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“A very good questhion! And the answer isth…

Why doesth it matter?

Why doesth it matter what happened to her or where she isth or what she’s doing? All that mattersth is me. And my lovely citizensth of Sugar Rush, all of whom love and resthpect and look up to me for total reliance on every need or want they could possthibly have.

Nothing else mattersth.


Not a glitch.”

MBTI Types As Villains

requested by silverandgenius

ENFP: There are very few ENFP villains in fiction. The only example I can think of is Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb. An ENFP villain would be motivated by pain in the past (Si), and would see lots of possibilities in how to accomplish what they want, but not always be able to follow through.

INFP: There aren’t many INFP villains either (it’s hard to make an NF villain because NFs are commonly motivated by acceptance and love of people/making things right). I’d call Erik from The Phantom Of The Opera an INFP ‘villain’. He’s motivated by wanting to be loved - more misguided than evil.

ENFJ: Again, uncommon. The example I’d give would be Hans from Frozen. He’s motivated by his own feeling of being unappreciated, and willing to go to irrational lengths to get what he wants. He has a vision and a plan, very xNFJ.

INFJ: INFJ villains are usually motivated by some kind of twisted sense of social justice - they want to make the world a better place, they just do it in a really messed up way. Archetypal example: Ra’s al Ghul, from Batman Begins.

ENTP: The ENTP villain has crazy plans, which usually involve causing deliberate chaos, and they love talking about these plans. They want everyone to see how brilliant they are for coming up with it. Best example is The Joker, in almost any incarnation, but specifically in The Dark Knight.

INTP: The stereotype for an INTP villain is a scientist gone wrong - someone willing to do bad things for the sake of science or discovery. A fictional example would be Victor Frankenstein, too absorbed in his science to realize how messed up his experiment was.

ENTJ: The giveaway for an NT villain is almost always that they are willing to commit atrocities to achieve an end goal. An ENTJ villain searches for ultimate power, and they’re a mastermind with a plan to get it. Think Magneto from X-Men.

INTJ: Here’s a type that’s overrepresented as villains in fiction. Their Intuition lets them visualize a future, but their Thinking makes them see it coldly. So they create plans and back up plans in order to put themselves in the best possible place once the inevitable doom of humanity approaches. Think Emperor Palpatine, or Saruman from Lord of the Rings.

ESTP: An ESTP villain is all about seeming powerful, or the best at what they do. This means they’ll usually be placed in direct rivalry to the hero. Like your rival in a Pokemon game. That’s an ESTP.

ISTP: The ISTP villain is the “wild card” villain, who spends time analyzing and then acts directly, often surprising everyone. They do have a love of risk and adrenaline, like most Sensors, and they can sometimes be the surprise reveal villain. They love to be in the action. Example: Mystique from X-Men.

ESTJ: An ESTJ villain is all about rule enforcing and rule following. They think they’re in control of everyone and if someone breaks the rules, they lose their minds. They almost always have an army or gang to help make sure nobody is messing with the natural order of things. Example: Sue Sylvester from Glee.

ISTJ: If an ESTJ villain is a rule enforcer, an ISTJ villain is a rule follower to an even further degree. It’s all about keeping order - even if it means disregarding mercy or people’s feelings. Think Javert from Les Miserables.

ESFP: An ESFP villain is often a jokester villain, a villain who tries to seem evil and fun, in some twisted way. Usually they’re evil because of some kind of mental disorder or because they aren’t getting enough attention. Like King Candy from Wreck It Ralph. He has a 'fungeon’ (fun dungeon).

ISFP: ISFP villains are very uncommon, due to the tendency of fiction to stereotype ISFPs as sensitive, artistic, fragile beings. None of those words are common when describing villains. I may take some flack for this, but I’d say the Evil Queen from Disney’s original Snow white cartoon is an ISFP. her motivations are all personal and aesthetic, her plans are awful, and all she wants is to be beautiful. She’s also spontaneous.

ESFJ: ESFJ villains are people who commit socially acceptable acts of evil. They aren’t looking to control the world or create chaos or be the king of the land. They want to do things the 'right’ way and they become villains when they think they’re right but they’re really just very, very wrong.Think of Candace from Phineas and Ferb - she’s always out to ruin the fun because she perceives it as wrong.

ISFJ: ISFJ villains try to stay out of the limelight. They’re motivated by fear, or by betrayal in most cases. In lots of fictional examples of villainous ISFJs, they’ll be the secondary antagonist. A good example would be Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He’s motivated by his imagined betrayal from Spider-Man, and from his fear of being alone, as well as his fear of his powers.

HZT-ao: 有EXOL的地方真的好幸福。 不管在哪里哪个国家就算表演100遍1000遍都值了 爱你们~ 还有真的很谢谢你们。我的HL和在中国的EXOL ~ 不要在乎别人如何说我,做好自己,充实过好你们的每一天。我很好。不用担心, 希望你们也可以实现你们的梦想。

“Places where there are EXO-L are really blissful. No matter where or which country we’re at, even if we have to perform 100 times or 1000 times, it’s all worth it. Love you guys~ Also I’m really thankful to you guys. My HL and the EXO-L in China~ Don’t bother about what people say about me, be the best of yourself and live every day of your lives to the fullest. I’m really okay. Don’t worry, I hope you guys can fulfill your dreams too.”

this is a disney villain

  • this is a disney villain

this is a disney villain


for real this guy would look so good in villain line-ups and if they sweep him under the rug then I will go on strike

  • Me before watching Wreck-It Ralph: Hm this King Candy guy just seems like he will be a minor obstacle and he'll start to treat Vanellope nicely at the end.
  • Me after watching Wreck-It Ralph: Dammit Disney!
  • Me before watching Frozen: Oh no, you're not fooling me this time. That duke guy is bad news. I know these Tudyk characters. He's the real villain!
  • Me after watching Frozen: DAMMIT DISNEY!!!
King and Queen Candy

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Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader introduces Gabe to the game Candyland & of course he loves it. He wins multiple times & the reader is playfully jealous so Gabe makes it up by being really fluffy? Please and thank you! J <3

Characters: Gabriel/Reader, Sam, Dean, Castiel

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