king candy is king of cuteness

King x Assistant Prompts

This is a request from anon! I hope I make you happy!

- King orders their Assistant to get the Assistant’s favourite drink and/or food from the royal kitchen, the Assistant always thinks it is for the King, but the King laughs when they bring it out and places it before him, and says that they wanted the Assistant to have it because they work so hard

- The Assistant is the only person the King truly trusts as everyone else around them is greedy and corrupt

- The King and Assistant sneak out of the castle every week with a new disguise because they wanted to be with the people, it started because they wanted to see what common folk life is really like, but then it slowly starts to turn into date like activities

- The King and the Assistant both have no idea what they are doing but since they both grew up as best friends, the King orders the Assistant to pick up all of their favourite candies so they can at least have sweets while trying to figure it all out

- The King genuinely wants to make his kingdom a sacred place for all and the Assistant comes from the poorlands and knows exactly how to start his plan, and when they work on this, they slowly start to fall for each other, much both of their surprise

- The King hired a new Assistant because his last one was always so grouchy, but hey, you’re cute, wanna be my new Assistant?

- The Assistant thinks everyone royal is a royal pain, but when they meet the new King they soon change their mind

- The King and the Assistant have a forbidden love

- The Assistant orders the King around for a day because the King lost a bet and the Assistant is having the best day of their life

- The King wants to prank the Assistant but fails each time because of how lame the King’s attempts are, but the Assistant can’t help but laugh each time

- The King tries to impress the Assistant and the Assistant is oblivious to his attempts

- The King has a royal ball that he has to attend but the other people are all douchebags so him and the Assistant make fun of everyone else at the party with snobby rich people voices

- The King bring the Assistant home luxury items when the Assistant can’t come with him on his journeys

- The Assistant only took this job to provide for their younger siblings, as their parents are no longer around and when the King finds this out, they raise the Assistant’s wage and soon the Assistant and King start to have an actual relationship, not just their titles anymore

- The King always brings the Assistant out into the gardens with him late at night, the King is trying to build up courage to ask the Assistant out on a date, but the Assistant just thinks that King likes moonlight strolls

Halloween AU NNT

Meliodas: Dresses up as a dragon. and goes trick or treating with all the little kids cause he can. Drags Elizabeth along.

Elizabeth: Forced into a ridiculously sexy dragon slayer outfit and goes trick or treating with Mel.

Ban: Makes gourmet candy apples for everyone when they get back.

Elaine: Dresses as a cute fluffy animal and hands out candy while Ban cooks. Loves all the kids costumes even the bad ones.

Diane: Eats all of her candy (and kings) in one sitting and is sick for days.

King: Gives Diane all of the candies she likes from his and takes care of her when she gets sick from eating too much.

Gowther: Hides in bushes and jumps out at random children to study their reactions. Makes the small ones cry.

Merlin: Goes ridiculously overboard decorating her house and all the trick or treaters are too scared to stop at it.

Escanor: Helped Merlin decorate then hides in her basement all night because he’s scared.

Colton: But Dad, what if I just can’t fly?
Marshall: It’s ok, you can do it and I’m right here.

Inspired by the scene in Hotel Transylvania where Dracula is teaching Mavis to fly. So you get Marshall teaching Colton to fly. Mostly I missed actually drawing on paper so that’s why I sat down and did this over the last couple days. Hopefully you find it sweet and cute. ^.^

Side note - Colton is wearing the rock shirt. X3


Disney Villain Dolls & Action Figures

Peg Leg Pete,  Big Bad WolfEvil QueenLady TremaineQueen of HeartsCapt. HookMaleficentCruella De VilShere Khan & KaaPrince John & Sir Hiss,  UrsulaMonsieur Gaston (oh he’s so cute),  JafarScarGovernor RatcliffeJudge FrolloHadesShan YuBowler Hat GuyDoctor FacilierMother GothelKing CandyHansYokai, Assistant Mayor Bellwether

“I’ve always felt something really special about King Candy/Turbo. I’m not sure what it is. He’s just so damn cute! I’m aspiring to be starboard artist for Disney someday, and it is just so exciting thinking about working with the same team who worked on that wonderful film. I’ll feel like I’ll make Turbo proud. I feel like it’s my destiny.”