king cassius iii


so waay back in high school i used to play this MMO called Dragon Nest and i had all these NPC gifts and i just dumped them all on this scrawny, lil, NPC named king cassius, so my friendship with him is at 100% and i got all this dialogue where he asks my character to go on adventures and that wed always be friends and stay together and i thought aaaawww then i just stopped playing for like 5 years. i opened my account again to find my friendship with him is still the same and so i just sketched up a story.(NOTE: i have NEVER paid attention to the story/lore and skip over everything, so i just threw stuff together.)

theres an archer kid whos super cool and always on rad adventures, she befriends the king and he gets to hear about all her crazy stories and heroics and they become best friends. but one day the archer has to leave to do more adventurin and she said that she will return when she becomes a great hero and the king promises to be a better king. the archer goes out and gets her ass beat, ALOT, shes lost her confidence and isnt the super rad hero she wanted to be. defeated she returns to visit the king in shame and she finds he was able to become this super great king while shes not the hero she promised to become. the king takes one look at her and says shes the greatest hero hes ever known, they reunite! they hang out! things are great! she switches to daggers! the end.

play dragon nest its a solid MMO.