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I regret nothing XD I never had so much fun drawing Chats face XDDDD

Miraculous Ladybug Disney/Pixar crossover (part 12) - The Lion King:

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Project of the Day—John Porcellino’s comics are about the big epiphanies that come from small moments. Characters gaze at stars or gaze at nothing and think about life, and they’re all drawn with a smooth, thin line, like they’re just barely there. Porcellino’s endlessly dedicated to self-publishing, and has become a bit of a figurehead in the comics scene because of that (and also, you know, his considerable talent), and now there’s a well-deserved documentary called Root Hog or Die about his life and work being made.

Eight characters have joined the Ever After High collection so far this year! Spellbinding fashions and originality definitely define their basic looks, wouldn’t you agree? Let us know which character do you like the most! Here’s the order from left to right:

- Alistair Wonderland™ (Son of Alice)
- Bunny Blanc™ (Daughter of The White Rabbit)
- Faybelle Thorn™ (Daughter of The Dark Fairy)
- Rosabella Beauty™ (Daughter of Beauty & The Beast)
- Darling Charming™ (Daughter of King Charming)
- Ginger Breadhouse™ (Daughter of The Candy Witch)
- Kitty Cheshire™ (Daughter of The Cheshire Cat)
- Duchess Swan™ (Daughter of The Swan Queen)

These students are the ones that we know are getting a basic doll SO FAR this year, but we still have half of year left! Could we possibly get some surprise appearances soon? Maybe they’ll introduce new dolls at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con? We’ll just have to wait and see! The end is just the beginning!

OK, King-Cat #75 is all scanned and cleaned up.  I’m running through the files one more time to adjust margins and clean up any specks/dropouts etc.

I’m going to do a small print run, just for TCAF next week, and then when I get back from Toronto I’ll do the regular full print run.

If you’re a subscriber attending TCAF, drop by my table in the Wowee Zonk room and pick one up!  Otherwise, look for it to ship out mid-to-late May.

If you’d like to order a single copy, costs are as follows (including postage):

USA: $6.50

Via PayPal to kingcat_paypal AT hotmail DOT com

Thank you!
John P.