of ships

The Secret History: murderous gay kids who like to kiss greek and roman statues are taught latin by a madman

All For The Game: gay kids play invented sport and act all tough and mighty when you know they just need hugs

The Grisha trilogy: ships?? blood??? stuff like demons????

AADDTSOTU (you know what I mean): yet another gay couple acting philosophical and learning how to be drunk and how to swim. a dog is involved

Song of Achilles: gay version of achilles story. lots of sex

TFIOS: girl dying of cancer meets boy dying of cancer fall in love go to amsterdam have sex and die

The Hunger Games Trilogy: 24 kids gotta kill themselves because big guy said so, girl says fuck you to big guy, lots of deaths, the end

Divergent Trilogy: discount hunger games

Paper Town: guy tries to find his lost childhood best friend which he is in love with and then goes on a road trip????????????????

Lord of the Flies: where the Hunger Games idea came from, the book you will read in class 



*i havent read all of the books and im basing myself off tumblr